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Oh yeah, and you tend to gradually lose weight, too (a natural effect of dramatically restricting your calories twice a week).
My other motivation for fasting this way is the argument that your body gets the most benefit from fasting when you’re actually, well, fasting.
Of all the diets that have captured the public imagination recently, this one seems to be holding traction. The most useful bits are the first few chapters that describe the science behind intermittent fasting and why this crazy 5:2 thing might actually be the way forward, not just for weight loss, but for disease prevention and long life. The problem with the science behind intermittent fasting is that most of it has been done on mice.
In fact, I personally find the idea of eating a lot of small pathetic meals throughout the day extraordinarily depressing.

Mosley explains in his book, that is the beauty of the 5:2 - you can tailor it to suit your own personality and approach to eating, as long as you stick to the basic rules. Since the programme first aired in August 2012, thousands of people have latched on to his method of Intermittent Fasting for weight weight loss. It doesn’t matter which days you choose to fast or how you partition the calories throughout the day.
A major player here is growth hormone IGF-1, a hormone that influences cell reproduction, and thus ageing.
Share with us your experiences and favourite fast day meals here or on Great British Chefs Facebook Page.
Hang tight in the knowledge you can eat whatever you want the next day and just get on with life.

Fasting also gives our pancreas a rest, which improves insulin sensitivity and thus reduces our risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
If you’re a foodie like me, then you tend to obsess about food - what’s my next meal?
There’s also lots you can do with an egg (about 80 calories), be it hard boiled for a salad nicoise or filled with veggies and turned into a tasty frittata or omelet.

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