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Hair loss is a natural phenomenon that everyone experiences but one should be aware when it becomes problematic. Don’t forget to consult a doctor to confirm the condition if you are experiencing the symptoms and take the suggested iron supplements regularly to eliminate the problem. The experts suggest that any kind of sudden change is shocking for human body so gradually losing weight is the best; however hair fall will diminish usually in a time span of six months. As women enter their 50s their hair typically start to fall out more frequently and they experience thinning hair.
For those who might still be thinking about why my hair is falling out and looking for the answers about how to grow hair faster, this can be the answer which is very common. Proteins are one of the essential building block of the whole body and some of our body parts like hair and nails are shaped from proteins.
Whenever the body experiences protein deficiency the supply to the hair is automatically stopped and is directed towards more vital parts of body.
This is medically categorized as an “impulse control disorder” in which people pull out their hair spontaneously. When you are experiencing such kind of hair loss than consult your doctor and ask him to either switch your medicine with a better alternative or to reduce the dosage so that the problem is resolved. Androgenic or androgenetic alopecia is principally the female edition of male pattern baldness and is also referred to as female pattern hair loss.
Have you ever witnessed any family, whose females at a certain age ask this question; why my hair is falling out? Sometimes physical strain such as an accident, painful illness, a surgery, flu (because it often brings excessive fatigue) etc. If you are one of the victims of cancer then you might also be undergoing chemotherapy to treat the disease and this is the reason you should tell yourself behind your query of why my hair is falling out. Unfortunately hair cells also divide rapidly and chemotherapy also attacks them, which leads to losing hair.
If you had been pregnant and you are asking yourself why my hair is falling out then pregnancy should be the respective reply.
We always consider being deficient of something as a problem but having more than required levels of anything is also problematic.
The good thing is that this hair thinning is temporary and once you will stop talking extra level of vitamin A, your hair will turn to their normal condition after some time of recovery.
Imbalance in female hormones can also be the factor to consider while asking why my hair is falling out. This is basically a state of confusion in which the immune system considers the hair follicles as foreign agent and attacks it by mistake leading to hair fall. The above stated reasons can lead you to some conclusion and by now you must have stopped asking why my hair is falling out and would have planned the actions required in accordance with the cause of troublesome hair loss you are going through. AS the globe prepares to tuck into mince pies galore and their own body weight in food over the festive holidays, Vicki Pattison has showcased her slimeline physique. Earlier this month, the 26-year-old revealed she has what she described as "reverse body dysmorphia", claiming: "I had no idea [my weight] was that bad.
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For many, the idea of weight loss is as much a mental hurdle to overcome as it is a physical one. A stay-at-home mom, Julie Evans began gaining weight following the birth of her first child. At the encouragement of her mother, Julie enlisted the aid of Florida-based certified hypnotist, Rena Greenberg. Following hypnosis, Greenberg told CNN, “[T]he mind believes the stomach is smaller, decreasing appetite and shrinking the physical capacity for food.
The results were, of course, staggering, with Julie Evans shedding 140 pounds and actually keeping it off. Still, there is not enough proven data to suggest this will work for everyone who is interested in dramatic weight loss. An average hair fall rate is fifty to hundred hair daily, which is normal and you don’t need to worry about it; it just happens due to the natural life cycle of hair and these lost hair are soon compensated with new ones. According to a study conducted by World Health Organization on “Worldwide prevalence of anemia 1993-2005” anemia has affected 48% of the total population in these years among which non pregnant women are the biggest victim of the disease whereas men are the least affected group. Hair loss is just one symptom of being anemic other symptoms include pale color of skin, palpitation, headache, tiredness etc. This basically leads to a physical shock in the body that affects the hair and makes you lose them at a fast pace. Although the frequency of people who suffer from hair loss due to emotional stress is very less, however this cannot be neglected. Sometimes we are so obsessed with fashion and we follow it so blindly that we forget the aftermaths it will bring. The styling such as tight braids, rolled hair, hair straightening chemicals, chemicals for perm hair, hot oil treatments, high heat and other harsh chemical treatments are the reasons of hair loss. Protein deficiency is one of the main causes in which you can find the answer of why my hair is falling out. Nature has provided us with abundant sources of proteins in the form of various food forms like fish, meat and eggs etc.
