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Your tattoos will look just as stupid 40 years from now as they do today, only they will be faded, hairy and saggy. Doctors believed David might outgrow SCID by age two - but he ended up spending his entire life in "bubbles," isolator containment centers designed by NASA engineers. When he was six, David took his first steps outside of the isolator bubble, thanks to NASA. Every time David used his suit, helpers had to complete a 24-step pre-excursion hookup and a 28-step suit-donning procedure to keep his environment sterile. Although the process of putting on the spacesuit was complicated, it was worth it for both David and his mother - who was able to hold her son in her arms for the first time on July 29, 1977 (pictured here).
Immune disorders had typically been treated by bone marrow transfusions among perfect donors only. Four months after receiving the bone marrow transfusion from his sister, David died from lymphoma - a cancer later determined to have been introduced into his system by the Epstein-Barr virus. The picture has already received 1,596 comments, 744,298 views and the admiration of some commenters in the Reddit community. While we can't tell if this ripped bod came from lifting or Photoshop, this is not the first time the Internet has been amazed by incredibly fit post-50 bodies. Little Girl Professes Her Love Of God And Says She’s NOT Scared Of The Devil “Do He See A Smile On My Face? That got us thinking, what the hell is Skateboard P doing to keep himself looking so young?!
They say rap is a young man’s game, or at least a game where old men act like young men.
Bossip sources close to the grammy-winning producer say that although he lives the rapper lifestyle you would be hard pressed to catch him with a drink in his hand or smoking. Before Lil Wayne decided to go TrukFit, before Lupe Fiasco kicked and pushed, Skateboard P brought his four wheels to hip-hop culture and made it cool.

We can’t ever recall a time where we have seen Pharrell sad, crying, depressed, stressed out, nothing. Thing is, those geezers' tats look badass, because they already did, when they got them. At least we'll still be able to tell that you make bad decisions without even having to talk to you. They would later incorporate themselves as Apple, a company that would revolutionize the world of technology. Now, kids with SCID lead normal lives, thanks to therapy made possible in part by David's own blood cells.
That's what 30 staff members of the Texas Children's Hospital wondered - and eventually agreed that it was. But in 1983, the Vetters learned of a new procedure that would allow bone marrow transfusions from donors who are not perfectly matched - and agreed to try it.
Shortly after his death, the Texas Children's Allergy and Immunology Clinic opened the David Center - dedicated to research, diagnosis and treatment of immune deficiencies. In August many were in awe over world's oldest female body builder Ernestine Shepherd, and in October we met then vegan bodybuilder Jim Morris, both in their 70s. Without knowing for sure if its just good genes or a dedication to exfoliation, we compiled our own list of things that we think might be helping Mr.
Well, if you’ve ever seen a reality TV show then you know how much of a headache dating a bird can be. In fact, we’re inclined to credit P with beginning the light-skinned tattooed rapper movement. That’s not to say that his life is perfect, but a smile and a laugh can help keep all of us with a little bounce in our step.
But if you can't find what you are looking for then simply get in touch with us and we will make it!

They display a part of their personality, they tell a story, they have meaning - and that never goes out of style. From computers to music devices and even phones, take a look back at the evolution of the multi-billion dollar company 40 years later.
But David Vetter, a young boy from Texas, lived out in the real world - in a plastic bubble. A recent report showed that 14 of the 16 children who received this experimental therapy nine years ago are now living full lives. Vetter's first son died in infancy of the disease.After Carol Ann learned she was to conceive another boy, doctors told her her son would have a one in two chance of being born with SCID - a disease that only affects boys. He reminds us LL Cool J and Nas in their uncanny ability to retain freshmen-in-high-school type looks as 40 year olds.
We run a tight ship here at FunkyShirt and process orders and answer emails on a daily basis so you get the best possible online shopping experience possible. Nicknamed "Bubble Boy," David was born in 1971 with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), and was forced to live in a specially constructed sterile plastic bubble from birth until he died at age 12.
Shearer is now chief of the allergy and immunology clinic at Texas Children's Hospital and treats children with SCID today. Here, the computer, who was first sold to Charles Ricketts back in 1976, goes up for auction as the only known surviving Apple I computer left.

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