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First of all wash your face thoroughly with a face wash and remove all the leftover mascara and eye liner.
Apply eye shade with brush on the eyelid from the inner corner and move the shade towards the end corner.Under the brow bone are you should use soft and delicate colors like white gold. After completing eye shade apply eye liner neatly with a brush or you can use a liner pencil then apply mascara. Sources Say Rob Kardashian Is “On The Road To Recovery” With Help From His Entire Family!
Disclaimer : We do not own any of these products except the articles, which are written by us. Professional Mastering Eyes is our 3 day course which will teach you how to do any kind of eye look that you will want to do.
On this course, you will learn all the necessary professional skills, to create different looks, using classic, modern and creative techniques. When you want a more natural and subtle look, choose the '70s as inspiration for a retro but fun look.

I showed you a preview of Kareena Kapoor's Eye Makeup here, and today I will be showing you how I did it. As we are talking about eye makeup so apply concealer to cover the dark circles under the eyes and blend the skin to get an even shape. Colors which are in stark contrast to each other are complimentary and so work to brighten each other. On the upper lash line, also line outside but still very close to the lashes- apply in dots if you're nervous.
So, technically when it comes to eye shadow makeup tips for brown eyes, most eye makeup colors work. This will make them stand outAdd not more than two coats of mascara to give the gorgeous look to your eyes. Eyes will look awkward if you apply more than two coats of the same.ConclusionBrown eyes are beautiful to look at and a real treat for the onlooker. Especially the dark brown eyes are the wonderful features one can have and take advantage of.

It re-inspires me to drag out the colors and palettes I had been so desperate to purchase which have now fallen to the back of the train case because the initial excitement has passed.
A light pink, blue, or even green color eyeshadow.Reply James KingSeptember 3, 2013I love you web sits and all you make up tips.
I have really dark almost black looking eyes and I love to wear pinks, purple, greens, teals, silver, copper and blues; everytime I wear any of these colors I get so many compliments.Reply chrishendricksonJanuary 9, 2014Great post!
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