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I competed in this fitness competition back in 2012 and the rewards of doing it were so awesome that I decided to do it again.
Since I’ve been openly sharing my fitness progress in my Monthly Goals Reports, people have been asking me about my diet and what I eat everyday to lose body fat. This is the exact diet plan that I follow, along with the foods that I eat and supplements that I take everyday. I’m currently on a diet of 2,000 calories per day, which is a caloric deficit of 500 calories.
You first need to determine your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which is how many calories that your body naturally burns throughout the day. With my 2,000 calorie diet, I currently consume 200 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbohydrates and 40 grams of fat. Keep in mind, this is what works for me and what I’m currently following with my nutrition coach. The first thing that I do in the morning is drink at least 2 glasses of 9.5 alkaline water, which is from my water ionizer machine. I also take 2-3 capsules of L-carnitine on an empty stomach throughout the day, starting first thing in the morning. Juicing is one of the most beneficial things that I do everyday that cleanses my body and ensures I have optimal energy.
I love juicing on an empty stomach, as my body doesn’t have to digest anything (since the pulp is removed) and it goes straight into my bloodstream. I also consume 1 organic banana, as it provides my body with simple sugars right before my workout. Creatine: I consume 5 grams of creatine before and after my workouts as it is known to help increase the energy and endurance of the muscles.
Glutamine: I consume 5 grams of glutamine before and after my workouts to help muscle recovery. Tocotrienol Complex: This is a powerful Vitamin E and amino acid complex from Avena Originals that helps promote energy, health, healing and longevity. Digestive Enzymes: I consume 3-5 Digestive Enzymes with all of my meals to help my body digest and absorb all the nutrients from my foods. CLA: I consume 3 capsules of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) throughout the day as an antioxidant which supports fat loss. Maca Root: Maca Root is a a superfood that I consume before my workouts to naturally boost my energy and endurance. Minerals: I consume 1 capsule of Minerals from Avena Originals to ensure my body has all of the minerals it needs to function at optimal efficiency. Vitamin Supreme: I consume 2 capsules of Vitamin Supreme from Avena Originals to provide my body with all the essential vitamins it needs to function at optimal efficiency. Electric C: I consume 1-2 capsules of Electric C as a source of electrically charged Vitamin C before my workout to aid in muscle recovery and a strong immune system. Proteolytic Probiotics: I consume 1 capsule of Proteolytic Probiotics everyday from P3OM Probiotics to maintain healthy intestinal flora and good bacteria. Vega Sport Energizer: I consume up to 5 grams of Vega Sport Energizer as a naturally source of energy before my workouts. A Note On Supplements:  When purchasing supplements, ALWAYS make sure that you go for quality supplements from a reputable brand. Avena Originals Supplements:  If you decide to purchase any Avena Originals supplements, be sure to mention Project Life Mastery when you sign up for a discount on some supplements. It’s also important to consume simple sugars immediately after your workout, to refuel the glycogen lost in your body and help spike your insulin levels to have the protein absorb into your muscles quicker. As for supplements, I consume many of the same ones mentioned earlier in my pre-workout meal.
CytoGreens:  This is a Green Superfood powder that is designed for athletes and helps muscle recovery. Animal Pak: I take 1 pack of Animal Pak which is a mix of vitamins designed for bodybuilders. With my protein pancake, I add stevia (a natural sweetener) and cinnamon to make it taste good. Before I go to bed, I consume another 3-5 capsules of Digestive Enzymes on an empty stomach. These meals and supplements are what have helped me to consistently lose body fat and prepare for my fitness competition.
Again, if you want to lose body fat, you need to consume LESS calories than what your body is naturally burning off. Of course, I do weight lifting everyday and also cardio workouts too – but diet is 80% of the battle. Please feel free to check out the links on this page to different supplements and products that I use. I understand there will be differing opinions on everything mentioned here; again, this is just what works for me.
Thank you so much for your support, and if you have yet to leave a rating or review, please leave me an honest one on iTunes, YouTube or below on the blog.  I appreciate it! Hi Stefan, I have watched your video and skimmed through your blog post I have to tell you to look into Freelee The Banana Girl as this will change your perception on health and fitness.
