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High Fiber Snack for low carb diets F Factor Diet, Thin Commandments, Fat to Skinny - GG Bran Crispbread aka Scan Bran. GG Bran Crispbread - also known as "Scan Bran" in European markets - is well known as, the "Appetite Control Cracker". Use 2 or 3 ounces of smoked salmon on 2 or 3 GG Bran Crispbreads with a thick layer of fat-free cream cheese.
Low Glycemic List of Raw FoodsThese are the foods that you need to build your menus around.Low Glycemic Calcium Rich FoodsWhat's the best source of calcium? When we eat foods such as fruit, vegetables, bran muffins and cereal, we are taking fiber into the body. The advantage of including roughage into a high fiber diet is that it helps in preventing colon cancer.
Pretty much all fruits and vegetables provide some fiber, but some have more fiber than others.
This option allows you to order by the package and order both the GG Bran Crispbread and the FiberRich+ Crispbread to compare and decide which best suits you. Because of its high fiber food content and low carb food status, many well-known dieticians, nutritionists, authors, and diabetes experts have endorsed GG Bran Crispbread.
Stephen Gullo has received world acclaim for his successful and groundbreaking approach to weight control. Top 3 or 4 GG Bran Crispbreads with 1 ounce of fat-free mozzarella, fat-free tomato sauce, mushrooms, garlic and oregano.

Please tell a friend!Subscribe to our Free monthly newsletter, "Nothing to Lose But Fat!"  Learn the latest tips for losing fat, get recipes to balance your blood sugar and find out how so many others are losing weight permanently! Consuming nutritious fiber rich foods is a great way to improve our digestive system and fiber rich food also helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body.
They are also rich in vitamins and minerals and low in fat and sodium, making them healthy additions to your diet. In his new book, The Thin Commandments Diet, he lets you in on his unique weight-loss program that has a success rate many times higher than the national average. Because it is slow to digest it helps to stabilize your blood sugar which is good for losing fat and if you are just following a diabetic diet. Low Glycemic BreakfastStart your day the low glycemic way and you'll have good energy all day. It is found that, foods that have high fiber content are generally a good source of essential nutrients as well.
These sprinkles can be added to various foods to provide fiber and crunch or can be used in many recipes as a high fiber, low-carb replacement for breadcrumbs or other starches.
His approach has helped patients lose more than 100 pounds and maintain that weight loss for more than five years. This is because after eating foods containing this type of fiber you will be left feeling full for a greater length of time.
In his book, Gullo frequently recommends GG Bran Crispbread as an integral part of his diet plan.

I mention it here because it helps in the digestion of fats and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Not only are beans high in fiber, but they are also high in nutrients like iron and protein and low in fat. The following excerpts from The Thin Commandments Diet prove how effective GG Bran Crispbread can be to any diet.
If you eat foods like pasta and bread, switching to whole wheat versions will increase your fiber intake.
Because of this, you can use them in place of meat in many of your recipes to reduce the fat content. Try sprinkling beans into soups and salads or using them instead of ground beef in tacos or chili. The AHA recommends eating more whole grains rather than processed grains for their increased fiber and nutrient content. Other excellent sources of fiber include cabbage, green, leafy vegetables like collards and kale and Brussels sprouts.

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