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Similarly, Ericka Stachura, RD, a registered dietitian in Boston, recommends dieters watch the sugar, protein, and fiber in protein bars.
If you want a protein-packed bar that’s great for athletes, Janc suggests Quest bars for their low sugar and fat levels and focus on whole, natural ingredients. When it comes to overall nutrition, Janc likes Pure Protein bars because of their high protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. Opt for the smaller size Detour bar for a low-calorie snack option that still packs 15 grams of protein. To be used as a meal replacement, this protein bar packs a big-time protein punch with very little added sugar or carbohydrates. If you’re gluten-free or keep kosher, Think Thin bars will meet your requirements, plus they are sugar-free and have only 23 grams of carbs to 20 grams of protein.
If you're looking for a heart-healthy snack, but aren't as concerned about protein, Stachura recommends KIND's Fruit & Nut Delight bars. New from General Mills, Nature Valley Chewy Protein Bars are high in protein, low in sugar, and you don’t have to go to a fancy health-food store to find them. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. You want a healthy snack, so opt for an energy bar over a doughnut.  But some of those "nutritional" bars contain more calories and sugar than most candy bars. Nutritionists Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos Shames say to aim for a bar with no more than 220 calories and a maximum of 15 grams of sugar. If you find yourself in a pinch, the right energy bar can be a convenient meal replacement as long as the calories and amount of sugar are kept under control. Fitness expert Sarah Toland suggests looking for a meal-replacement bar that is around 300 calories, and contains at least 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Many energy bars have a nutritional label a mile long, full of artificial ingredients and junk, says Toland. Anthony Flynn, owner of You Bar, a create-your-own energy bar company, says you can taste the difference between a bar that is all-natural and a bar that is mostly artificial. Toland adds that even when choosing healthier bars, you should definitely not be eating more than one of these bars a day, and you should avoid them right before bedtime. Whether you're a complete newbie or seasoned pro in the gym, think back to your very first time. Clif Bars are high performance, energy bars designed for long-lasting performance, specifically cycling, climbing, and other outdoor endurance sports.
Larabars are loaded with heart-healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats, 6 g of protein, as well as 3 g of dietary fiber. Although Clif Bars try to be a health food, realistically they’re closer to a candy bar with a health kick.
On the positive side they’re made from whole, organic ingredients, have high fiber content, and have a TON of vitamins and minerals. Although some of the ingredients are healthy on their own, the entire concoction has far too much added sugar and soy, which is anything BUT a health food. Clif Bar’s blend of sugar, complex carbs, and protein forms a great combination before, after, or during exercise.
With the exception of the Cherry Pie flavor, which tastes just as good as vomit in my mouth, Larabars have MASSIVE, phenomenal flavor.
Larabar has 24 flavors including PB & J, Apple Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Cinnamon Roll, and more. The one thing I really like about Clif Bars is that they have really unique and inventive flavors.
Even though there are no preservatives, Larabars always manage to taste gooey, moist, and fresh out of the oven. Thanks, I was wondering if Larabars were better for you because I used to think that CLIF Bars were healthy but as I learned some companies add MSG to the ingredient (brown rice syrup), now I know I can trust Larabar better. Larabars are not ideal snack, no one is claiming that, but if you are to GET a snack Larabar is pretty good, especially in comparison to every other on the market! Cliff bars are really bad for you – just look at the numerous ingredients in the CLif bars. The ideal combination would be a nutrition bar that has a beautiful taste, provides the necessary nutrients and aids your weight loss efforts. The following is a list of top five nutrition bars for weight loss you can consume as a healthy snack when you are out of time. Odwalla Bars contain very low amount of saturated fat and they are rich in proteins and dietary fiber. This is probably an appropriate name because Odwalla Bars can help you find the path of healthy life too. Rich in dietary fiber and protein, Clif bars are an excellent choice for a quick morning snack or reenergizing at any period of the day. Kashi Go Lean nutrition bars contain bran, soy and whole grains which mean that they are rich in protein and fiber. It seems that they’ve made it because Kashi Go Lean nutrition bars are not only healthy, but they are very tasty too. What makes Luna bars different is the fact that they are packed with protein, but they don’t contain much fiber. We all have busy lives, and the emergence of nutrition bars seems to have been the answer to our prayers.
These days, there are literally hundreds of pre-wrapped, portable products in shelves around the country.
This one is also a biggie because some of these “healthy” bars can contain more sugar than a Hershey bar! As a parent of two young athletes, I’m always looking for kid-friendly, healthier alternatives for lunches and dinners.
