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These vegetarian salad, vegetarian soup and vegetarian sandwich recipes make a perfect on-the-go lunch. When it came to work lunches, I was often the person going across the street to the deli for a tasty turkey or beef sandwich (when I wasn’t heating up leftover pasta and chicken). You can overcome those urges and make yourself a tasty work lunch that is high in nutrition and low in calories.
CuisinesVegetarian recipesVariety is the spice of life and our extensive collection of vegetarian recipes gives you plenty of that.
This delicious combination of mince and eggs tastes delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
For a quick and easy weeknight meal try these Middle Eastern inspired beef and hummus wraps.
Snacks packed for school, whether for snack time or as an extra treat for the lunch box, should be simple and neat.
Amanda, I also encourage people to make dishes for dinner that then become great leftovers to pack for lunches. To the commenter above, I use sunbutter (sunflower butter) as an alternative to nut butters.
Hi Sienna — you came to the right post, there are lots of ideas here for people just like you. Hi Nava, i have four picky eater and i’m trying to transition them into a vegetarian diet but i find it hard to come up with easy making meals, and i have a history of anemia in my family.
In addition, one of my books, The Vegetarian Family Cookbook, is a comprehensive guide to every meal of the day, with tips for picky eaters and ways to complete menus, plus snacks, healthy desserts, and more.
Sorry for the delayed response, Teau — I’m so glad this site has helped you and good for you for going vegan! Party platter: If you love grazing on a variety of snacks, veggies, crackers and spreads at parties, why not bring that fun into your lunch?
Vegan Banh Mi Sandwich: The traditional Banh Mi sandwich is a baguette filled with oven roasted meat and accompanied by vegetables such as cucumber slices, cilantro, and pickled carrots. Whether roasted, shredded or sauteed, Brussels sprouts add a flavorful yet healthy component to any fall feast.
Our healthy meatless lunches include tofu, hearty vegetables and other healthful foods to make sure you get the nutrients you need. The numbers don’t lie, and vegetarians have a lower risk of all forms of heart disease and stroke, as well as a longer longevity, all else being equal.
Here you'll also find interesting articles, menu plans and handy how tos.Variety is the spice of life and our extensive collection of vegetarian recipes gives you plenty of that. Finding healthy school lunch recipes and ideas for vegan and vegetarian kids adds to the challenge.
The recipes here will also be useful for those following dairy-free diets due to allergy or intolerance. Keep your lunch-making supplies together in one place to make the process more efficient during morning “rush hour.” In one cabinet, you can store the lunch boxes, sandwich bags, thermoses, plastic spoons and forks, toothpicks, and small plastic storage containers. Put flat dry ice containers in your child’s lunch box during warm weather, or any time you are sending perishable foods. Vary the types of bread used for sandwiches. Bagels, rolls, pita pockets, English muffins, raisin bread, and even fresh flour tortillas or “wraps” can add interest to standard sandwich fare. A warmed veggie burger (either homemade or one of the excellent prepared varieties) on a whole grain roll or English muffin, with favorite condiments, makes an easy and hearty option.
Faux meats can be a boon for expanding lunch box variety, but use brands like Tofurky, which don’t rely on soy protein isolate. If you like to bake, put some extra love in the lunch box with homemade Vegan Cookies and Bars. If the product is purchased by linking through this review, VegKitchen receives a modest commission, which helps maintain our site and helps it to continue growing!
At age 17, I became a vegetarian (this was decades ago!) and was told by my parents that I’d have to cook for myself. I’m 15 and really interested in becoming a vegetarian, maybe even vegan at some point! I’m about to go out for the evening, so I’ll answer at greater length tomorrow! This site helped a lot as I am only 12 I didn’t have a clue what things I could eat for lunch at school or even at home but this site helped a lot. And even if you’re not going back to school, you may be looking to spice up your midday meal. In a divided Tupperware container or bento box, pull together a mix of your favorite finger foods.
Hearty soups and stews that are loaded with legumes and whole grains, such as barley or quinoa, are simple to prepare in big batches so you have lunch prepared for the week. We know many of you are trying to make an effort to pack your lunch more often, and we’re here to help. That’s reason enough to start eating more healthy vegetarian meals like the ones we’re presenting here.
Here you'll also find interesting articles, menu plans and handy how tos.How toMake vegetable stock Follow these simple steps to create your own tasty vegetarian stock with ease.
