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In the years since I have been living a low carb lifestyle nothing seems more controversial than fruit.
First of all let me preface this by saying that I just count carbs, and I strive to keep them under 20 net carbs per day… even after almost 3 years of living this lifestyle. Most of the people that tout that you can eat fruit while living a low carb lifestyle are also saying they eat 50+ net carbs a day! I like to add a bit of the banana-flavored sugar-free syrup and a small amount of chopped walnuts or pecans to a muffin-in-a-mug for a yummy banana nut muffin! Members of the Low Carb Challenge Facebook group aren’t apt to give you their blessing to eat an apple a day because they want to see you get great results and lose weight just like they do. We’re still on vacation, and last Friday afternoon we drove out from Winston-Salem to the North Carolina coast (only a little over 4 hours). I’m not drinking as much water as I should be, but I definitely think it’s easier to drink more water when you’re home all day!
Today I’d love to share with you all some foods you can treat yourself with while coming out of Atkins induction, and beginning the ongoing weight loss phase. For me…I want fruit, black beans or other legumes, maybe oats or oatmeal and the occasional roasted sweet potato {and sweet potato fries…Mmmm!) Dark chocolate, ice cream and red wine are awesome splurges. Since it’s summer and fruit is abundant, and since it’s a healthy item to add back in…I wanted to share with you lower sugar and lower carb fruits.
What kinds of things would you add in (or did you add in) when starting to increase your carb intake?
Not since I had nice legs and platform heels, in 1993, have I received as many compliments on a pair of shoes. These tubs are a stylish way to ice down drinks for guests, hold firewood next to your fireplace or roll up blankets for storage in your family room. Sure, you’ll need some tights under this for winter, but once spring comes, you can wear it alone.
Tasty, no-carb and low-calorie, these vodkas make the perfect mixer with your favorite diet soda or low-sugar juice.
November 7, 2015 by Denise Leave a Comment Enjoy the flavors of fall in the infused vodka using cranberries, oranges, cloves and star anise.
When I made this the first time, I couldn’t wait to taste it and my husband and I snuck a taste (or two) so we had to refill it again. Fall Flavored Infused Vodka (low carb)   Print Enjoy the flavors of fall in the infused vodka using cranberries, oranges, cloves and star anise. No hype, straight forward, down to earth, honest talk about holistic health, natural health and green living to improve or protect your mental and physical health.
Regardless of which health condition you are dealing with, or if you are just take preventative measures, limiting your sugar intake (even the natural form) is an absolute necessity. In excess, the sugar content of fruit can disrupt the endocrine system, brain chemistry, the autonomic nervous system, metabolism, gut flora, and the immune system, which can contribute to a very long list of symptoms and conditions like addiction, alcoholism, compulsive overeating, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, neurotransmitter depletion, leptin and insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, obesity, insomnia, candida overgrowth, heart disease, anxiety disorders, depression, high blood pressure, hyperactivity, weakened immunity, autism, cancer and much more.
Although fruit is one of the components of the Paleo diet that I promote heavily, there is a big difference between the fruit that our ancestors ate and the fruit that we eat today. Not only that, fruit was only accessible to our ancestors on a seasonal basis, not year round like it is for us, so their consumption of fruit was much less frequent than ours.
So, I’ve compiled this chart with the sugar and carb content of some the most popular fruits to help guide you in your decision making process. Banana – 17 g and carb 31 g (1 large) However, the riper the banana, the more sugar it contains. However, regardless of any of those factors, the best fruit to eat for all of us is the fruit that is lowest in sugar. Fruit is best served with protein and fat, and thus why they go so well with nuts and seeds.
I am confused by the many differing opinions I read on candida overgrowth, which relates to the fruit and sugar consumption of this post. So can you please help me it terms of knowing which diet path is most realistic, either the Paleo or the non-acidic (as described in the attached link’s webpage). I am aware, for starters, the pomegranates have to go (which will take care of itself when they go out of season). Legumes contain many anti-nutrients that destroy the gut lining and cause leaky gut, cause nutritional deficiencies and lead to autoimmune disorders. I would suggest that you read the following pages and take a look at The Primal Blueprint and The Paleo Diet to educate yourself more on the truth. If you are exercising for an hour or an hour and a half at a time, that is entirely too much exercise in one sitting. I’ve collected a bunch of various drink recipes, some of them are my low-carb versions of classic drinks, some are my wild, new creations.
Currently there do exist numerous different flavors of lonkeros, but I stuck with the basic version, although in the photo above I used red grapefruit juice instead of white grapefruit juice.