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Certain food items are specifically beneficial for type 2 diabetics as they facilitate in keeping the blood sugar levels in control.
If you are hunting for the best foods for diabetics to lose weight, black beans are the healthiest option for you. Oatmeal is another powerful food item that help you meet stabilized blood sugar and weight loss challenges. Avocados are loaded with soluble fiber, monounsaturated fats, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, C and E) and other essential nutrients. Medical research indicates that cinnamon is the most beneficial ingredient for those who have high blood sugar levels.
Get plentiful nourishment by eating cherries every day to give a push to your body’s insulin. Broccoli is very popular across the globe thanks to its amazing health benefits for human body.
While talking about best foods for diabetics to lose weight, the significance of low-fat yogurt cannot be neglected.
Study indicates that blueberries are healthy addition to your weight loss meal plan for diabetic patients. The take home message here is that if a diet feels restrictive, it is unlikely to help you with weight control in the long term. Posts related to everyday habits of slim people This year, aim for fitness over fat loss for long-term successWeight loss is one of the most common reasons why people start an exercise program, linking sweating it out with reduced fat. The Boomerang Effect: How lost weight finds its way homePeople lose weight every day, on just about any kind of diet. There are many benefits to eating rice such as having a low glycemic index (or simply low-gi) helping you keep your blood sugar level from hitting the roof causing excess amounts of fat to be stored away in your body unnecessarily.
Although there is more to the Japanese diet for weight loss than eating rice to lose weight, it doesn't help to compare different staple foods to see what you are up against.
Most people think the Japanese diet is eating rice everyday, but in fact people in Japan eat just as much bread. What everyone wants to find out is does eating rice make you fat in order to consider whether it's the right choice to be making in your diet to try to lose weight eating rice. Just as any other diet turns the wrong corner when things begin to get out of proportion eating too much rice will still make you fat. The disadvantage of eating rice for most westerners is not being familiar with how to actually go about eating rice every day without running out of fresh ideas that make you look forward to eating healthy on a rice diet. The Japanese have a word for it and that word is Okazu, which can be translated into side dish. With the Japanese population holding records in average longevity and record low rates of obesity, who is to say that eating rice everyday is bad? When comparing rice with bread in terms of calories, rice is in fact higher in calories than bread. However, when the intake of calories of bread is taken along with the calories in condiments such as butter, margarine, and jams the calories associated with eating bread is much higher than you would like to believe.
Adding butter, margarine, or jam to a slice of bread adds 37.5kcal (5g) and 40kcal (20g), respectfully with the latter being the calories in jam. Let's take a brief look at the calories you get eating side dishes comparing Washoku with Yoshoku (western style meals). The type of bread you decide to take into your diet drastically changes the landscape of what amount of calories you should expect to be looking at when planning your meals. We looked at how thee calories in rice and bread differ depending on how they are applied in food combining. Rice as a staple becomes a problem of balancing the right Washoku okazu to cut back in calories while getting the nutrition value you need for a balanced diet. Bread as a staple food in addition to how to apply food combining includes different types of bread with varied amounts of calories across the board making balancing your diet an equation requiring that you look into multiple variable looking for the solution that works best for you.
Eating bread while on a diet comes with areas you should watch out for in order to keep it low calories. Note that the type of bread you eat changes how much bread calories you are putting in your body. Eat low calorie meals on the okayu diet reducing calories every meal without giving up on eating. The red bean bun diet gives you the tools you need to stop comfort eating fast by eating Japanese Anpan letting you relax a little resting from strict eating restrictions. You’ve mentioned before that you do jiujitsu etc, which mayoral arts have your done and like how long, belts, are you still doing it? I agree that taking the garden of life supplement and creatine and glutamine is essential but why don’t you eat more fruit and vegetables than all of those tablets and stuff, why not find fruits and vegetables to have instead. Project Life Mastery is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers, while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life.
Such foods are loaded with soluble fiber that dissolves in water to make a gel-like stuff, which works excellently to lessen your glucose and cholesterol levels. Black beans are packed with ample amount of lean protein, high-quality carbohydrates and soluble fibers. The low glycemic index food satiates your hunger for long time, preventing you consume additional calories. Cinnamon improves the insulin sensitivity, thereby regulating the blood sugar levels in blood circulation.
