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This look was inspired by  Sokolum’s Angel of Death look that she just posted on YouTube. Last week, I offered a fairly comprehensive makeup tutorial for Kim Kardashian but I did so somewhat reluctantly. I chose to do Ashley’s look from the People’s Choice Awards because it was really classic Ashley which means it was also classic young Hollywood. I’m actually going to skip getting into a step by step guide for this one because I pretty much covered the whole process in our Kim Kardashian tutorial. Ashley has beautiful blue eyes but this makeup look can work for any color eyes with the possible exception of light green.
Ashley Benson has beautiful brows so if you want to pull off a look inspired by Ashley, you really need to make sure your brows are in top form.
Ashley’s eyes have sort of a soft, smoky look here so that’s what we’re going to go for as well.
With your light brown and your bronze applied, you’re going to want to blend everything to soften any sharp lines. Your white eye shadow is going to act as a highlighter of sorts, making your eye look brighter and making you look more awake. This is going to be troublesome step for some of you because liquid liner can be hard to apply properly.
Now, this is where things are going to have to differ between Ashley’s exact look and the look we’re going to go for. I would suspect that Ashley has used a liquid highlighter here and that’s what I like to use when I’m going for this look. For Ashley’s nude lips, you really want to make sure you don’t over apply your lipstick or choose a color that is too bold or bright. As a rule, I avoid plumping gloss because I have naturally full lips and plumping gloss can be a little too much on naturally full lips. Personally, I like using North American Hemp Company’s Finishing Touch Smoothing Cream for this step.
Ashley’s messy center part gives this look a more youthful, casual feel so we’re going to want to recreate that to really set off the look. Because Ashley has sort of loose beachy waves going on in this look, we want to me sure we don’t curl our hair too tight. One of the greatest things about this hairstyle is the fact that it’s messy, fun and youthful without losing its glamour. It contains a Face Makeup 2012 for Natural Look Face makeup 2012 is always identical with natural look. I’m not really a Kim Kardashian fan so it felt a little weird to be doing a tutorial recommending her look. If you missed that tutorial or need a little refresher, you can check out that post by clicking here. If you don’t have a primer or base, you can skip this step but I feel it is necessary to once again point out why I am such a fan of primers. While plucking is important of course, for this tutorial we’re going to focus on filling in your brows. Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Brown because, again, it’s an inexpensive, high quality product that is easy to apply but you can choose to use whatever brand you want.
What I like about this look is it offers the romance and intrigue of the full on smoky eye without being quite as dramatic.
Simply put, I have been blessed with long, naturally curly lashes so I’ve never really needed to curl them. If you have small lips, you’re going to want to go with a clear plumping gloss over your lipstick. Spray your hair with a protective spray such as my personal favorite, Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. As you’re wrapping your hair around the curler, keep the hair as spread out on the curler or wand as possible.

To make sure you are able to get that same feel, you’re going to want to mess your hair up a little bit. Of course Kim’s hair and makeup choices are always spot on so she was a natural choice for my first tutorial.
This look is especially great because it works on nearly everyone thanks to the flattering hair style and color palette.
Prepping your face is going to be the same throughout these tutorials because, well, there are very few instances that will call for something different.
A good primer or eye shadow base keeps your eye shadow in place for significantly longer periods of time. You’re going to start by applying your liner to the top lash line and finish up by applying more liner to the lower lash line. To get that subtle, smoky effect we’re going to take a pencil brush (a clean Q-Tip will also work) and gently smudge the liner we’ve just applied. I paid $10.00 for this particular kit and have yet to need a color that isn’t in this palette. Apply this bronze color from the lash line to the crease but make sure you leave that light brown color showing. This time, you’re going to take the same brown liner we used earlier and apply it to your water line.
I would recommend applying your liquid liner the same way you applied your brown eyeliner in step three. Again, only costs $1.00 and offers a natural looking tan color which is perfect for this look. I don’t have anything like that in my makeup bag and I’m guessing not many of you do either. I use Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Soft Nude for this look because it offers a nice, soft tone that looks pretty without being overpowering. Wiggle the end around a little bit as you create the part so your part isn’t too straight and perfect. Play with the curls a little bit to make sure they’re falling the way you want them to fall and tousle the roots to they look a little messy.