I have spent countless hours at the grocery store researching products, trying to find what’s best. Ahhh, summertime…we look forward to it all year, regardless of the weather you live in.

I have written many articles on sports nutrition in the past couple of years, and I have spoken to thousands of young athletes, parents and coaches, and there are certain topics that come up again and again. Don’t miss a blog postGet notified of new blog posts and sports nutrition information! 50% Off Archer Farms Spiral Ham Target Cartwheel!50% Off Archer Farms Spiral Ham Target Cartwheel!
Kootek 3-in-1 Flashlight with Self-Defense Knife and Hammer Only $13.98 (reg $36) Shipped!Kootek 3-in-1 Flashlight with Self-Defense Knife and Hammer Only $13.98 (reg $36) Shipped! But that’s exactly what one of the latest so-called healthy treats offered by the Balance Bar Co.
In other words, these energy and nutrition bars are now being marketed to health-conscious consumers who want a snack, as opposed to for athletes looking to re-energize after a strenuous work-out.
The most recent data available from Symphony IRI showed a 16.3% increase in dollar sales for nutritional bars, compared to last year for the week ending Jan.
Meanwhile, a 2011 International Food Informational Council Foundation study found that 59% of Americans reported making changes to their diet to improve their health, and 69% were trying to lose or maintain their weight. As a result, companies are creating broader product lines in an effort to get their share of these consumers. The focus on the health-conscious consumer comes in the wake of research that confirms the interest in energy and nutritional bars increasing among a previously untapped audience. Of course, the definition of a healthy snack is always in flux — which is why both Balance Bar and Mars have different approaches to the question of nutrition. Mars, on the other hand, produces several different types of products to serve the nutritional needs of multiple audiences, offering nutrition, energy, and protein bars. Of course, whatever guidelines companies choose to follow, consumers won’t continually buy their products unless they taste good. Balance Bar starts with high quality protein for its bar, bringing grains into the core of the product, and then adding the flavors last. These advances may help the development of new and more indulgent flavors in the nutrition and energy bar sector, but one thing will remain the same for Balance Bar: the focus on nutrition. For now, that means offering cinnamon bun alternatives to customers looking for a sticky-sweet treat without the guilt.
A recent Nielsen report shows that consumers are calling for healthier options from food manufacturers. Although many foods are appealing, and even perceived as natural, in spite of containing synthetic additives, consumer increasingly prefer food products which are fully natural. The March issue of Candy Industry features ISM coverage, a PMCA preview, and the story of Colombina, a global food and candy company in Cali, Colombia. A recent study published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, found that replacing the calories in refined carbs with a daily 40-gram supplement of milk or soy protein lowered blood pressure modestly.
With delicious flavors such as peanut butter dark chocolate and peanut, almond, and dark chocolate, these bars are a win-win. View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories.
I love this article because it exposes an unhealthy food and simultaneously unveils the health benefits of an extremely similar alternative. Think the bar version of Gatorade–fantastic for use during high intensity sports, not so much for everyday life. That sounds really nutritious, but when you dig a little deeper you start to figure out where Clif went wrong.
Compare that to Larabars, which are made from only 3-8 ingredients and have zero added sugar. For only 3-8 ingredients they taste shockingly similar to the flavor they’re advertised as. Some of the flavors are so nasty that I can’t even finish half the bar, while some of them are pretty good. Some of the flavors include: Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch, Cool Mint Chocolate, Iced Gingerbread, Maple Nut, and Cranberry Apple Cherry. I really like how they’re not so chewy that you get a jaw workout, but chewy enough to taste silky smooth on the way down.
Clif Bars should be reserved solely for energy before, during, or after intense, endurance-based sports. As I have been told, the smaller the company is, the most likeliness it’s healthier for you. Your body does care what kind of sugar you are putting in as different kinds of bacteria break it down.
Larabar are five ingredients at most and we all know what those ingredients are – natural food!!
In addition, they contain high levels of sugar, so you will have to pick another nutrition bar in case you need to lower your sugar levels.
If you practice a low-calorie diet check the Nutz Over Chocolate option because they have small amount of sugar and excellent level of proteins. If you want a bar with small amount of sugar and saturated fat choose the Cherry Crunch flavor. I must admit, I have bars with me AT ALL TIMES…in my purse, gym bag, backpack, work locker. I do recommend they use them before or after a workout, early in the morning before practice, or as a snack before bed for those who need the extra calories. If it’s not from the produce section, and especially if it comes in a box, can or neatly wrapped package, I make sure to read not only the nutrition facts but also the ingredient list.