It contains high amount of omega 3 fatty acids, which improves insulin action, trims additional body fat and reduces the risks of heart diseases.

It improves heart health and digestive system as high amount of soluble fiber available in broccoli draws cholesterol out of your body. Yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium and many other nutrients that are most essential for an individual to stay healthy and fit. This flavorful fruit not only help you shed extra pounds but also decrease the risk factors for diabetics, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disorders.
Ask anyone who has ever been to a convenience store (or Combini as they are called in Japan) about what is primarily sold. If you are concerned whether are not you are eating too much rice start eating rice with chopsticks. If healthy is taken in the case that eating rice on a diet may help- you lose weight when coming from a less balanced diet, yes!
Washoku (or Japanese style meals) can easily be thought as contains three things: rice, okazu, and miso soup. An okazu can be anything that can be used in food combining to complement the texture of cooked white rice such as a stir fry, nori seaweed, or eggs eaten at breakfast that most Japanese people like to eat with soy sauce. If eating rice makes you fat, then surely the statement about low obesity rates in Japan would be false.
Compared to a loaf of bread containing 6 slices each 67g (which is the most common standard for packaged bread in Japan), a slice of break comes to 177 calories, whereas a loaf of bread cut into 8 evenly sized slices (50g) this amount is 132 calories. This sort of intake of calories is what may lead many people to believe that eating rice will make you fat. In general, whole grain bread contains few calories than other types of bread and lastly, it is easy to not chew your food completely when eating bread due to the fact that you tend to forget that you area eating bread when the surge of flavor from the condiment you are using hits your mouth. Getting a Beer Belly MythSnacking Healthy For Dieting Without a Growling StomachWhich Is Better For You?
I’ve tried many supplements and Cell Food is the only one that gives me energy the same day.
The great combo of healthy nutrients offers you best protection against cardiovascular disorders and help you stabilize your blood glucose.
Furthermore, oatmeal promotes good cholesterols and decrease bad cholesterols, thereby protecting you from heart disorders. High amount of soluble fiber found in avocadoes not only contributes in healthy weight loss and managing blood sugar but also ensures lower risk of cardiovascular disorders. Dried nuts (like peanut, walnut, almond, pistachios, cashews etc.) are well known for their fat-burning properties. Besides this, regular consumption of broccoli make it easier to improve diabetic parameters. Regular consumption of low fat & unsweetened yogurt every day can help you in reducing the threats of diabetes and trimming belly fat easily. If you are overweight and ready to get healthy but intimidated and unsure where to begin, this is the book for you.
Depending on how you define it, only 3-28 percent of people achieve “long-term” weight loss. That should help keep you busy while allowing you to get the chews you need to satisfy your appetite eating less.
There is actually a divide between people who think that miso soup should be treated the same as an okazu that is just something you eat with rice. Bread on the other hand may involve adding a sausage or a piece of bacon or butter on an omelet. With more than twice the dietary fiber and nutrition than white rice, there is no reason you shouldn’t switch. Furthermore, adding the black beans to your daily diet plan is an effective way to trim your waist.
4 Necessary Habits for Anyone Who Wants to Lose WeightThere are two big misconceptions when it comes to exercising for weight-loss. Low calorie Washoku contains foods that help cut back on fat in your diet such as vegetable and mushrooms. Going into the high calorie division of different type of bread, the list goes on with pastry bread somewhere between 300 and 500 calories a pop!
Beckerman was straining to come up with 200 solutions (paint your dining room blue, an unappetizing color; try blue dinnerware).
One is that exercise needs to take 30, 45, or even 60 minutes or more in order to be effective. Water is essential because the root absorbs the water and then expands to help you feel full.
However, the book is easily digestible and he really comes across as a partner in weight loss, speaking to the reader, not preaching at the reader.
The conclusion of the book was spot on: he acknowledges that many people are in the pre-contemplative stage and he encourages the reader to decide to get healthy for oneself and then to just do it. A great book for someone looking to get started on the road to good health, but not much there for an experienced dieter.

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