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Some of Moss’s most incriminating revelations come from the chapter investigating the relationship between food industry giants and U.S. We know by now to be skeptical of the “all natural,” “real fruit,” “no preservatives” claims that cover packaging, but did you know that even the “fruit juice” listed in ingredients is modified to the point of being almost pure sugar? In their own eating habits, many of the scientists, researchers, and former company executives Moss interviewed for the book steer clear of the foods they produce. The low-fat diet has been on life support since 2006, when the failure of the WHI trial was published. About 7,500 people were randomized to either get advice on a low-fat diet or a Mediterranean diet with more fat, specifically olive oil or nuts. All the ratios and micronutrient percentages are like this: almost identical across the three studies. It's almost as if they were trying to keep the macronutrient rations identical, so they could claim that the benefits were the result of the olive oil and the nuts, who coincidentally sponsored the study.
What this study does do, is compare a standard diet to a diet that raises either nuts or olive oil.
Results -- There was no significant reduction in heart attacks, death from cardiovascular causes, or death from any cause. One wonders if it is even possible for people with a specific point of view to read such reports without self administered distortion. 4Mike HFebruary 25 2013It is funny to me that the "Mediterrannan Diet" seems to be the politically correct term for low carb. The statistically significant difference was in the primary endpoint: major cardiovascular events. If they are uses as the typical "low fat" model, then you need to look at 10% of calories as fat.
This study is good and useful, but only when looking closely at the actual facts, groups, and diets involved. I could easily tell a person on a standard diet to follow this version of the Mediterranean diet assuming they were unlikely to do anything more intensive. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were all devoted to finding the healthiest diet, and not our preconceived notions. What I find amusing is that the critics of this latest study argue that anybody who considers the study valid is filled with preconceived notions. I've visited other blogs that caught my interest, only to discover that I do not agree with the points of view being expounded there.
I'm a mother of 16 month old twins and ever since they were born my body has been deteriorating from lack of sleep and stress from working, going to school, chasing babies, and still having to get dinner on the table. Oh and side note: Not even a slight increase in exercise and I still got all these amazing results!

One thing the study didn't have in Table 1, however, was besides the recommendation to avoid baked goods it didn't mention anything about avoiding or recommending pasta in the mediterranean part. I have looked at the table re dietary advice given in this study, and it does indeed look like standard low fat diet advice. 29vkoolNovember 7 2013Low-fat diet did not succeed in preventing heart disease but it is still a good diet to follow. Synthetic oils of the last 200 years high in omega 6 and low or zero omega 3's like corn oil, soy oil, canola oil etcetera that are mnufactured at high temperatures are cheap and everywhere. The food industry acts in vicious self-defense at any sign of threat, and it has money to spare.
One flavor expert who worked with Coca-Cola talked about cutting back on his intake because it “was not good for me in a whole host of ways.” When Moss sat down with crave expert Moskowitz and another researcher, the table ordered things like egg whites and turkey breast.
Anybody can claim one diet is better than another, but it's not worth listening if they don't present sound evidence.
Both of my shoulders were going out almost everyday for the past year and a half, my knees have been constantly hurting since February 2012, i'd gained 65 lbs since I had the twins and about 3 months ago I started to feel an arthritic-like pain in my hands.
And I say that as someone who is firmly convinced that the overall evidence is indeed in its favour.
I think that this study say that if one get free olive oil or nuts, one eat those and cut out other foods!
They may initially comply; but over time people drift back to the average 15 to 20 percent of calories from protein.
Not only do they have food labs designed to find our “bliss spots”—the point when the sugar and salt levels are just right—but they also have people like Howard Moskowitz, a crave consultant, who figures out what levels of salt, sugar, and fat are just right.
This method reared its head when the industry found itself in competition with health food–touting home economics teachers in the ’50s. He shames the Center for Nutrition Policy for having skewed guidelines that fail to mention the dangerous fat content in beef and cheese, and the USDA for funding marketing campaigns for the government to push support for the cattle and dairy industries. Kraft’s partnership with butter-loving Paula Deen helped the company crack the female market. Pushed to drink Dr Pepper, which the researchers helped redesign, Moskowitz said he wasn’t a soda drinker because “it’s not good for your teeth.” One Frito-Lay executive opening his cupboards for Moss showed barely any processed foods. Instead people with pre-existing heart disease had a 30 percent increase in risk of heart disease! There was a reduction in cardiovascular causes only when these were pooled with deaths from stroke .
His studies included multiple variables and to state that the variable that mattered was fat is simply unproven. If you have time, I'd be interested to hear you thoughts on this specific point, rather than linking back to "what the diet looked like"?

Was on low fat diet for diabetes ldl 325, weight 340, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, every health marker bad. Nina Strochlic on the most shocking revelations from ‘Salt Sugar Fat.’The average American eats 33 pounds of cheese and 70 pounds of sugar annually and 8,500 milligrams of salt a day. In response, the industry came up with its own version of a lesson-teaching homemaker—Betty Crocker—to push box mixes. The conflict of interest of the USDA in dictating American nutrition while working in alliance with the industries producing unhealthful products is almost comically blatant.
On the ground, grocery-store displays are cleverly designed by season, and corner stores filled with young kids getting out of school were inundated with brands in a bid to “build loyalty with the next generation.” In fact, Moss discovers the brands actually own the display stands and coolers, and are known to butt heads with store owners for their territory. The book is peppered with facts that will make you want to double-check every grocery store purchase you make (a half cup of Prego sauce has more sugar than three cookies, Hungry Man’s frozen turkey dinner has more salt than what’s recommended for two days, etc.). It would help Dean Ornish's argument if he actually performed a valid experiment instead of just speculating.
It doens't even say where this supposed research came from or what kind of study it is which is very important.. I'm a walker and i've probably taken a 30-35 minute walk almost everday since I was about 11. Investigative journalist Michael Moss went inside the food industry to find out how these additives get into our food for his book, Salt Sugar Fat. This survival tactic even affected families: the original creator of Kellogg's actually was a health-food proponent, but was pushed out of the business by his sugar-loving brother.
As shown throughout Moss’s chapters, the food industry’s priority is putting the truth about ingredients out of sight and out of mind.
From within his behind-the-scenes look at the biggest fast-food giants, we extracted the most fascinating bits. Kraft used the more-the-merrier tactic when it pushed cheese, the fattest of fat-based foods, into the markets in the 1990s. Even the king of activists wouldn’t tackle the task: in the 1970s a commission tried to ban child-focused advertisements and Ralph Nader advised against going fighting the powerful lobby. Another, Bob Drane, the mastermind behind Lunchables, works with students and families to battle obesity. I've tried weight watchers, jenny craig, doing it on my own, and other various "lifestyle changes" none of which lasted very long and most of which left me hungry most of the time.

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