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Although I won’t be the 90kgs I was hoping for by the 25th, I am happy with what my mind and body have managed to achieve so far! I am happy to say for the first time since I can remember, I will enter the new year happy with myself and what I have acheived this year. Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too! Lauren Breedt has lost an incredible 46kgs* and her “overhang” using the 28 Day Weight Loss Plans.
Jade Shaw has used the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges to lose 30kgs* and eliminate her excess tummy fat.

Tamara Deborah lost 35kgs*and countless cm’s from her tummy using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Healthy Mummy Smoothies. To join these inspirational women, along with thousands of other mums on our next 28 Day Weight  Challenge, you can sign up here today. There are some foods and drinks that are quintessentially Christmasy, and rum balls have to be up there on the list with mince pies and egg nog. I purchased the Healthy Mummy Smoothies from the start but was hesitant to use them, once I started though, I haven’t stopped! In that time I have lost 18kgs* but the confidence and happiness I have gained is so much more.

They are a delicious quick alternative when you need something on the run or just don’t feel like food. So easy to use and there are so many recipes you would be crazy not to find something you love.

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