If you are experiencing this condition you might have never asked “why my hair is falling out”.
Hair fall causing drugs include antidepressants, some kinds of blood thinners, the beta blockers class of blood pressure medicines, birth control pills, acne medication with vitamin A, Cholesterol lowering drugs, anti clotting medications, weight loss drugs etc. There are some medicines available in the market to shut down the hair fall process and sometimes can also help growing some new hair.
The difference is that females don’t go bald instead their hair start thinning and in some cases their center part begin widening. This therapy is very strong and it kills the cells that are rapidly growing their number through continuous division. Some people will find the reason for their query “why my hair is falling out” in taking over dosage of vitamin A. Hair thinning triggered by this condition can be controlled by taking proper medication advised by the doctor.
The transformation in hormonal equilibrium, which usually takes place at menopause, also leads to hair thinning issues. Remember that determination to solving a problem is a crucial step that almost leads you half way through the solution. Julie Evans of Macomb Township, Michigan took that notion to the extreme — using hypnosis to trick herself into losing almost 150 pounds!

Less than two years later, she was pregnant again and started adding more weight to her 5-foot-6 frame. The simple cure for treating the problem is the use of iron rich food like leafy vegetables (especially spinach), beetroot, eggs, tomatoes, pomegranate, liver, red meat, soy beans, nuts etc.
This problem can arise due to variety of reasons like; one might not be taking balanced diet that leads to weakening of hair, one is excessively working out that is making the body physically stressed out or it may be a combination of both.
Any kind of emotional stress can bring about hair loss and in most situations, it is also the factor that accelerates the already existing hair loss problem.  This kind of hair loss also abates after specific time period depending on the stress level. Moreover, excessive hair dying, excessive ironing and drying hair with hot air can also be named as the most significant reasons of losing hair etc. So we should make use of these natural resources to avoid protein deficiency and maintaining healthy and strong hair.
Once the baldness has occurred there is surgical solution of hair transplant or grafting that remediates the issue.
During chemotherapy you can take several precautionary measures to reduce the hair thinning like; washing your hair with gentle shampoo, avoiding excessive hair washes, protect your scalp from cold wind and sun by using scarf, avoiding hair coloring and hair styling devices etc. The condition basically puts the body into extreme physical strain leading to thinning of hair. You just need to add this nutrient in your diet that can be in the form of medicine but its better to couple with Vitamin B containing foods such as meat, fish, starchy vegetables, and all the fruits except citrus ones. The dosage of vitamin A required by adults and kids (4+ years of age) on daily basis is 5,000 International Units (IU) whereas 2,500 to 10,000 IU is the range that supplements can have in them. There are certain medications that also alter the hormonal level and may instigate hair loss.
So stay determined to combat your hair fall and act accordingly to get rid of this nightmare; oh yes losing hair is no less than that. Aside from my TV work, I have been educating fitness and nutrition professionals via my educational companies, including NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association), and the Spencer Institute for many years.
There are many natural ways available on the web to maintain healthy hair even at this age and you can still make adorable hairstyles. This is the nutrient that is not stored in the human body that is why regular intake of proteins is vital to maintaining good health including healthy hair. The causal factor behind this category of hair fall is both genetic and hormonal in nature. The physical stress can often bring about shock to this life cycle and disturbs the frequency of hair in the shedding phase elevated rate of hair fall.
This kind of hair loss is temporary and is automatically recovered after the body recuperates the trauma. This tiny gland is present near the throat and releases vital hormones for human development and is also important for maintaining metabolism. If none of the above listed reasons have satisfied you with your question of why my hair is falling out then this might be the motive behind your problem.
Male pattern baldness typically follows a conventional pattern; the hair loss starts from the temple area and an M-shaped is formed in the front. This is a repairable damage and the new hairs grow in place of the lost ones after a certain period of time when the hair’s life cycle recovers the stressful event.

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