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For those who want to slim down in a few days, extreme diets to lose weight fast can be quite an appealing option.
While these programs including intense calorie reduction, overuse of diet pills and liquid diet can lead to quick weight loss, the whole concept of this program may be difficult to maintain because of severe health risks.
Extreme diets to lose weight fast such as VLCD or very low calorie diet is popular among those who want to trim several inches off their body quickly. This diet restricts your daily calorie intake to 800, and this is usually recommended for those who are extremely obese. Since supplying your body with 800 calories a day is not sufficient for an active lifestyle, you need to make sure that you receive enough nutrients from the food you eat to help you undertake your daily task even with this type of diet. Your dietician can assist you in planning for your daily meals, so make sure you don't attempt following this diet on your own. If you want to lose weight without the dangers of serious side effects, then you should opt for a more wholesome way to slim down.
You should also try to prevent feelings of deprivation by replacing your favorite snack with a healthier alternative.
If you crave for candy, go for a sugar-free dessert or dark chocolate that is low in sugar content. Exercising regularly also supports your weight loss goals as it aids in increasing your metabolism while keeping your body strong. Consider working out at least thrice a week for an hour, or engage in cardio activities such as swimming, sports, or brisk walking.
These will not only improve your chances of losing weight, but regular exercise also has a positive effect on your mood.
Extreme diets to lose weight fast is not the solution for your goal of having a sculpted body. With regular exercise and a balanced diet, you can lose weight slowly and steadily until you achieve your weight loss goals. Just be sure to lose at least 1 to 2 pounds a week, which is the safest weight loss rate that will not impact your overall health negatively.
Engaging in your best exercise for weight loss is one of the key factors when it comes to having and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.
1.High blood pressure (Hypertension) - This type of heart disease also known as the silent killer since it does not exhibit symptoms.
You can’t turn on the television, open a magazine or listen to the radio without hearing about some fad diet that is “guaranteed” to help you lose weight.
This is why you feel so tired when you start to lower your calorie intake to unhealthy levels.
Also, diets that fall into this category also don’t provide the nutrients your body needs to run efficiently.
A lot of diets on the market today offer weight loss via supplements such as pills and powders.
A lot of the pills that are designed to stoke your metabolism do so by increasing your heart rate.
When you ingest substances that are meant to speed up your digestive system, it creates two separate issues.
When you engage in physical activity that is too demanding, you risk causing damage to your muscles, tendons and ligaments.
If you’re looking to lose weight, you’re much better off taking a solid, healthy approach that supports activities and behaviors that you can sustain for a lifetime. Fad diet is one type of diet that promotes quick weight loss by following a specific set of guidelines.
In summary, if the advertisements, including testimonials, sound like the magic respond to your weight issues, the diet is a fad. Most of the fad diets being promoted are unluckily not diets that you could pursue for a long period of time, allow alone for the rest of your life.
This diet claims to reduce appetite and increase energy by keeping your bodies eating habits in the zone or at its peak. Cons: Studies show high protein diets lead to raised risk of heart disease, colon cancer, bad breath (halitosis) and constipation. Basically, it is a very low calorie diet (near starvation) which is joined with a very high intensity exercise regime. Cons: Fast weight loss leads to many unpleasant side effects for example bad breath, bone loss, constipation, deprivation of nutrients (vitamins and minerals), muscle loss, metabolism slow down, headaches and poor sleep.

