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It is hard to make your baby eat food when he is not hurry and it is more than impossible to eat it against its taste. Before we start talking about the food for babies, I want you to know that every individual has different body and different style and if your doc says that something is not good for your baby then listen to him cause he is the one who actually see your baby physically and if he says that something is not good for you baby then your doctor should be your number one medical resource, I am giving you an overall help with the High Calorie Healthy Foods For Babies though. Von der Schwangeren selbst oft unbemerkt, wird der Schwangerschaftsdiabetes meist erst vom Arzt festgestellt.
Wirklich jeder kennt es und so gut wie jeder hat es zumindest einmal in seinem Leben absolviert.
I have seen moms whose babies look healthy, feed well, achieved all the milestones properly but even then worry about baby not gaining weight.The weight of the baby also depends on the genetic constitution of the parents. Below is a simple and easy to follow rule from my Textbook of Pediatrics by OP Ghai, I follow these rules religiously and am happy if my are kids are in this range of weight gain for their respective age.
On an average a child gains  2 kg every year between 3 to 7 years of age and 3 kg per year after that till pubertal growth spurt begins. Try introducing every new food every week, be patient, don’t expect immediate weight gain. Try these Home Remedies for weight Gain in children only after the baby has started solid diet.

If you are breastfeeding then breast milk is the best choice upto 1 year and after 1 year 3 servings of cows milk can be given. Instead of fatty foods, high calorie energy dense foods does the trick without increasing the bad fat in the baby.
Banana is rich in dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and very good source of Vitamin B6, and is a energy dense nutritious food. Banana can be introduced as Banana Puree then after 8 months it can be given as pancakes, can be mixed in porridge and after a year as banana muffins.
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If you want to make your baby grow healthier and stronger than you need to make him eat healthy food to grow healthy. Welcome to the club, a study says that 85 % of the moms fret over their baby’s weight!!! If high calorie non nutritious fat food (like ice cream, chocolates, processed food)  is given, then it will create poor eating habits which will be difficult to change later.

There are some High Calorie Healthy Foods For Babies which cannot only help your kid to get healthy system, these are very good for your baby to get stronger body and brain too, in growing age your kid needs some High Calorie Healthy Foods which help him to grow tall and strong and today I am sharing a simple list of food for your baby to gain weight and get healthy and stronger growth.
You can use it as a baby’s first sold food, you can mix it with a little milk or banana, and you can feed it with some whole wheat bread too.
MEINE VITALITA„T gibt Ihnen Tipps, welche Nahrung Ihr Kind in den ersten Monaten benA¶tigt. Kinder essen zu wenig Vollkorngetreide, Kartoffeln, GemA?se und Obst: 42 % essen so gut wie kein Obst, ein Drittel nur sehr selten GemA?se.
Da der Hunger Ihres Kindes tA¤glich variieren kann, ist es wichtig, flexibel zu bleiben und SpielrA¤ume zu lassen.
Ihr Kind sollte allerdings nur so viel essen, bis sein wahrer Hunger gestillt wird.Ausreichend trinkenReichen Sie zu jeder warmen Mahlzeit ein Glas Wasser, das lA¶scht den Durst am besten. BeschA¤ftigen Sie sich frA?hzeitig mit dem NA¤hrstoffbedarf und Essverhalten von Kindern, damit sich der KA¶rper und Geist Ihres Kindes optimal entwickeln kann.

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