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And if you’re anything like me, a procrastinator whose veggies are about to go to waste if I don’t eat them, you can meal prep all in a couple of hours and freeze the pre-made meals until you’re ready to eat them. Finally once you have your veggies, brown rice, and protein source ready, you’re ready to package it all.
Bel Marra Health’s first sponsored amateur athlete, Amanda Pereira, has been on an incredible health and weight loss journey that has inspired thousands of people to improve their well-being and lifestyle. After struggling with weight issues my whole life, I developed a passion for fitness and nutrition. Unfortunately, it seems to be easier or cheaper to eat processed foods instead of wholesome foods. I continue to struggle with my weight to this day – it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional. I’ve mentioned a few times on here how my food prep binges on the weekend really help me stay on track with nutrition throughout the week. After my list is made, I usually pull out all the ingredients I’ll need to get through the whole list. To make the most out of my time, I try to start with the things that have an element of inactive work. Once I’ve made it through my whole list, I stash everything on the top shelf of the fridge. Salads-in-a-jar: lemon-sesame dressing, quinoa, celery, red onion, lentil sprouts, feta and romaine. This, plus some other additions like cereal for breakfast or leftovers for lunch, will be enough food to get us through the week. But thankfully, I have an awesome husband who doesn’t mind cleaning up after I spent hours cooking us healthy, yummy food for the whole week. Each week, I try to make 2-3 options for lunches, 2-3 options for breakfast and a handful of options for snacks. If it weren’t for food prepping each week, my diet would probably consist of some leftovers and whatever food was within reach in the pantry.
Food prepping takes a pretty big time commitment, but for us, it’s a system that works, so that time is worth it. I do some food prep on the weekend, but I actually love to prepare my meals during the week.
On sunday, we get our groceries (list and meal plan done) and I usually make some kind of snack for the week (banana muffins, date balls, granola bars). I think first things first I need to buy some good containers for food storage like it looks like you have. Ok I just discovered that there is no button appearing to submit this comment with… I’ll have a look around and see what I can find! I have made a giant bowl of salad for the week, and made a main dish or two to have leftovers, but I’ve never done that much comprehensive food preparation,and I can’t wait to start! For breakfast I love oatmeal bakes, egg sandwiches to pop out of the freezer, hard boiled eggs and homemade bars. In my house, food is a challenging thing… Thus, meal planning can be a little challenging.
My partner has a few dishes that he likes to cook on his days off that stock the fridge with something to eat… Lasagna, roast beef hash, and scalloped potatoes. The veggies dry out a little bit, but they are still definitely edible and crunchy at the end of the week.
I add a little water to my containers of cut-up carrots and celery to keep them from drying out. Ashley DrummondsCreating a Healthier & Stronger Life for You!Get a Free 7 Day Meal Plan to jump start your Weight Loss!
I have gotten a few e-mails asking for me to write an article to help with meal prep each week as sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Your post workout meal needs to have fast acting sugars to replace your empty glycogen stores in your  muscles from you workout. I season and prep all of my fish and chicken together and simply throw it in the oven for 20 minutes or so. January 27, 2014 By admin Walk into any food store, drug store or convenience store and take a look at the magazine rack. With this ridiculous amount of information out there just literally slamming us in the face…why is it that obesity is still an epidemic?
For some people, time is money, but for those trying to lose weight, time is calories, and it can be your worst enemy. After you have cooked your chicken, fish, veggies, etc…pre pack them all into individual tupper ware containers that you can bring with you if you are on the go or keep in the fridge for you to grab as you are hungry. Whether you are trying to lose weight or put on muscle, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Eddie Albert is an established personal trainer in NJ and the owner of Ultimate Fitness Training Center, a 24 hour training gym, as well as Ultimate Fit Zone, a boot camp training gym in Monmouth County. Upcoming Weight Loss Programs To Help You Stay FitWe have several upcoming weight loss programs at our sister facility, Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.
I take all of the veggies in my fridge I can find and wash them, clean them, chop them and set them aside until I’m ready to put them all in a giant stir fry pan. Cleaning chicken may be a bit of a hassle, because you have to trim the fat, rinse it, and season it, but believe me; it is well worth the time you will save in the long run.

