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Furthermore, before having HCG shots for weight loss, you must discuss it with your doctor and take some tests to see if it is the right choice for you. What I have is my results with the hcg diet- including this pic of me a year later after finishing this protocol. And you won’t know this for sure about something until you really delve a bit deeper. I know the rules of the hcg diet go against the generally-accepted-as-balanced-and-healthy-way-of-doing-things premise, but on looking deeper, you see that it doesn’t. Now I must mention that I also started up going to Crossfit in between my rounds of hcg and removed gluten from my diet, so I’m sure this played a role in the reduction of my medication. But it’s obvious that my thyroid was not negatively impacted by the diet or there would be signs showing it did. Do I think you can hurt your thyroid if you live on hcg for a year, consistently cheating, etc. I know that’s sort of off-topic, but I mention it mainly because the notion of this extreme viewpoint that if you made a mistake when it came to your body the change would be PERMANENT is a little too much- hence why I called it a scare tactic. However, I’d like to share my recent experience that proves that, at least in my case, this scare tactic is not true. I don’t think the definition of success from a diet means that you lose the weight and then never gain or lose a single ounce from that point forward forever more. To me the real success is how you learn to deal with errors you might make in your diet from time to time. That’s huge because most weight loss is actually a combination of water, fat and muscle, so when someone says they lost 15 lbs with a diet, only a portion of that will be pure actual fat- maybe 8-10 lbs or something usually. I think this protocol is great for losing larger chunks of weight.A  Since I really only had a small amount to re-lose, and my health was on the better end at that point, it was worth it to me to see if I could save myself the loading, the vlcd, and the strict P3.A  And it worked! I recently gained about 6 lbs of fat and lost it all on my own, without hcg, simply by tightening up my eating and doing a little intermittent fasting.A  This seems to debunk the notion of never being able to lose weight without hCG again.
I feel that if the hCG protocol really did ruin your thyroid and metabolism, all of the above would simply not be possible.
If your definition of a healthy diet is only one that will allow you to live at fast food joints upon completion without gaining weight, dream on. What we need to provide people more help with is SUPPORT for making those long term changes.
Glad you havent had these horrible results, I just like you had amazing amazing success on HCG. The classical hCG diet restricted to be 500 calories per day while the newest theories have proved that there’s no obvious difference between taking 800 calories a day or 500 calories a day. Energy restriction, most of the hCG diet has set up the strict calories limitation to only 500 calories a day. The hCG diet has always proved to be effective but controversial opinions aroused among many reputable doctors at the same time, as there seems to be no proof to find the real reason of the weight loss caused by low calories taken or by hCG injection? It’s recommended that you should always ask your doctor for recommendation before taking hCG diet. Low calorie snacks can satisfy your hunger cravings in between meals, making it at ease  to weight loss. A lot of diet plans and slimming products are available in the market but any of those can hardly compete with HCG diet program in the matter of effectiveness and competency. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a peptide or protein hormone that is generated by the placenta of pregnant women during pregnancy.
Usually, an average person requires 1500 calories per day to carry on with his day-to-day activities without any sort of trouble.

