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In learning how to lose weight in 2 weeks, will require you to change the way your brain thinks about food.
To lose weight naturally in that short period will require a strick adherence to the following every day. Eat five or six small meals throughout the day instead of the three main large meals to keep your hunger under control. For dinner, eat broiled fish or chicken breast, broccoli or green beans, a half cup of brown rice, very small glass of red wine and for a snack, a handful of pine nuts or low fat yogurt with fruit.
Cardiovascular exercises are essential in the short amount of time required to lose weight in two weeks. There are also weight loss products that make it quick and simple to lose weight in two weeks, but which require close monitoring by a physician, to avoid bad side effects.

So if you want to lose weight naturally in 2 weeks, follow this exact plan and the results will come soon! Omit canned, packed and refined foods, from your eating regiment, because they are high in sodium and fat, which causes excessive weight gain.  Delete also white bread from your diet and switch to brown, wheat bread.
Substitute these high calorie drinks with 8 – 10 glasses of water (around 64 ounces) a day. To be successful will require you to cut about 250 to 500 calories out of your daily diet and eliminate foods that are high in fat and sugar. I recommend to spread dishes throughout the day so dinner should be at least 3 hours before going to bed. By exercising three to four days a week, for about 45 minutes, will yield weight loss quickly.

Water is a natural liquid that contributes to how you can lose weight in two weeks – it has no calories.
Examples of simple exercises you can do include climbing stairs, running, biking, swimming and jumping rope. I myself have used it before preparing to fitness competition and my friends have had also great success in losing weight. Include some weight training in your exercise plan to increase your metabolism and build some muscles.

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