Add the vodka, lemon juice and the stevia, close the shaker or the jar tightly and shake vigorously. Press the mixture carefully through a sieve or a (tea) strainer so that you get as much liquid as possible. Next day, when ready to prepare the drink, take the jar and strain the contents into a shaker with ice. For those who try to avoid alcohol I developed this sweet and creamy drink — dessert in fluid form. Like you might have noticed, this blog post is quite much different from all my other blog posts. Can anyone tell me the names of the glass’, for the Lonkero, Raspberry Surprise, Vodka Collins?! Umm, I think I bought those highball glasses from the nearest store… could be by Luminarc?

Sure, the Cherry Apple Drink and the Liquid Dessert (Creamy Cherry Cinnamon Drink) are without alcohol.
I was looking for actual sugar-free drink recipes, not sugary drink recipes with fake sugar.
My passion is to develop innovative, truly healthy gluten-free, sugar-free low-carb recipes which are simple and easy to make. It is a good way to analyze fresh fruit as it is looking at each fruit equally; in one ounce increments. The best thing is that it fills me up SO much more than a banana could and it is only about 2 net carbs vs 20! We packed all of us in the same van and were able to ride together since her hubby is coming out later in the week. We’ll be back home this coming weekend, and like most travelers when they get home, it will be easy to get back on track with my eating. Atkins has what he terms a carb ladder that as you go through the phases of learning to live the carb controlled life, you learn what YOU can add and when YOU want to add it. I’m excited to learn the carb count since I could really take or leave a banana, and it’s the highest in sugar!
Plus, this scarf is so inexpensive that you can buy one in every color and pattern without breaking the bank. It great on the rocks (which is may preferred way) but I’m sure you can add tomato juice, lemon wedges, seltzer, etc to make it your own.
I bought some star anise down at the Strip district and I already had some whole cloves, cranberries and oranges. I wanted a low carb cocktail (in other words I wanted to sip this on the rocks) so I was trying to get as much flavor from all the ingredients as I could. Although fruit in limited amounts can provide us with a variety of benefits like antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, if too much is eaten, it can be just about as bad as a candy bar and result in degradation of health. Due to cultivation and hybridization, (both man-implemented and naturally occurring) modern fruit is much bigger and higher in sugar content than what grew in the wild. Since our biochemistry is a product of our ancestors, our bodies are genetically wired to handle the less sweet versions in moderation, thus why we must make good choices in the fruit that we consume. I’ve presented the sugar and carb content, because all carbs break down into sugar, so it is really the carb content that you want to count. For example, a young woman may be able to eat fruit more freely than a woman who is post-menopausal, as management of insulin appears to be affected by changes in estrogen levels.
We want to stick with low sugar fruit the majority of the time, the medium sugar fruit more moderately, and the high sugar fruit should be reserved for special occasions and occasional treats. However, I only eat one serving of fruit about 3 times a week, as I have found that is what works best for my body at this time of my life. Besides the fact that pesticides, fertilizers and other additives disrupt brain chemistry and the endocrine system, organic fruit is also higher in nutrient content like antioxidants, than its counterpart. When combined with fat and protein, it lowers their glycemic index, and thus will minimize the impact of the sugar content on blood sugar, insulin and neurotransmitters in the brain. Juices are way too concentrated, high in sugar and they are missing the pulp that will slow down absorption of the sugar. You recommend the Paleo diet and alternately I have just read an article by a Robert Young, PhD that has a completely different take, mainly to eliminate all meats from the diet based on the fungi they contain and their acidic nature and to include legumes. However, low-starch vegetables are alkaline, and when they are eaten with your meat as one does on the Paleo diet, then the vegetables neutralize the acidity and promote a healthy pH. If you don’t get chilled (out) with these, it would be worth thinking of moving to the North Pole! By the way, liquid stevia is a very handy sweetener, it comes ready in a bottle and you don’t have to cook it like sugar syrup. Usually lonkero is sweetened with sugar, or I guess nowadays it contains whatever super unhealthy syrup and other artificial flavorings.
The low-carb versions I’ve seen before contain Splenda or other artificial sweeteners.
What would be a better end to a summer dinner than a slushy combination of coffee, cream and vodka? Because apple juice has quite some carbs, I developed this drink of lesser carbs for my family. Actually, the cherry flavor has a trace of alcohol, like most of the flavors and extracts, so if you are completely avoiding alcohol, you might want to search for a cherry flavor which contains absolutely no alcohol whatsoever.
A Canadian magazine Marine Matters is celebrating their first anniversary and they have my cupcake photo as their magazine cover.
I am new to low carbon diet and prediabetic so it was good to find summertime refreshments for when guests come over! We’ll be in chill mode with our friends all week hanging out at the beach and exploring beaches I haven’t seen since I was a kid. I’m still conscious of carbs, but haven’t been tracking as closely as I normally would, and these were definitely not low carb.
And dare I say…as much as I LOVE regular white potatoes skillet fried as hash browns or a variety of other ways…I think it’s something I’m not craving anymore. The point is just to be aware of the carb content as you go about your day and make choices.
