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As season 4 of the Walking Dead wrapped up Sunday night we witnessed a sequence of events which highlight the potentials for the most decrepit events to take place were civilization were to implode suddenly.
We truly believe the actors to be great but regardless of conditioning, when one finds oneself in a railcar being herded like cattle, there is no calm about it. Tyreese was absent from the finale but the echos of what he endured in last weeks episode are still being felt this week, as he was in a tragically doomed position until Carol showed up. Prior to the start of this half of the season, it looked as if his career on the show was on the ropes, a fistfight with Rick and a blood vendetta to find out who killed his 'boo' (of two whole episodes at that) made him seem the most logical choice for cast member slimdown. Michonne has now saved Rick and Carl's asses more than anyone else on the show, her character is now full of life and fleshing out in terms of humanity. With the backdrop of her story now revealed, we know that her serious as death demeanor was forged when her family was over run at a refugee camp shortly after the outbreak. The idyllic gaze with which Rick gazes at his son and Michonne played on the tracks is a rare one of true joy in a world so disparate and wrought with danger from every angle.

As if the events which closed out the #Prison chapter weren't bad enough, former #teamprison members are slowly coming into contact with what is clearly a serious regression on the part of human survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Cats I know would be frantically attempting to escape as being bit by a walker is one thing, But to be offered a freshly BBQ'ed 'McRib of the previous idiot who happened to stumble into this infernal place is a totally different kind of doom.
Traveling with two children and an infant, things were edgy as Lizzie proved to be a mentally distant cousin to the more legendary Lizzie Borden. It didn't happen and he has vindicated himself in the eyes of many as many men in his position would have not risked themselves to travel with two children and a toddler still craving the teat.
In the end, Tyreese is the prototypical brother whose outlook has been forged in the fires of injustice. Will he control himself and use cunning and guile when he does realize his sister and the rest of the survivors are in #Terminus or will he revert into the emotional nut who took on a hundred or so walkers, armed with nothing but a ball peen hammer as he did early in the season? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and walking amongst the dead for months on end would surely make you a bit antisocial as it did to her.

Chilling #negrononsense moment when she reveals to Carl that her brother and child's father were high (of all things to be during the apocalypse!) and were caught slipping which resulted in her son being bitten and turned as well.
Bob Stookey pushed for his woman to assist Maggie in her quest to find Glenn, and her assumptions as to why people would want to help someone in a very fucked up beyond all recognition kind of world. From playing with Walkers and refusing to grasp the situation her mind and resolve melted away as she eventually killed her own sister 'Meka' and would have killed Judith had it not been for Tyreese and Carols timely return.
His fury arises from a serious sense of morality and a code of camaraderie, while most cats I know have a hard time being a father in a normal world better yet fathering and protecting three children not his own, on the run from zombies and all that comes with the Apocalypse.
Her motherly aspect has blossomed fully as Carl has no mother to console him after nearly getting bufu'ed by that fat smelly bastard whom Rick proclaimed 'that one is mines" before he practiced his butcher techniques on his depraved fat ass.

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