It’s my favorite part because it’s the easiest and every ounce of food is taken into account.
That means nutrition that treats your body like an athlete, and education that will sustain a path to health. Therefore, Horsepower Fit brings you truly delicious, 100% natural, raw Protein Bar Mixes inspired by desserts. Growing up as an overweight child and struggling with weight issues her entire life, she shares some of the nutrition and eating tips that have helped her shed the pounds and get into the best shape of her life. Growing up as an overweight kid, it took a toll, not only on my social life, but also on my self-confidence as well.
It may sound counter-productive, but eating smaller portions more often can really fight off the desire to snack on unhealthy or processed foods.
During my off-season, I’ll have 3 meals with 2-3 healthy snacks in between, consisting of high quality macronutrients. I also increase my water intake and I have to stop eating out for a while, because meals at restaurants tend to have bigger portions with added fats or added sugars.
Tilapia is my favorite, and if it’s on sale, I’ll stock up on it and have tilapia as many as four times a day! But I’ve also gotten lots of help from amazing natural supplements like Lipolose, Real Green Coffee, and some others. Of course, some days are harder than others, and I’ll find myself low on energy or mentally second guessing if I can keep going. No statement herein is to be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, preventative, or cure for any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state. I hadn’t really thought much about writing a post about it until I saw the awesome Lindsay over at the The Lean Green Bean do her weekly series on her food prep routine.
I’m not sure who the first person to think of putting a salad in the jar, but man, it is genius.
Not only does it make it easy to get to, but it’s also the first thing we see when we open up the fridge door.
It took me about three hours to get through all this cooking, but I know it saves so much more time than that during the week.
I know having all these fresh fruits and veggies ready and waiting has definitely made me eat more goodies. If you’ve never tried it before, I highly recommend making your own list and setting off a kitchen bomb of your very own! There’s something therapeutic to me about taking some time each day to chop my veggies. My husband and I meal plan dinners for the week and I make enough for a family of 6 each night (2 servings for him, 1 for me, 2 lunch servings for him, 1 lunch for me!).
We meal plan dinners too, and we often have leftovers, but we use them on leftover night for dinner or for lunch if we’re not interested in any of the food prep stuff.
I can resize the window and it all moves around and the pictures get huge for example, but then it’s too big to look at properly. Would you consider writing a post with a couple of easy variations (not too many ingredients)? I would love to see a photo of this every week… it would really give me some great ideas!
I generally make smoothies the night before and leave ’em in the fridge, and even within 12 hours they get kind of liquid-y. You have the dressing on the bottom, and hte lighter foods n top so when you want to delve in to them you simply give it a good shake…is it a mason jar? Quite honestly, it takes time and preparation to set aside each week, but once you do it I can guarantee it will be so much easier to stick to your nutrition throughout the week since you will have fresh food to grab.
I typically go for fruit with this so I get my carbs and sugar in one then just a scoop of whey protein.
While the lean protein is in the oven cooking, I get a large sauce pan and cook up all of my veggies mixed together with salt, pepper, and Braggs Liquid Aminos.
I always have fresh clean food ready to eat throughout the week and don’t have to worry about driving around while I am on the go to find something healthy.
Some of the veggies I buy ready to eat in convenient bags, and some, like the zucchini, I have to chop. What we’re doing here is steaming the veggies, so although they release their own water, add a bit more if you see they need more steam to cook. I want to share with you how I finally managed to do it, transforming from a person who struggled with weight issues ever since childhood, into the most fit and healthy version of myself that I’ve ever been. When I was 17 years old, I finally decided to take control of everything that was contributing to my weight problems. But when you’re so determined to accomplish something, as I was, it eventually becomes less difficult.
My first meal is around 7am, and I make sure to have my meals ready to go to be eaten every 2-3 hours after that. These are nutrients that our bodies need to provide us with energy and calories; your proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Whether it’s on or off season, I always try to limit any refined sugars, and also to limit artificial sweeteners.
