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Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster. Just because you’ve decided to ditch the meat, doesn’t mean it becomes impossible to meet your body’s protein requirements. Unlike most plant protein, quinoa boasts complete protein status, packing in all the essential amino acids your body needs. One cup of kidney, pinto, white or black beans, will provide a whopping 12-15 grams of belly-filling protein. A half block of tofu provides approximately 14 grams of protein and only about 110 calories. Soy milk is the most popular alternative to dairy milk, and also has the most similar nutritional profile to cow’s milk. The reason for this is that animal protein is generally “complete” protein (unlike plant protein), which means it contains all essential amino acids.
And according to new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, vegetarians actually have a slightly better chance at living longer than regular meat-eating folk. It’s easy to prepare, tastes delicious and is super versatile; it can be cooked, added to soups, simply used as a cereal, or made into pasta. Essential amino acids are special amino acids that our body cannot produce and that we must obtain from our diet to maintain good health. This food is so super, that the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has officially declared 2013 to be “The International Year of the Quinoa.

There is firm tofu, which holds its shape when pushed around in a pan and works great in stir-fries and soups, then there is silken tofu, which is soft and creamy and works best in sauces, dressings, desserts and smoothies.
Many brands of soy milk will boast pretty much the same amount of protein, calcium, and vitamin D as cow’s milk. Lentils come in all sorts of sizes and colors, including yellow, orange, green, brown and deep black.
It is possible to build complete protein from plant-based foods by combining legumes, grains, and nuts in one meal or over the course of a day.
While lentils are an incomplete protein, they tend to be eaten mixed with grains, such as rice or small pasta, making it a complete protein dish.
If you don’t like the idea of soy milk, hemp milk is becoming an increasing popular alternative. Diets high in saturated fat have been linked to chronic disease, specifically, coronary heart disease and raising LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Hemp milk provides complete protein and is more creamy than soy milk and has a nutty flavor to it. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommend consuming less than 10 percent of daily calories as saturated fat, while the American Heart Association advises to less than 7 percent. This type of fat is found in certain high-fat cheeses and meat, whole-fat dairy products, and palm and coconut oil.Trans fats are fats that are created when manufacturers turn liquid oils into more solid fats like shortening and margarine. Although small amounts of trans fats occur naturally in beef, lamb, and full-fat dairy products, most comes from processing liquid vegetable oil to become a solid fat.

Similar to saturated fats, trans fats raises LDL cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease. But unlike saturated fats, trans fats lower HDL (good) cholesterol and may do more damage to the body.
Polyunsaturated fats are also thought to help lower total and bad cholesterol, and often are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.These good fats work by turning certain genes on and off, which regulates fats and carbohydrate metabolism, supporting the body’s anti-inflammatory response, and even changing the actual characteristics of cholesterol.
Those from omega-6 fatty acids tend to increase inflammation, blood clotting, and cell proliferation, while those from omega-3 fatty acids decrease those functions.
These are the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and are the immediately available end product fatty acids, which promote health among multiple organ systems.For this reason, the American Heart Association recommends eating 2 servings of fatty fish each week. Supplements can offer a viable solution to the challenge of getting as much as needed.If supplements are the choice for your diet, make sure the product is a trustworthy. Look for high quality fish oil supplements with high purity and concentration, done with molecular distillation, and those that are third party tested.
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