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For even better results, mix one tsp of lemon juice with half teaspoon of milk cream & one teaspoon of egg white. Lemon juice in mixture with honey is also a very efficient remedy for ageing skin as honey has a soothing action.
To make the papaya mask cut a some pieces of a wholly riped papaya fruit & mix into the smooth paste. Rose water is the cleanser & can assist to remove the dirt clogging the pores of a skin. Or one can also make a face pack by mixing in the teaspoon of rose water into a mixture of 1 teaspoon each of curd & honey.
Although the local application of a face pack can assist to prevent ageing, it is relatively important to rejuvenate the skin from within by presenting it the right nutrition. March 8, 2016 by Kay Comer 22 Comments We'd love for you to help us grow Love, Home and Health by sharing us with your friends and followers! Well did you know –  you CAN look 10 years younger in minutes and for just pennies and the ingredients are probably in your cabinets or fridge right now. I am a fanatic about skin care and wrinkle remedies and I created my own magic lotion from a recipe a lady gave me in Hobby Lobby one day, years ago. But this is just a little homemade cream and I love home remedies and homemade concoctions so I make all kinds of remedies and skin care products right here in Round Knob Canyon.
I saw many surprising and funny and even miraculous things during my time on that Hobby Lobby register and I sure wish I had kept a journal of them all. She said she had a simple recipe for skin care and it was so good that she literally gave it as gifts and she was about to make up a batch to have on hand to give away at a function she was going to.
The photos above were taken over the course of just a few minutes and keep in mind that Kim and I start every single facial with a Sea Salt scrub and clean water rinse.
I always adjust my amount of each ingredient depending on how much I’m making at that particular time. For one small batch, I put a big squirt or dollop of each on a paper plate and mash them together with a plastic fork, so when I’m done I can throw the plate and fork away.
Then beat an egg white just quickly in a deep bowl and put on your face and let it stay there for about 5 to 8 minutes until totally dry.
Wash off with warm water and put on this delicious miracle cream that you have just whipped up for pennies in your own kitchen.
NOW – go look in the mirror and re-introduce yourself to the old you of 10 or so years ago.
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All you have to do is enter your email below, and if you change your mind - you can unsubscribe at any time! Popping over from Monday Madness link up party =) I’m always up for a new moisturizer! One of the most beautiful women in history, Audrey Hepburn, once said, "And the beauty of a woman with passing years, only grows". Homemade serums are great for mature, aging skin.Serums are light in texture and quickly absorbs into the skin.
3.Drinking pomegranate or grape juice every day will prevent your skin from wrinkles and premature aging.
5.Always protect your skin from the damaging UV rays to prevent discoloration and premature skin aging. 8.Include more anti-ageing foods in your diet to boost skin elasticity and for youthful skin.
This craze has led to not only procedures like Botox generalised but also weird snail facials, placenta facials tried by many women the world over. Apply this on the face and stay it for about 15 minutes, and then clean away with warm water.
It also has an astringent action which means it stretches the skin; this aids it to give firmness and diminish the puffiness under the eyes.
Curd contains the lactic acid which has the feature of removing the dead cells of the skin & this face pack helps to rejuvenate the skin. They try out each and every method to look younger but the secret lies in your facial skin.
But after our youngest married, I went to work at our local Hobby Lobby and was there for the opening of the store and was put right on the front lines as head cashier. Start Here!” page – still slightly under construction … If you found something you like, I hope you’ll use the buttons below to share it with your friends and followers! Now, while it is true that each one of us are beautiful, regardless of our age, we all have a natural tendency to fight against aging, men and women alike.With age, our youthful appearances and agility slowly, but steadily, slip away. Remove the pack in an upward direction with a damp cotton pad.Using this on a weekly basis, makes your skin look 10 years younger.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. But what most of the people do not know is that nature then has many remedies in store for us. Just squeeze out the juice from a dash of lemon, apply & leave on the skin for about 15 minutes every day and then wash with plain water.

Mix two teaspoons of rose water with 3 to 4 dabs of glycerine & half a tsp of lemon juice.
Prepare the face mask by mixing half-cup curd with the two teaspoons of grated cucumber & use this to the skin. Using this face pack about twice per week for a few months can help keep the skin healthy & young. For those of us who cannot afford high-priced surgeries, or do not like the concept of getting under the knife for cosmetic procedures, there is another way out - the natural way!Yes, there are many natural ways that help us stay youthful, adding a radiant complexion. Many of these ingredients are easily available, and you can prepare these remedies in the comfort of your own homes!And what more?
It means that it will remove wrinkles, dead cells and free radicals from your skin and make it look younger than your age. Combining lemon juice with honey will show more positive results as honey has many skin pampering properties.
An enzyme known as the papain, found only in Papaya, helps to eliminate the dead cells from the skin, making it firmer.
Coconut milk is rich in vitamins and minerals and will at the same time moisturise your skin as drying also makes your skin to look aged. Rose water is rich in antioxidants that keep the skin well-nourished and maintain its elasticity.
It contains many antioxidants, vitamins and an enzyme called papain that removes the dead cells. Aloe vera is a main component in many expensive anti-ageing properties, as it has moisturising properties that help the ageing skin to stay softer. Procedure: Slice a potato into thin pieces Using a blender, mash it until it turns to a smooth paste to use it as a face mask.
Toners help in reducing the size of the skin pores and tighten the skin effectively, thereby reducing wrinkles and skin sagging.
Green tea is very rich in antioxidants that are beneficial for a youthful complexion, while lemon acts as a natural skin toner. It is a lesser known fact that rice water contains vitamins and minerals that act as age-defying agents and effectively reverse the skin ageing process, giving your complexion a rejuvenated glow. Both orange juice and eggs combined boost the collagen production in the skin to keep it looking youthful and healthy.

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