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How to become fat-adapted and other questions answered, Once you're fat-adapted, you can access stored body fat, utilize ketone bodies, and conserve glucose for when you really need it. Low fat dog food — good or bad for your pet?, Recently, low fat eating has become all the rage. Carbohydrates and weight loss: should you go low-carb, Do carbohydrates actually cause weight gain and prevent fat loss? How to lose fat - the truth about fat loss & losing body fat, Confused about how to lose fat?
Keep your pup in great shape with these healthy low-fat dog biscuits, which are easier than you think to make.
Free of sugar, oils, additives, and preservatives, these munchies are just the right thing to keep your loyal friend happy, healthy, and begging for more. From Sarah Lipoff, POPSUGAR Pets Low-Fat Organic Dog Biscuits Notes If your dog isn't a fan of pumpkin, then use steamed or canned organic sweet potato as a base instead.
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Low-quality commercial cat foods, besides being low in nutritional value and short on named protein, are usually extremely high in carbohydrates due to their high corn content.
If you’ve got a fat cat, it’s important that you consult your veterinarian about putting him on a weight controlled diet and exercise program.
The easiest way to check is by placing your hands on either side of your cat and stroking him.
Because overweight cats have trouble cleaning their anal area, you will generally find that an overweight or obese cat’s anal area is poorly groomed. If your cat has a greasy patch of fur, or even matted fur, running down the middle of his back, this is also an indicator, as an obese cat would be unable to groom this area.
Although these serious diseases are not exclusive to overly-fat cats, feline tubbies are more predisposed to develop them. Feline Diabetes Mellitis is the single most common disease that targets overweight cats, and is almost always directly related to diet. Feeding a diabetic cat a high carbohydrate diet is analogous to pouring gasoline on a fire and wondering why you can’t put the fire out.

A decrease in calories is helpful, alternatively you can switch to a low-calorie brand of cat food.
Avoid using free-fall cat feeding containers where the dry chunks are continuously flowing out as kitty eats. Getting your kitty more active is important and this can be done by buying a cat tree for climbing, buying scratching posts for kitty to play on and scratch against, and increasing play time.
Either way, a combination of a change in diet and increased exercise will definitely aid in slimming kitty down and giving him a greater quality of life and less unnecessary visits to the vet caused by the health risks associated with obesity. This entry was posted in Magic's Advice for Cat Lovers and tagged magic cat kittyware, Obesity in Cats: Fat Cats are NOT Cute Cats. Low Fat Side DishesIf you are following a low fat diet it's important to remember to properly balance your meals.
In our low fat side dish collection you'll find tasty dishes that use potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, and other healthy vegetables. 6 secrets you don’t know, Fat-free skim milk is the quintessential staple of any health-conscious home in america. Instead of heading to the store for artisan treats, you can toss these together with simple organic ingredients that only cost a couple of bucks.
Rather than using peanut butter as a base, these healthy low-fat dog biscuits are made with organic pumpkin puree and fresh spinach. Place the fresh spinach, pumpkin puree, eggs, salt, and water into a blender and pulse until smooth.
Use dog bone cookie cutters to create the treats, or keep it simple and roll squares with the help of a pizza cutter. You can search the title, ingredients, or entire recipe by selecting the appropriate option. In fact, according to some estimates, more than half of cats are overweight and 25% of cats are obese.
Cats that are fed bottomless bowls of food are more likely to be obese than cats that are fed 3-4 smaller meals a day. You should be able to feel his ribs when you do this, but if not, your cat is definitely overweight.

The extra weight on load-bearing joints becomes painful arthritis; because of the pain when walking or jumping, the cat becomes more sedentary, burns fewer calories, and gains more weight unless his eating pattern changes. These diets are not only poor quality diets, they are still too high in carbohydrates and contain several species-inappropriate, hyperallergenic ingredients such as corn, wheat, and soy. Rather try to find a timed or portion-controlled feeder such as the SmartCat Tiger Diner Portion Control Cat Bowlespecially if you are not at home during the day. If you have stairs in your house, move the location of kitty’s bowl so that he needs to walk to find it. Try these delicious dessert recipes that are satisfying yet with less fat than other desserts.
We even have low fat french fries so you don't have to sacrifice your favorite foods in order to stay healthy. Pumpkin is beneficial to your pup's digestive health, full of antioxidants, and aids in keeping your dog at his ideal weight. Place the dog biscuits on a parchment-lined baking sheet and prick the centers of each biscuit with the tines of a fork.
Arthritis in cats can become a crippling disease, one which our cats simply don’t deserve.
Just remember that any change to your cat’s diet should be gradual so as not to upset his stomach.
Depending on what eating plan you are following, your desired fat grams per serving may be less than that.Since most often your entree will contain the bulk of your meal's fat, the side dish is a great way to keep the calorie count down but still get a nutritious meal.
Add one quarter cup shredded organic carrot for extra sweetness, a dash of cinnamon for a bit of zip, or a teaspoon of freshly chopped parsley, which helps freshen your pup's breath. Most vegetables are low in fat and you can use cooking methods like steaming to avoid adding additional fats to them in the cooking process.

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