Dishes that taste just as good warm or at room temperature are more successful than those that need to stay hot (but usually don’t). Pack some nutritious cereal in a lidded bowl-shaped container, and your child can add his or her favorite nondairy milk to it (vanilla almond milk is particularly good with cereal) when it’s time to eat.

See recipes for Zucchini-Raisin Muffins and others in Muffin Mania. Bake them in the evening as a welcome alternative to sandwiches. Try cashew, almond, or sunflower butters, and no-sugar added fruit spreads or apple butter. Vegan deli slices might especially appeal to teens (see recipe for Soy Deli Hero, following). Use small shapes such as elbows, wagon wheels, shells, or tiny tubes, which pack well into containers. Their cookies, cereals, fruit bars, and such, are often naturally sweetened and low in fat. I’m almost always packing either hummus and carrots, or a tofurkey sandwich, or almond butter sandwich. I was forced to be vegetarian when I was 11 and I reluctantly adapted to the change but cheated secretly for the past 4 years. As a vegetarian or vegan, you may think your lunch option is limited to plain peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but here are three creative lunch ideas to change your mind. Don’t forget to include some whole grains (like woven wheat crackers), a protein source (such as beans or a hard-boiled egg), and fresh or cooked fruits and veggies. Using pre-marinated teriyaki baked tofu, sliced thinly, and a crusty baguette, you can replicate the typical Banh Mi sandwich. Try this Moroccan stew, which combines satisfying lentils, squash, and brown rice with a touch of sweetness from apricots and cinnamon. LunchA vegetarian lunch does a great job of holding you over until dinner, without weighing you down and giving you the afternoon sluggishness.
If your child’s school has a microwave available, your thermos offerings can include macaroni and cheese, soups, and leftover casseroles.
Small chunks of fruit, such as strawberries, grapes, melon, tiny seedless orange sections, and such, served on a skewer (long cocktail toothpicks are perfect), are always eaten; similarly, apple slices are more likely to be eaten if you supply a tiny container of peanut butter to dip them into. Pack a wedge of vegan cheese or a container of coconut yogurt, plus fresh fruit to go along with them. Add your child’s favorite veggies—steamed broccoli, peas, corn and carrots, plus olives and their favorite dressing can add up to nice lunch box fare.
Similarly, natural chips, rice puffs or crisps, and other crunchy snacks have less salt and fat than their supermarket counterparts. I also make sure what I’m eating is healthy so this is perfect for when I run out of ideas for lunch. My favorite party platter lunch includes tabouli, whole-wheat pita triangles, garlicky hummus, cherry tomatoes and mixed nuts. Top the tofu with cucumber slices, cilantro, jarred pickled vegetables and a drizzle of sriracha sauce, and then wrap tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Pack your soups and stews in an insulated Thermos, which will keep your meal hot until lunch. Freezable in Ziplok bags and easily portable, they are perfect for a quick lunch at the office. Make sure to explore the entire Veg Kids and Teens page on VegKitchen for easy, appealing ideas. Prices can sometimes (but not always) be a little higher, but you’re getting more value for your money. Keep each ingredient in a separate container in your fridge so assembling the sandwich each day for lunch is simple. The collard greens will supply plenty of phytonutrients and minerals, and the yams are one of the most recommended carbs on diet plans across the country.
Get the recipe here.Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ideal for a quick lunch at home, tangy apple and grilled mushrooms team perfectly with sweet, melty onions.
Combining it with yogurt is a unique idea, and they look great once they’re all assembled and ready to eat.
Quinoa is a 'supergrain' - it contains more protein than any other grain, and is lower in carbohydrates than most other grains. Start your day off on the right foot with these savory french toasts packed with tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella and basil.
Get the recipe.Swiss Chard Potato CakesBaked in the oven for a golden crust on the outside and and melting in the inside, here’s the vegetarian version of our wildly popular ham and chive mashed potato cakes. Like all dark leafy green vegetables, swiss chards are nutritious, inexpensive and easy to cook!
You can easily freeze the patties and use them for a quick lunch or as a side dish for a festive dinner. Click here to get the recipe.Bagel PizzaThese 5 ingredients bagel mini-pizzas are ready in less than 10 minutes, prepping included!
They’ve done well by adding chickpeas to it to give it some texture and adding bright and colorful tomatoes so it also looks great.