SUGARS: one of the biggest drawbacks of our current labeling system is that labels do not differentiate between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars. It’s a St Louis original, and I had  my share of delicious raviolis while I attended college there. As average consumers become more health conscious, the demand has shifted toward healthy snacking.

All of the company’s products are made so that 40% of total calories come from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 30% from dietary fats. Thus, any foray into new flavors has to be accompanied by advances in manufacturing technology.
Do you think consumers will actually buy healthier versions of their favorite candy and snacks if they’re made available? Natalie Butler, RD, LD talks about the advantages of Viance Nutrition Bars for healthy, sustainable weight loss.
Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. These subtle differences often go unnoticed, but realistically they can make a huge difference.
For only 190 calories Larabars are incredibly filling, nutrition, and keep blood sugar levels stabile.
The first ingredient is sugar (which means that sugar is the primary ingredient), there are at least three references to organic evaporated cane juice (sugar), and it’s even topped off with chocolate chips. To put things into perspective, with the exception of the aforementioned Cherry Pie flavor, I prefer EVERY Larabar to any Clif Bar. It’s a no brainer – ditch the Clif Bar and eat something that has natural ingredients that you can pronounce and understand what it is! The market is full of many different nutrition bars and people often wonder which ones better than the rest. Odwalla is a brand with long tradition (founded in 1980) and they were first a fruit juice manufacturer located in Santa Cruz, California. It is interesting that the name of this company is taken from a name of the main character in a poem that helped the “sun people” to find their own path. Gayle and Philipp Tauber, the duo behind these bars, decided to create a bar that can replace a breakfast rich in nutrients. PowerBar, the company behind this product, was founded by a nutritionist and a professional athlete, so you can be sure that they produce healthy products. They have saved me from making not-so-smart food choices at the airport, ice rink and even at parties.
These bars certainly offer a better alternative to vending machines for snacks at school or work… or do they? Ingredients should be familiar to you and pronounceable, rather than substances that  belong in a science lab. Choose bars with high quality protein, like hydrolyzed whey, or for those avoiding dairy or looking for plant based proteins, look for hemp or pea protein, both excellent sources of good quality protein. Instead, look for bars that use raisins, dates or other dried fruits to sweeten up the bar.
Healthy fat sources to look for include those that come from natural ingredients like coconut, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds. Let me know on Doctor Jacq’s Facebook Page (and make sure to Like it!) and stay tune for next week’s post on my favorite bars! We can teach you how to be savvy by working your MoJo and saving up to 50% of your budget whether you need to, or want to.
Moreover, Datamonitor research shows that the fastest growing segment of the energy category is the everyday consumer who cares about healthy snacking. Serious athletes who want a post-workout recovery protein bar should look for bars with about 20 grams of protein.
Consideringthat  they’ve gained a ton of popularity over the last few years, Larabars and Clif Bars are a good starting point. All in all both bars pack impressive flavor lineups, but I’ll give Clif the edge based on creativity. I had my first larabar this morning, after hearing a ton of hype about them, and was shocked to see so many poly and monounsaturated fats. He was involved in a 175-mile bicycle ride and used many different energy bars during this trip.
When bars first came out, they were consumed mostly by competitive athletes looking for an edge; now anyone looking for a nutritional boost has them stashed away in briefcases and work desks (like me!). You can also use technology, the Fooducate is one of my favorites…read more on Fooducate HERE. Other acceptable choices are honey, agave or brown rice syrup, especially if no fruit is used. Café bars are for consumers sitting down to drink a cup of coffee and looking for a healthy snack. The only fruits I can currently think of that have very little are cranberries and elderberries. Soy contains naturally occurring estrogen-like substances even in its unadulterated form, but the supposed adverse health effects of this are quite disputed. He didn’t like any of them, so he spend more than 2 years making tests and experiments before he invented the Clif Bar (they are named in honor of his father Clifford).
Many of these bars contain as much sugar and fat as a candy bar, so be smart about your choices! But unless you prepare them from raw version you’ll get a ton of added sugars in order to make them more palatable to the general public.
Also keep in mind nutrition bars are not subjected to any quality testing prior to marketing, so who knows what you’re really eating! It’s OK to have some natural sugar, especially after a workout, when the body needs to replenish depleted glycogen.

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