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The menus for baby food below are designed to give you an idea of what babies may be eating from 4 months to 8 months of age.
At 6 or 7 months old, some infants may eat 4-6 ounces of food per day while babies who are just starting solids at 6 or 7 months of age may be eating only 1-2 ounces per day. Remember the 4 day wait rule when creating a menu plan for your baby and offer only those foods that your baby tolerates well. Read our How Much Should My Baby Be Eating article to learn why your baby may eat more or less than others.
Remember, it cannot be stressed enough; all babies are different and your baby may eat more or less than what is shown on these example charts. As always, you should feed your baby according to his or her cues and needs. Always consult your pediatrician if you are worried that your baby is not receiving proper amounts of either milk or solid foods. Many breastfeeding moms supplement with formula as their milk supply may be low for a variety of reasons. We give kudos to those moms who continue to hang in there and offer their babies breast milk while supplementing. Later morning: During the later morning you can continue to breastfeed or give HiPP Milk Formula. In the evening: You will also find new varieties of HiPP Good Night with no added sugar in a jar or milk paps to mix, which have a slightly coarser structure, as well as several new flavours from the 8th month.

Drinks: With the third weaning meal at the latest, something to drink should be offered at every meal. She may want more if she continues to lean in for the spoon, opens her mouth or tries to grab the spoon and bring it to her. Do NOT replace a nursing or bottle-feeding with a solid food meal and do not feed the solids first until your pediatrician indicates this is right for your baby. All babies are different and your baby may eat more or less than what is shown on these example charts.
HiPP Fruit and Fruit & Cereal are now also available with fine chunks for the 8th month and onwards. You can now also offer your baby HiPP Fruit & Yoghurt or HiPP Fruit Duet a€“ fruit with yoghurt or curd cream. Our jars from the 8th month come in age-appropriate portions that are eaten up by most children. She may be finished when she turns her head away, clamps her mouth shut or cries as the spoon comes close to her. The menus are geared to give you ideas of what types of food you could serve at different meal times to get a good balance of nutrients and variety.

However, your little one might be able to eat 4 tablespoons of oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of mashed avocado.
These menu suggestions assume that you have introduced the foods that are shown and that you have waited the proper time period to detect an allergic reaction.
We do not note amounts of foods because, as we say, all babies are different and will be eating differing amounts of foods. While the information published on this site is believed to be accurate, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice. Statements and opinions expressed should not be considered facts to replace those from your qualified health care provider. Contents of this website may be reproduced only for personal use and may not appear on other websites or in other electronic formats.
Contents may not be reproduced for other use without the express written consent of TotallyHer Media, LLC.

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