The combination of olives, cucumber and spices means you’ll probably find yourself opting for this sandwich weekly.See more healthy lunch recipesSaladsWhen most meat eaters consider going vegetarian, they picture themselves eating salads and think it will be miserable. Get the recipe.Chicken Salad WrapThis 20 minute, healthy chicken salad wrap will become a quick family favorite. Here’s a salad that will help your body purge itself of unwanted substances, but also one you can just eat if you’re trying to be healthier.
These lovely stuffed peppers in puff pastry are so simple to make, so creamy and so fragrant! For more convenience, you can assemble the peppers ahead of time and bake them at the last minute. The duo of roasted beets and roasted Brussels sprouts means that your body is getting foods it really craves, and you’ve got a concoction of several different superfoods, including avocadoes.

Sunflower seeds and cabbage are in here as well, just a smorgasbord of healthiness!Dried Cranberry Couscous Salad – This couscous salad looks so good you just want to drop a spoon in it and get to work. The cranberries give it a tartness and a sweetness at the same time, so your palate won’t get bored. The lemon vinaigrette the include the recipe for makes sure you’re not just chewing this up, but actually enjoying each bite. They also put an avocado in it so you’re helping your heart, lowering your cholesterol, and lessening the chance of getting a stroke. Excellent!Vegetarian Buffalo Salad – Have you gone vegetarian and are missing your buffalo wings? This salad promises to give you all of the taste you thought you couldn’t have anymore, without the chicken.
You’re getting antioxidants from the strawberries, phytonutrients from the arugula, and the cheese is grilled, not fried.
The pistachios provide a nice crunch and also the benefit of a healthy nut.BreakfastHere are some great meatless breakfast options for you to try.
A few of these use eggs, which some vegetarians might not be OK with, but the others don’t, and would appeal to a larger base. The avocado is going to give your body some healthy monounsaturated fat, and the recipe is flexible, allowing you to scramble the egg if fried just isn’t your thing. They use a horseradish mayo for the top of it, and this is sure to get your mouth interested in breakfast. They have it served with a side of lambs lettuce, to add more vegetables into the mix and make it more nutritious.Tofu Scramble for Two! This is a vegan option that does away with all animal products, and even animal byproducts. The end result is an eggless scrambled dish that contains plenty of superfoods including kale, bell peppers, and a tomato.
It’s a fast and easy dish you can make again and again and never get tired of.See more healthy breakfast recipesBurgersMost of the time when they try to make hamburgers vegetarian they end up with veggie burgers. Using baby spinach as a bed of lettuce gives this even more nutrition than using regular iceberg lettuce.
These are made with lentils, so you’re getting the nutritious benefits from those, including fiber. They have red bell pepper in here, as well as some carrots, and they’re using a whole wheat buns. They’ll provide plenty of flavor, texture, and fiber, and they play nicely with other ingredients.
The farro grains and corn really round things out here, and as long as you’re using a healthy bun you’re all set. Baking them gets them nice and crisp, and avoids frying them in order to get the crispiness claimed in the title. These form the patty for this most unusual burger, and the toppings they suggest are all good for you, and add up to being quite the meal.
This means that it will not only fit nicely into a vegetarian diet but will also be great for those looking to cut out the wheat, like Paleo dieters.
When combined with soy as they are in this recipe, you’re getting a double-dose of goodness, and an incredible texture in the patty. The addition of chutney and mint mean that you won’t be short on flavor, and this is a meal that is sure to keep you full for awhile.Chili and SoupChili lends itself quite well to being a vegetarian dish, and here are a few veggie chilis that rival any containing meat. The mushrooms, celery, and carrots all bring with them their vitamins and minerals, and the wild rice provides a nice texture to counter the creamy style. Aida also includes cumin and chili powder for a classic taste, and enough garlic to ward off an army of vampires. You’ve got protein and fiber from the chickpeas and sweet potatoes, plus they’ve paired it with quinoa so you’re getting a nutritional boost from that. A dollop of Greek yogurt adds extra flavor, a bit more protein, and is a healthier alternative than using sour cream. Cait is up to the challenge on this one and she has you cutting plenty of corners, including getting the chili from a can. Pick out an organic chili and dress it up fancy like she does here and your taste buds won’t know you didn’t make it from scratch.
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