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You’ll feel and look like a supermodel when you have this superfood salad for dinner every night.
Just a reminder that most meals should be 600 calories or less if you want to maintain your weight. I am an organic farmer living on my homestead in Vermont, and I love sharing my work with you. Think about it, if the average human should consume 2000 calories a day, 600×3=1800, that gives you an extra 200 for snacks.

Riley's the name, and I am Homesteader in Chief of Pioneer Settler, where we are getting back to our roots one blog post at a time.
Cook and eat healthy dinner ideas for at least under 600 calories, or you can at least try. If you want to start eating healthier like me this new year, then these dinner recipes are a must try. Everyone’s diet is different to them, and varies based on body-types, heights, weights, and activity levels.

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