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The Happy Meal now automatically comes with apple slices, a kid’s size fry, and the option for fat-free chocolate milk, 1 percent low-fat white milk, or apple juice instead of soda.
Switched from apple dippers (which included caramel dip) to apple slices in its’ Happy Meals. Introduced “Wholesome Starts Menu”, which features breakfast items that have 300 calories or less.
Pledged to reduce added sugars, saturated fat and calories with varied portion sizes, reformulations and innovations by 2020. You can make a strong case that Mickey D’s is one of the biggest contributors to the current obesity epidemic.
Burger King Tender Grilled Chicken Garden Salad – 300 Calories, 16g of Fat, 33g of Protein. Taco Bell Soft Taco (Beef, Chicken, or Steak) – 160-200 Calories, 5-9g of Fat, 9-13g of Protein.

I've actually been doing research about the issue of McDonald's being healthy or not for my senior thesis.
When we looked at the Nutrition Information for the restaurants listed below, we could not find a single main course item or entree item (excluding kids' meals) that met our criteria. While, yes, there are many unhealthy meals on fast food restaurant menus, that doesn’t mean all of them are bad. If you’re ever on a diet and need fast food in a pinch, try one of these lighter options. Chipotle was in a feature article a few months back about how their menu items have some of the highest calorie content, depending on what you put on it.
Yes, it isn't THE healthiest out of the market, but McDonald's has done some major changes in the past five years. In general, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” It’s no secret fast food is packed with calories, fat, refined carbs, and salt.

After going through the menus of some fast food giants, I was able to find the healthiest options they offer.
Staring at all of that food suddenly made me hungry… Share this post if you are a fast food enthusiast like me! But many fast food restaurants have started to listen as consumers like you and I demand healthier choices. It’s now fairly common to see “light” and “healthy” choices on the menu, particularly at the largest fast food chains.So which of these restaurants are the best-of-the-best if you’re looking for a healthy meal?
Read on to discover the top 5 healthiest fast food restaurants and the best menu choices at each one.

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