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Yaso joined our team in January 2013 and is currently training in the Sport and Exercise Medicine Specialist Training Program. She has been involved in sports medicine and sports research for l4 years having gained experience in Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand.
Yaso is involved in research at Lincoln University looking at the effects of intermittent hypoxic therapy in reducing cardiovascular risk factors and she has also developed an interest in the biomechanics of running injuries.

All athletes have an inner drive which motivates them to train hard and compete , leaving nothing in the tank. Enhance your preparation with this 8 week training program to ensure you take the next step in athletics.
She has a keen interest in rugby and netball injuries having worked with the Scottish Rugby Union Medical Committee and currently the Tactix Netball Team.

Our aim at ATS is to facilitate this drive and ensure that all those hard hours spent at the track and in the gym are being optimised with the best training techniques and periodising effectively for your upcoming competitions.

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