I wasn’t compensated by any of these companies and all of these items were purchased by me, for me. Fair warning, they took a few days to break in, but once the back of the shoe softened a little bit, they were perfect. Its contents can change with the season (seashells, pine cones, Christmas ornaments, lemons)! While I like the taste of them, sometimes it’s a bit too much like eating a juiced salad for my likes.

I used celery stalks and leaves, garlic cloves, grape tomatoes, black peppercorns and jalapeno peppers. You know how I like my vodka, especially flavored vodka but somehow the ones that I made this summer (Mojito Infused Vodka or the Fruit &Herb Infused Vodka) do not appeal to me in the colder seasons. The cranberry gives it a nice blush color and you can taste it as well as the orange peel but not enough for my liking.
When you’ve let it steep a few days to a week (or more if you want) just strain and keep refrigerated.
Someone who is weight proportional and in good health may enjoy a serving of fruit with each meal and not have any consequences.
On the other hand, an athlete may eat more fruit than the average folk, because they are burning off the excess sugar more quickly.
However, it’s also important to choose fruits that provide you with the richest nutritional value. When left to fend for itself, fruits and vegetables generate substances called phenolics to protect themselves from pests which prompts an increase in antioxidants.
For those of you with Candida, it dilutes the accessibility of sugar for yeast to feed upon. However, it becomes very confusing when everywhere you turn you find differing opinions and informed recommendations. The Paleo diet provides the body with everything it needs and eliminates everything it doesn’t need.
Please read the following page on exercise and take a look at the Primal Blueprint for guidance on exercise as well. Because I’m not in favor of industrial unhealthy stuff, I created a sugar-free syrup-free version of this extra refreshing drink which we Finns love to drink especially after sauna, or actually at any time in the summer. Well, my husband still sticks to the traditional Apfelschorle, but I and my son could gulp down gallons of this tasty cherry and apple flavored drink. Cinnamon gives a surprising and exciting note, which goes perfectly with cherry and heavy cream. However, this way turned out to be enormously laborious, so I keep these multiple recipes containing blog posts to the minimum in the future, even I have to say that I enjoyed every second of developing these recipes and taking the photos in my summer cottage in the middle of nowhere. You might want to check the July issue, it’s free, great quality and also interesting for non-mariners. BUT I can take a huge strawberry and dice (yes I dice mine because I want the flavor NOT the carbs) it over some low carb CarbMaster yogurt, put a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream on top  and I am still under 6 net carbs! I slather it with rich creamy butter and enjoy it with my bulletproof coffee or  cocoa in the morning, for lunch, or dessert any time of day! Here’s a recipe roundup of 22 of the best certified low carb apple recipes to get you started!
You know, that nasty stuff you see in the mirror when you binge on carbs… no thanks, not for me, and if you are reading this, probably not for you.
Weighing definitely helps keep me on track at home, and I’m sure that would help me if I had access to a scale. And I know I’d have issues with portion control…as much as I do with roasted sweet potatoes. Since they are still made from sugar…though natural…it’s important to eat fruit with either protein or fat so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar (which leads to your body producing extra insulin which leads to fat storage…no, we don’t want that!) So berries with a dollop of homemade whipped cream or fruit right after a meal is a good choice.
Serve it over ice like I do, or you can drink it was seltzer or juice for a delicious cocktail.
If you’re trying to lose weight, you may need to be a little more restricted, which may vary from person to person. Citrus fruits and melons can be problematic for people with candida, more so than other folks. It is also best consumed after a full course meal of animal protein and low-starch vegetables for the same reasons. Flavor bursting raspberry juice, sweetened with vanilla stevia, a tiny bite from lime and lots of refreshing, ice-cold sparkling water create a perfect drink for any hot summer day. Even these drinks are tasty, refreshing and easy to gulp down, they should be enjoyed in moderation. Tequila and lime juice are naturally low in carbs, but blue curacao is liqueur and high in carbs (well, 1 oz that is used in those recipes contains 7 grams carbs).
Let’s take a look at a table I threw together that lists fruits in the form they are typically eaten and easiest for comparison. However, someone who is trying to overcome insulin resistance, sugar or carb addiction, compulsive overeating, candida overgrowth or fatigued adrenals would do better with no more than 50 or 60 grams of carbs per day.
Cherries, prunes, apples, plums, peaches, pears, figs and dates are also good sources of antioxidants.
Personally I would omit the curacao, but add some (bitter) orange peels to tequila and let those infuse overnight. While on vacation, I have been drinking small amounts of red wine and eating dark chocolate in moderation, and I have had those sweet potatoe fries once.
So I got this idea to make a Bloody Mary Infused Vodka to drink on the rocks and boy did it turn good. You really get the spiciness from the peppercorns and jalapeno and a hint of garlic and tomato flavors.

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