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In fact being overweight increases the risks of developing PCOS as much as having PCOS reduces the ability to lose weight. So when women say they control what they eat but still gain weight, they may not actually be lying…. Not only is it recognised but with the correct nutrition & exercise plan you can reduce the current long term risk of PCOS sufferers developing diabetes.
Only on Tuesday I answered a fellow FitPro’s request to help a newly-diagnosed friend with PCOS…what could I do?

Admittedly I went a bit more severe and sent Paleo & some Primal recipes all in the lower carbohydrate range.
Hi, can you tell me how much it is to purchase the cook book to have re branded and sell onto my members… And how long turn around it will be? The website has 80 recipe database, 50 recipes as free download mini-books & every week 10 new recipes are added. Other tools include BMR calcuators so you can create individual plans & run a nutrition business or add value to the PT service.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Often it is only discovered if they attempt to conceive as 75% of women with PCOS become infertile.

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