In many other low calorie diet plans, where a dieter feels the usual side effects of it, like, stomach pain, head ache and weak and quits the entire program shortly after starting it. The idea of HCG is very easy and very simple; it just keeps a person from over eating and does not allow him to feel hunger pains.
HCG diet is a smart diet indeed, since it does not only aids a person to get rid of obesity but also aids him to get his shape back. Since HCG, diet keeps a person under strict rules and regulations regarding food intake, it helps him to establish a better food habit by that time as well.
Then, the doctor will provide the proper procedure or method of taking HCG shots by yourself at home. Yes it really bothers me when people feel they have the right to make you feel bad about something they have not investigated at all. Actually some are finding that strict paleo is not good for women and their thyroid- have you looked into that?
The classical hCG diet developed by Dr Simeons includes 500 calories per day with  just 200 grams of protein that are taken from lunch and dinner. Included is information about the starvation response and how hcg mobilizes fat stores, as well as what to expect from hcg weight loss programs.
It is the only diet program that reduces a considerable amount of weight within a very short time. HCG is a water-based hormone helps humans to keep the appetite to minimum so that they lose weight by burning the stubborn fat that are stored in human body.
HCG diet plans allows a dieter to have only 500 calories per day, which is almost impossible to follow without failing or falling ill without a strong hand of support other than plain old will power of the dieter.
HCG, on the other hand, helps the dieter go on with the program without any discomfort or side effects since it stimulates and resets hypothalamus to force out the supply of the additional 1000 calories (of the daily demand of 1500 calories of a human) from burning the stored, stubborn fat. It understands the necessity of banishing the unnecessary fat from the vital parts of a human body. Therefore, any obese person can get the hold of it and can start with the program resulting in a massive success.
As a result, even after the completion of the three weeks diet program the dieter becomes more tolerant and comfortable with less amount of food in every meal. In HCG diet, the HCG shot will not cause any pain if it is done properly and uses fine needle. Meanwhile, the method of pills, drops, or sprays results in dispersing the hormone before entering the blood. There is a choice for everyone and I think we are all smart enough to do our own due diligence and others should be respectful of this. I stuck to protocol, never cheated, went paleo after maintenance and watched the weight PILE on.
I have tried working out and dieting so hard for years and years and not much, this has maintained my muscle and been amazing. The program includes two basic parts such as; following a low calorie diet plan and consuming a definite (adjustable depending on personal requirements) amount of HCG hormone regularly for three weeks. Hence, the dieter finds himself more confident and stronger in a better, improved lifestyle as well. Before you try this diet type, please seek information as much as you can and also consult with your doctor whether or not you may take HCG shots for weight loss. Remember, you should take the HCG shots by the doctor’s prescription and under medical supervision. Turns out that majority of the a€?weight lossa€? from muscle was a loss of glycogen and water.

And I’m so glad that my blog could help combat some of that negativity for you- yep, in November it will be 2 entire years since I’ve been maintaining my weight loss from the hCG protocol! They asked why I packed my own lunch and when I explained my exciting new path toward health and weightloss, I got this “OMG WHAT KIND OF QUACK DR.
Dealing with a little negativity about this protocol-so seeing this video this morning has only reinforced my resolve to do it. Do not try to use larger doses and interval more than 24 hours because the result will disappoint you. Glycogen, for you non-bio nerds, is the stored form of glucose.A So most of the loss of a€?massa€? from muscle was water and stored glucose. Then I found your website and read the blogs and you assured me that I was doing very well. Glad you are not letting those others get you down enough to make you quit- you will triumph!
I also do not tell many people because I don’t need to hear negativity, I gain wt no matter what, this is giving me a chance to be thin again in 17 years! Additionally, these same studies showed that about 14% of the energy from a fast came from protein, whereas 85% came from stored fat. Sick to death of my weight taking me out of events, photos (I hate seeing myself in full-body shots)…and weight preventing me from wearing clothes I want to wear. I have reached a weight now higher than when i began and no matter what i do, how much i work out or how many drs i see for help nothing works. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose but I definitely was anticipating losing at least 10 lbs.
It works, you are wonderful – keep it going because without your website I would have given up. Many aren’t aware that these levels are off prior to starting hCG because of course they are starting the diet out overweight already.
You still may have HCG diet in progress although you are suffering from abscesses, suppuration, large infected wounds and major fractures.
Not sure if that helps, but I REALLY hope you can try to find out what levels are off that is causing these issues for you. Hubby is amazed at how I look, been with him 16 years and he’s never seen me this small.
Need 20 more pounds off, but know now that this really works and I’ve never felt better in my life.
I have two more rounds planned to hit goal, if I want to be even smaller, then I will do another round.
Furthermore, HCG shots prevent you from losing muscle during the diet because HCG hormone provokes muscle building.
I am 12 no more plus sizes, I don’t fit my size 14, 16-18 wardrobe, my pants fall down and I had to buy new clothes. I paid my doctor over $700.00 and was able to get it from your recommended site for less than 300 ( really good Black Friday sales). I know this won’t be easy but hope to find some support and advice from this community.

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