Pros: Plenty of fruit and veggies in the diet mean plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Cons: There doesn’t appear to be too much scientific proof about food combinations and by limiting yourself to certain food groups you will lose out on important nutrients.
This diet tells you how you can absorb nutrients by having a blood test and determining your blood group and so you can plan your diet accordingly.
Cons: There appears to be little clinical and scientific proof behind this diet and by the removal of whole food groups important nutritional deficiencies are likely with long term health problems encountered. Low blood pressure, decreased energy and fatigue are the other health problem related with this type of diet.
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When the time comes to drop pounds for a movie role, some Hollywood actors turn to bizarre methods. Weight Watchers and followed a strict diet and weekly exercise plan to shed over 80 pounds.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. However, there is more harm than good that you can expect from these weight loss programs. Not only does obesity make you feel unconfident, but this condition puts you at risk to numerous ailments. Although you can find several products that claim to give you that gaunt body in a couple of weeks, there are untold dangers about these.
For instance, there are those who experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and insomnia from taking these pills. Now, it is a matter of choice whether you would still take these pills even if they can harm your health.
Moreover, it is advisable to go through this diet program under the strict supervision of a health professional.
Instead of loading up on rich ice cream, may opt for yogurt to boost your calcium intake without making you feel guilty afterwards. Not only that, but these diets are now also infiltrating social media streams too so you may be wondering how bad for you they can really be. Every process that your body does, from keeping your heart beating to allowing your digestive system to work effectively, is fueled by the foods you eat.
Your body conserves as much energy as it can to make sure it survives, leaving minimal amounts of energy left over for anything else – such as walking around the house or running errands.
You risk becoming deficient in various vitamins and minerals which brings about a whole new set of health issues that are often worse than the ones being overweight create. As we all learned in the case of ephedrine, not all weight loss supplements are good for you. First, you risk dehydration (which sometimes happens when you get sick with chronic and persistent diarrhea). Essentially, it’s like you’re turning their switch to the “off” position and telling them not to follow their normal processing.
While you certainly want to get in some physical activity, overdo it and you could cause more harm than good. This causes you to not only hurt yourself in the short term, but may produce some long lasting effects that plague you for years to come. After all, if your goal is to get healthy, doesn’t it stand to reason that your ways of achieving it should be healthy as well? You learn which foods will promote your weight loss goals (and your health) as well as how much of them to eat so you give your body exactly what it needs to thrive without overfeeding it. Very persuasive people like actors and models or other people promote these fad diets as they spend a lot of time in the public eye.
A very healthy fad diet includes a raw food diet and so as a one of the healthiest fad diets that you could ever follow it.
The fact is that most fad diets are responsible for temporary weight loss and as soon as you cheat on the fad diet even a little bit, you will gain back every ounce that you lost. This is gained by keeping all your meals and snacks in the ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 30% fats. Will experience metabolism slow down because of low calories and will lead to starvation response which will eat away at the muscle tissue while retaining the fat.

This diet suggests limiting the intake of starchy, high carb foods in order that the fat is burned first. Eating more carbohydrate that can be used by the body will store this overload in fat cells.
A sample of this diet would comprise: One boiled egg for breakfast, a green salad for lunch and a baked potato with salsa for dinner. Who would desire all these problems for the sake of rapid weight loss where the weight will ultimately be put back on and more in a couple of months? Mixture of these two foods together appears to stop protein from being digested in the gut and can cause an accumulation of toxins. Most fad diets restrict the individual from consuming foods that are loaded with the nutrients that the human body requires to protect itself from fatigue and sickness. Also, high protein and low carbohydrate diet can raise the individual’s chances of having kidney stones and gout. When you take a pill that keeps your heart running at super-fast speeds day in and day out, you’re just asking for trouble because your heart can’t take it for very long. As a result, you feel lethargic and risk circulation issues, muscle cramps, low blood pressure and increased illness. The result is that they quit functioning effectively and how you have a whole new set of issues. It also teaches you nutrition and balance – two things that you can use for the rest of your life so that your results are permanent!
By following a fad diet, a lot of people have truly noticed weight loss and some of them have even managed to do so in a very short time period. You will enhance your health exponentially by ridding your diet of all cooked and processed foods. Any diet that claims more than 2 pounds of loss a week should be avoided because of potential health risks from the loss of muscle mass and lean tissue. Additionally, when weight is gained back, it is frequently more than the amount at first lost. So, by consuming meat, cheese and eggs and keeping bread and potatoes to a minimum, fat is lost. The bulk of the diet is formed with vegetables and fruit and very small portions of protein and carbs. For an example, a low protein and low carbohydrates diet can cause the body to become low in electrolytes.
High protein diet can cause your body to be at risk for calcium loss, leads to osteoporosis.
But for most of us this sliver of optimism will last just until the first slider is consumed at your Super Bowl party.
Essentially you are giving yourself high blood pressure which is extremely dangerous when you don’t treat it, right? From these infomercials, some will probably seem very alluring but the good news is that most of us know that most of what goes into these infomercials is publicity not honesty. Mainly, fad diets work by restricting calories and weight loss takes place when calories are limited. Be ready after spending some time following this diet to feel amazed at how healthy you feel. These diets will surely help you to lose weight quickly but they could also permanently damage your health.
Secondly, these diets do not supply the nutrition required for proper body functions as they restrict calories to less than 1200 calories or they remove entire food groups. Although fad diets are excellent diet for promoting weight loss but you need to realize that there will always be some bad that gets balancing with the good.
These diets actually infringe the primary advice of good nutrition: consume a variety of food to attain a healthy, balanced food intake.
As per the claim of most fad diet, an individual can lose weight without having to exercise, simply by following the diet’s plan of eating. At last, when the metabolism rate is increased in the ketosis form as with low carbohydrate diets, kidney damage can also take place.

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