My favorite dish is baked tilapia with salt-free lemon juice and spicy seasonings, with a side of broccoli. Lipolose helps me remain full after meals, keeping me out of cupboards looking for junk foods.

The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Foods and Drugs Administration or Health Canada. I was so inspired by everyone else’s food prep, that I thought maybe I should give you guys a small peek into mine as well.
I make a loaf of bread each week, and I get the dough together and rising first, before I do anything else. I was skeptical when I first tried it, but just as long as the lettuce is separate from the dressing, it all stays fresh and crisp for days. I’m thinking about purchasing a food processor just so I can finally make those darn peanut butter cookie date balls that call my name whenever I happen upon your blog. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty simple, though, so I haven’t really felt the need.
That way, when I need to make one I just empty a bag into the blender and add cocount water.
I like to wash my Brussels sprouts a bit more, and if they are irregularly big, cut them in half. I spent many hours researching nutrition tips online and in books, and talking to nutritionists to help me lead a better, leaner lifestyle. And as an added bonus, when the results of hard work pay off, it only becomes more encouraging to keep going. A great dish I love to have is egg whites, made with a bit of Stevia and cinnamon tossed in a frying pan. However, this doesn’t mean I feel deprived on my diet; I allow myself a cheat meal every 10 days, to keep cravings down and to avoid a complete binge. Tilapia is one of the cleanest forms of protein you can get, and your body can break it down and use it very easily.
But then there are days when I wake up and see the results of all that hard work, and it motivates, encourages, and gets me excited to keep on going and continue a healthy lifestyle. So this past weekend, I snapped some photos while I set off one of my patented kitchen bombs. My lunchtime veggie intake has skyrocketed thanks to these little salad jars stashed in the fridge. In this one, you’ll see other food prep frequenters like granola bars, overnight oats, fruit and yogurt parfaits, and tuna salad.
I will eat oatmeal or granola for breakfast, and leftovers from the night before for lunch. I just grab a handful of veggies from my container, toss in a little pack of hummus, and I’m on my way! For example, I usually workout mid-day since that is when I have the most energy so I structure my macronutrients around that. Once all of these are done cooking, I get tons of tupper ware and I combine my veggies, brown rice and proteins with the right serving sizes.
It makes life so much easier and you will be significantly less likely to grab a piece of pizza out of desperation because you are starving. Sure, it’s time consuming when you do it all at once, but for about a week straight, you don’t have to worry about cooking or what you’re going to eat to stay on track of your goals. And the product I use the most is Clinical Strength Ageless Complex; it helps me maintain my fat loss.
No matter what age you are, or whatever lifestyle you had before, it is never too late to pick up and start leading a healthy life today. I usually dump the whole thing into a bowl, but Craig just shakes it up and eats it right out of the jar. That really helps as the greens sometimes wilts by the end of the week….Looking good and inspiring me to try it out too! I then take the extra veggies and protein and add a serving of raw almonds for my meals that I use fats instead of carbs. This is just the way I structure my meals, but there are so many different kinds of proteins, carbs and fats to use for your own meal prep. All my meals are then put in to containers, to make sure they’re portioned properly and placed in the fridge or freezer to be readily available.
My meals almost always include high protein lean foods, such as chicken, salmon, white fish, lean steak and Greek yogurt. My plan, this afternoon, was to get some things together for lunches and dinners this week, and this food prep blog has completely inspired me! We’re all human and have bad days and moments when your body craves restricted foods, like chocolate or wine. It’s a great technique for anyone trying to lose weight or watch what they eat – when healthy food is already available, I’m less tempted to dig through the cupboards for junk when I’m craving a snack!
I also eat more green vegetables, like green beans, broccoli, and mixed green salads, and for a great source of complex carbohydrates, I love oatmeal and sweet potato.
I also have a few protein shakers that I’ll just throw a scoop of the whey protein powder in and put it in my gym bag with some fruit so my post workout is ready to go.
But it’s okay to indulge once in a while – just as long as it’s in moderation, and you get back on track right after.

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