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Everybody says have a “heavy” breakfast, now does that mean have oily stuff or eat till you are overstuffed ?
First of all, Smoothie is not an add on, it’s a complete meal in itself provided the ingredients are healthy and nutritious. A big bowl of Yoghurt with lots of chopped fruits like strawberries, kiwi and banana is really healthy and satisfying alternative. These are all the options that I make in my daily life when I am in hurry and want something healthy and quick.
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What is important is that breakfast should be packed with nutrients to keep us energized throughout the day.
This Greek yogurt parfait has the goodness of fiber from the grano and vitamins from the fruits. Grab some mangoes while they are in season and serve them as yummy smoothies for your family. Making this task easier for you, here I am listing some quick and healthy breakfast options for a fitter you and your family. I tried it myself with little tweaks like addition of capsicum and onion accompanied by subtraction of cheese. Add vegetables you love, little lime juice, seasonings, toss it and you are done; again protein rich and super healthy. Add in lots of chopped vegetables in mixture to make it more delicious and use less oil to keep it healthy. Would love to know more Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas, do share them in comments below.
I personally love Poha, Sabudana khichdi, sandwich, chilla,couscous, sprouts, idlis and usually my breakfast has one of these.

Here are some healthy breakfast recipes that you can make for a fully loaded and healthy breakfast meal to keep you energized and ready for the day.
With this recipe, you can make pizza with bread slices and tomatoes—and eggs, for the breakfast feel! Raspberries are found to prevent cancer and heart problems, so serving them in smoothies that your family can enjoy is a smart and healthy choice! This multigrain cereal will keep you full until lunch, and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare. It only takes fifteen minutes to prepare and it’s perfect for figure-conscious people too! Heavy breakfast implies eat food that is nutritious and loaded with proteins accompanied by limited amount of carbs which provides sufficient energy to carry out daily chores and are completely digested by end of the day. When you have something prepared in advance you will never skip your breakfast and indulge in unhealthy stuff.
Add seasonings, fresh coriander and crunchy peanuts in the end for crispy effect, ditch the typical Aloo bhujia.
While buying Kellogg’s and muesli or anything packaged please read the ingredients before buying. Well, it’s true because our bodies get most of its energy requirement from the first meal of the day.
Breakfast should be a balanced meal of go, grow and glow foods, just like any other meal of the day.
This will not only make your breakfast fluffier but will also make it healthier because it’ll contain less fat and cholesterol. Avocado is infamous for bringing good cholesterol and decreasing bad ones, while tomatoes are rich in lycopene—a heart-healthy combination!
Plus, it’s also packed with protein and carbohydrates to keep them energized for the whole day! Well, if you follow your diet chart properly, then you can aid weight loss very easily.The only trick you need to follow is, eat healthy.

Take  5 minutes out of your busy calendar and make fresh oatmeal with lots of colourful vegetables.
Eggs, bacon and bread are the most famous foods for breakfast, but you can make your breakfast with other ingredients, too. Google for the ingredient you are unaware of but do not say ignorant to what you put in your stomach. You can also incorporate vegetables and fruits loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals in your breakfast.
So, it is ideal to pick up some healthy breakfast recipes that aid weight loss and also keeps you active throughout the day.As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need to pick up the best and healthy recipes. From toasted salad to the steamed idlis, several cuisines offer healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss. If you love fruits and want to make your breakfast healthy, try this fruit sandwich recipe. November 10, 2015 Septia Fani2 Of The Most People Love Of South Indian Cooking November 10, 2015 Septia FaniEasy To Cook Recipe of Murtabak Har Indian Style October 27, 2015 Septia Fani6 Steps to Go Advance with Healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes October 27, 2015 Septia FaniOur Outlets Seminyak Jl. This tasty breakfast can be eaten with slices of vegetables and fruit to make it a complete meal. This vegetable sandwich can be prepared using a variety of green veggies and is very good for vegans. Upma is a popular breakfast recipe of south India and prepared with semolina and vegetables.

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