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Five years after undergoing a boob job, Holly has revealed that Star Mag that she no longer wants the attention that her ample assets bring her. Being forced into situations with my ex, trying and succeeding to be professional regardless ..
There's only so much one person can take and today unfortunately it all got a bit to much.
Enjoying a night on the town with her Geordie Shore colleagues as they filmed segments for the hit show's 12th series, the 21-year-old smiled warmly as she made her way to a waiting taxi. Holly Hagan is the latest in a string of reality stars to use her weight loss to earn her a few quid, but she’s getting a lot of criticism for it.
While a quick flick through Instagram reveals women are already following along with the plan, the book has come under huge fire for suggesting women eat just 800 calories a day or less to drop the pounds. Even though it’s a short term regime, 800 is still drastically lower than the 2,000 calories women are recommended to consume every day to stay healthy.
She took to Twitter just now to defend herself, saying 800 calories a day was not an unsafe amount to consume. If you want a proper story report on crime and injustice in the world, not the fact I'm helping people achieve a healthy weight Rant Over! The rep also stressed the fact that Lose 5 Pounds In One Week is based on a short-term diet plan. Holly Hagan, 23, started out on Geordie Shore in 2011 and since then she has admittedly dealt with both the positive and negative side of the media spotlight.
She says she has struggled with her weight and as a result of this she embarked on a huge lifestyle makeover in efforts to become fitter and healthier. The result has been an incredible weight loss of four stone and she has revealed all of her healthy tips and tricks in her new book The Body Bible.
Despite this, Holly doesn’t think that people should be allowed comment on her weight.
However, in more recent times, the female cast members have also gained notoriety for their incredible body transformations. Indeed, Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Marnie Simpson (as well as former Geordie Vicky Pattison) have all shed a load of weight over the past 18months – something that prompted co-star Chloe Etherington to kick-start her own fitness programme. Understandably, the combination was a diet disaster and earlier this summer she says she felt seriously self-conscious. With Geordie Shore series 11 airing this autumn and a load of promotional gigs already lined up for it, Chloe seized her chance, embarking on a tough exercise and healthy eating schedule. And Ms Etherington admits that seeing her co-stars’ perfect figures provided all the motivation she needed.

This was the question I asked myself as I sliced cutlet after cutlet of sweet skull to put on my tongue, chomp and swallow. More privately, I wanted to know what it was to set a goal, any goal — in this case, put the world’s largest gummy skull (arbitrary task) into my body over the course of a day (arbitrary time frame) — and accomplish the hell out of it, without doing something insane like a 5K or juice cleanse or even juice for a meal. The morning I’d marked in my calendar to eat the world’s largest gummy skull, I woke to the heavy sensation of dread, made heavier by the heavy sensation of hangover.
I hobbled to the fridge, where I’d been storing the skull to prevent it from sweating in my room, and schlepped the back into bed with a glass of water.
I held the head in my hand, glaring at the round red choice I’d made, squeezing it and poking its eye holes, asserting my dominance. The flavor was the sort of off-brand artificial cherry that asserts its off-brandedness — I clearly wasn’t dealing with a Dots or a Sour Patch or even a prime gummy bear kind of flavor. I rung up a few episode of Happy Endings and continued chomping away at my new life companion, slice by slice by slice by slice by slice, hobbling to brush my teeth every fifteen minutes.
I took another bite of skull — it began tasting good again, a phenomenon that came in waves. Hours later, I woke up with a pounding headache and that uncomfortable tingly tooth feeling.
If you looked at me compared to when I started Geordie Shore there's a huge difference. I got them done during my glamour modelling days and I feel I've put them to as good a use as possible. We have consulted doctors nutritionists and fitness experts to come up with this plan that is SAFE and that actually works! 5:2 diet is 500 calories some days and the NHS website says you can maintain 800 calories a day for 12 weeks!!! I’d gone out the previous night, not thinking to stay in and load up on nutrients to prepare for the intoxicating trio of chemicals, red dye and regret that would terrorize my Sunday. I then attempted to take a bite out of that choice, a move fraught with metaphorical significance, but couldn’t free the flesh with my teeth. I tried to outsmart my body, eating quickly to exploit the fact it takes a stomach 20 minutes to realize it’s full. I wasn’t hungry — the chemicals in the skull had filled the crevices of my stomach, firmly locking in a bloat — but I craved substantive nourishment.
This task was bigger than me — it was about the human experience, and agency, and post-modernity.
I packed the skull, cutting board and knife in a bag, along with some carrots and hummus and sausage, foods I could share with my friend, because I could not share Hector, a friend with whom my fate was intimately intertwined.

I brushed my teeth for 5 minutes, threw out the toothbrush, found another, and brushed for 5 more.
I stopped slicing and just started pushing the thing in my mouth — the sweet flesh had grown soft and cushy over the day, likely due to the heat and weird moisture of my old-time-y bedroom. With regard to maximum stand you should purchase fluffy spiked the sport of golf shoes and boots. The skull, like me, resisted — because it had been chilled, the candy flesh was particularly firm.
A couple fist-size chunks digested, and I succumbed to a sleepy daze, just chilling in Heartburn Town.
I didn’t want to eat real meals because I had to budget for 7000 calories, and I was still trying to get bikini ready because the body goals I set for late March have still not been met.
I took a few joyous pictures with Hector, the general feeling being: Hey, it was a good run. These include the shoes that have gentle rubber surges naturally included in the very black-jack shoe, not really the combination model. My colleague and I decided that I had no choice but to eat the thing in a day, or else nothing would be worth anything and I might as well move back home with my parents. I snapped into robot mode, and when I snapped out, victory (and sugar, oh god, so much sugar) coursed through my veins.
I was still nauseous and suffering from my hangover-birthed, sugar-sustained headache — yet in that sickness, I found profound comfort. Healthy is incredibly significant in golf if people walk the particular course inside shoes of which don fit in, you will establish vesicles. Riding the ups and downs of our relationships, we were enjoying a high, however manic — Six hours in, the cloying cherry flavor had begun to taste good again, like the gummy candy of my youth. My mind wanted me to finish this thing, so it hopped on board, cheering, Yeah, you like this.
And, yes, I did need to go through an absurd and irrelevant mission to be reminded of that.

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