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But if you’re going gluten free and trying to lose weight, does it make sense to choose a gluten free pasta dish on the menu rather than a low calorie salad? The moral of the story is that you can lose weight by going gluten free – you just have to work for it. As with any weight loss regime, consult with a medical practioner before beginning especially if learning to eat gluten-free while trying to lose weight.
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Thankfully, for us forced to live a gluten free lifestyle, we have the option to replace our favorite foods (aka bread, pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, etc) with gluten free substitutions. Those of us who eat gluten free so we don’t get sick AND want to lose weight still have to watch what we eat.

Pay attention to the amount of calories you’re taking in, exercise, buy mass amounts of fruits and veggies, and eat in moderation.
And thanks to the growing popularity of the diet, many GF products are taking over shelves in the grocery store and tons of restaurants now provide gluten free versions of different meals. Does it make sense to buy a bunch of gluten free cookies (just because they are gluten free) if you’re trying to lose weight? We have to eat our favorite GF foods in moderation OR stay away from substitutions in general. But if you actually want to keep that weight off, you have to watch what you eat when on such a diet. Whatever you do, though, do not falsely advertise the gluten free diet as the newest weight loss fad.

So although you may think going gluten free will help you shed the pounds, you still need to watch what you eat. As we all know anyway, diets do not result in lifelong weight loss… healthy lifestyle changes do.
If you want to try the diet to lose weight, just stop eating anything with gluten in it (bread, pasta, cookies, etc) and stick to foods that were gluten free before people even knew what a gluten free diet was. Make raw foods your bitch, eat a whole lot of yogurt, and become BFFs with veggie burgers (sans the bun).

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