I was trying to find this lipstick by Revlon, but the one I found, the sellere did’nt send to my country. In fact, natural makeup is much more beneficial than heavy makeup because you can wear it just anywhere. In terms of hair and makeup, Ashley keeps things simple, yet glamorous which is why I think she was an ideal choice for my second tutorial. I like starting my liner at the outside corner of the eye and carrying that line to the center using short strokes.
Take a moment or two to make sure you’ve gotten your bronze color on the inside corner of your eye. I used to use more expensive brands but have found this $1.00 mascara is actually better than many of the products on the market. Unless you’re willing to drop a few dollars on an expensive blush, or unless you already have a sparkly peach blush, we’re going to improvise. You’re going to dab on your lipstick instead of swiping the lipstick back and forth across your lips and then blend it together with your fingertip. Make sure you spend a little time focusing on the ends of your hair so you’re sure you have enough product on them. Check out your curls and make sure they’re still falling the way you want them to and you’re all done!
This week, I’m featuring a tutorial by one of my absolute favorite young actresses, Pretty Little Liars star, Ashley Benson. For now, let’s assume you read through the “getting your face ready” section of the Kim Kardashian tutorial and move on to Ashley’s eye makeup. I hate getting a great shadow look only to have it reduced to little more than a smear at the crease by the end of the night.

I then move on to the inside corner of the eye, again using short strokes to bring the line toward the center of the eye so the two lines form one continuous line.
Tap it from the outside corner of the brow all the way to the inside corner and finish up by sweeping your brush across the dabs of white shadow you’ve applied to blend them together. Since liquid liner is so bold, any mistakes will show up and be difficult to correct without thickening the line. Okay, the trick with the bronzer for Ashley’s look is to avoid using it as a contouring color. If you happen to have the right product, go ahead and apply it to the apples of your cheeks, continuing the color up along your cheekbone straight to your temple. If you find the curls are getting in your way, gently clip them up out of the way with a hair claw. I would recommend using an eye shadow brush for this step instead of an eye shadow wand as a brush will allow you to apply the color without the need for a whole lot of extra blending. I haven’t noticed any significant lengthening in all honesty but for a look like this, that really isn’t necessary and for the price, it’s a real bargain.
For this step, you’re going to play up your cheeks and your lips by adding a little bit of your highlighter to your cheek bone and a little bit of highlighter just above the center of your lip. In other words, this makeup is much more efficient.Another benefit of face makeup 2012 is the fact that it save a lot of your time. If you aren’t really good with the liquid liner just yet, I’d suggest taking a little time to practice. So basically for this step, you’re just going to apply your mascara as your normally would – starting at the root of the lashes and working the wand from side to side until you’ve coated your lashes to the tip. Take a little bit of peach colored blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks, carrying the color up alone your cheekbone and to your temple, just like you would do with the sparkly peach blush.
If you’re using a liquid highlighter, you’re just going to dab a little bit of the product on and gently tap the product until it’s blended in.
It only costs $1.00 but it is every bit as good as the more expensive products on the market.
Take your large makeup brush and apply your bronzer anywhere on your face that the sun would fall. To get the sparkle, take a shimmer product or even just a nude colored shimmer shadow (make sure it doesn’t have too much pigment) and apply it just to the apples of your cheeks. This means the forehead, cheeks (including the hollows of the cheeks), the chin and across the nose. It is because they are busy with their work that they only have limited time to dress up and apply makeup for their face.If you are interested with face makeup 2012, first of all, you should prepae what you need such as natural powder, foundation, blushes, and eye shadow.
This gives you a nice, fresh look quickly and easily without focusing too much on any particular part of the face. Basically, you’re just going to apply your brow product to your brow to fill in the color and make everything look like and clean. You’re going to apply your gloss the same way you applied your lipstick, pressing your lips together to blend it all when you’re done. When you’re done, take your eyebrow brush or a clean mascara wand and brush it back and forth through your brow.
Use short strokes and work from one side of the brow to the other, moving the wand or brush back and forth as you work.
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