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Tonight we meet Georgeanna, a 44 year old pastors wife and mom of two who currently weighs 315 pounds.
When she meets her family back home, she sees that her husband, Scott, has also lost weight during her time away. At the final weigh in Chris calls Georgeanna's husband, Scott, up on stage and reveals that he has lost 51 pounds while joining his wife on their weight loss journey. To pay it forward, Georgeanna gives the one week scholarship to the Anshutz campus to her sister, Shelley. On her journey she plans to lose at least half of her body weight and to be considered for skin removal surgery.

Observing that she is a perfectionist, Chris immediately proclaims that Georgeanna is possibly one of the best clients he has ever had. To celebrate Chris shows her a video of Nadia Comaneci on a big screen saying "Starting next week, I'll be getting you ready fo four nine month milestone.
Before her weigh in she tries the gymnastics routine once more and nails the back handspring. Many people become successful in losing weight with careful planning and right medical advice. See you in Oklahoma!" Heidi adds to the pressure by telling Georgeanna to include a front and back handspring by the time they meet again.

At her 6 month weigh in Georgeanna is down to 181 pounds, she has reached her goal exactly. Chris isn't upset, instead he's happy that Georgeanna has given up the perfectionist personality.

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