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You have tried out every weight loss trick in the book including following crazy fad diets and sweating it out in the gym for hours to get into the slinky black dress for the office party which is now only two weeks away. Losing weight is not about crash dieting or starving yourself as this quick fix weight loss can wreck havoc on your body.
Shrink Your Stomach In A Month – The Top 7 Tips For Losing A Lot Of Fat Fast, Easy, And Permanently!
If you want to burn fat, you must develop healthy eating habits you can maintain over the long haul. It is frustrating when you commit yourself to diet and exercise, only to stare back at the same number on the scale day in and day out.
While your metabolism is not the major cause of weight gain or weight loss, you can boost metabolism to help you burn fat, lose weight and reach your goals. Unfortunately you are just not able to shed those extra kilos and get rid of the extra body fats.

Instead for faster weight loss the focus should be on a good diet plan along with a regular exercise routine. It may sound strange but eating nutritious food and saying no to junk food is actually the best way to lose weight fast. If you lose weight the right way, you can eat enough food so that you will never feel hungry. Ian Smith said calorie cycling and high-intensity interval training can help you lose weight more quickly than conventional, linear dieting or long, drawn-out cardio workouts.
A combination of a well planned nutritious diet and a physical exercise routine will go a long way in ensuring that you lose 10 pounds in two weeks. If you restrict your daily food intake the body’s metabolism will automatically shut down.Keeping your metabolism kicking is essential for burning the excess calories which in turn causes weight loss. So opting for 6 small meals of around 200 calories for each meal or 3 meals a day of 400 calories each can help you shed those extra pounds.Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

So rather than restricting the food intake stick to healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fiber rich foods like oats, brown rice and pasta. Consuming around six to eight glasses of water a day helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body, keeping it fit and healthy. Avid junk and fried foods like French fries, chips, sodas and burgers that contain excessive calories. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas that can increase the daily calorie intake.Along with a diet plan, you need to ensure that you follow a daily fitness regime which consists of light cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, cycling etc along with intense workout routines for weight loss.

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