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Although the information in this infographic does not align 100% with ketogenic diet practices, we certainly agree that some carbohydrate sources are invariably better than others, and that the idea of good carbs vs.
Many people hate the idea of rigid diets – the good news is that if follow the five proven weight loss tips below, you will lose weight easily. The diet tips require no real willpower and can improve anyone’s diet and chances of healthy weight control. Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant by keeping your stomach full and fending off dehydration that leads to hunger cravings. Many people believe one of the best diet tips is skipping breakfast, as it will help them lose weight, this is totally incorrect. High fiber foods are generally low in calories and fill you up, so eating more of them means you’re eating fewer calories and leaving less room for calories from other foods. Many experts claim that fat causes obesity, raises your cholesterol and causes heart disease, but this is not strictly true.

Fat provides the body with essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acids) needed for normal reproduction and growth, as well as for production of prostaglandin, a hormone like compound that regulates blood pressure, blood clotting, and inflammation. Protein is a great weight control tool because of the immediate satiety factor and because it keeps you full for longer periods.
Protein also helps maintain muscle mass, which is very important in the fat burning process.
In fact, water is possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. Water also provides the additional benefit of flushing out toxins from the body and keeping it hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water the liver that works to provide stored fat for energy also takes on the role of helping the kidneys eliminate waste and thus becomes less effective at metabolizing fat. Skipping breakfast can make you hungrier later in the day leading to distorted satiety signals (i.e.

Fiber also cuts calories by attaching itself to some of the other proteins and fats that you eat and eliminates them as well.
It also balances out carbs by preventing insulin spikes that can lead to a drain in energy and sugar cravings.
In fact, the average person could lose around 10 pounds a year just from doubling their fiber intake.

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