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Aside from burning calories and strengthening your muscles, yoga also helps you focus on having mind and body awareness.
I did hot yoga 3-4x per week for two months, watched my diet and lost 25lbs without doing any additional exercise (no cardio, no additional classes, just hot yoga). Kelly, for whatever reason, going to the studio (even though they are pricey) has made all the difference in the world.
It's funny -- while I know yoga isn't as great a calorie burning as running, I switched from all running to all power yoga about 3 months ago, going about 6x a week.
You're right muffinmaggie - Half-Bound Lotus is a hard pose and that's why I show 3 different variations. You pick a diet fad, and spend weeks or months stomaching tasteless or downright weird food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Then you sign up at your local gym, and torture yourself with exercise regimens that remind you of medieval punishment. You might even drop by a pharmacy and stock up on weight loss pills (and peel off the labels when you get home, just so you’re not reminded of the side effects). You lose a few pounds here and there, until you realize you can’t keep up with the extreme diet-exercise-pill lifestyle.
Losing weight successfully and permanently always boils down to finding effective, safe and sustainable solutions to these challenges–and this is where the ancient science of yoga comes in.
More and more busy executives, Hollywood celebrities and everyday folk are integrating 15-minute yoga sessions into their lives, and reaping the rewards–while still doing, eating and believing in what they like! Sure, you can spend a few weeks or months hauling yourself to the gym and exhausting your body with strenuous and repetitive exercise, but it’s just a matter of time before you realize the results don’t justify the effort, and you start replacing your torturous treadmill sessions with ache-free movies and snacks on the sofa. Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that helps you lose weight, detoxify and energize yourself.
It focuses on gradual progress and teaches you to listen to your body, so you rarely suffer from strains, sprains or exhaustion. It gives you a full body workout, tones your muscles (without making you look like a body builder) and leaves you feeling rejuvenated instead of tired.
And it never gets boring, because there are hundreds of different poses to choose from, from beginner poses to advanced sequences. Plus, since you don’t need any equipment, you can stop braving the traffic and cancel your gym membership. A two-year study by the University of Otago in New Zealand found that women who followed a program of Yoga and meditation were successful in losing weight and keeping it off, while those who focused on dieting did not. Thanks to The Slim4Life Program not only has my body taken on a more toned shape but areas that I have spent years trying to work on with other forms of exercise are finally taking the right shape.
You crave unhealthy food just a little too often, you perhaps indulge in bad habits like snacking, overeating or drinking, and you never seem to get enough sleep.
This results in a heightened mind-body connection in your everyday life, which in turn translates to better choices. Your stop craving unhealthy food, you don’t overeat and you eat to nourish yourself instead of just to kill hunger.
You stay away from bad lifestyle habits because you’re constantly mindful of the damage they can do. Yoga teaches you to eat slowly and mindfully, so your body can more efficiently absorb nutrients. Thanks to Yoga with Nika my lifestyle changed completely: I became more aware of my body, I started eating healthy food and exercising more. You constantly wish there were just a few extra hours every day so you can get more things done, or at least get some time to yourself.

Yoga exercises and techniques are designed to elevate your consciousness and guide you into a deep state of relaxation, where even the most stubborn stress melts away like butter in a microwave.
Unlike other forms of exercise, it strengthens not only your body, but also your mind and soul, leaving you empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices and triumph over the rigors of life. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress or you just need a pick-me-up, you can retreat to a quick yoga session for an instant and lasting sensation of calmness, bliss and overall wellbeing. A survey by the American Psychological Association found that 4 in 10 Americans attempt to manage stress by overeating or eating unhealthy food, which in turn leads to weight problems. Yoga with Nika is something extremely relaxing yet it brings all the slimming results you want!
With the right guidance, harnessing the slimming power of yoga is easy (and a whole lot of FUN too). Sit back, relax, and enter a state of mind conducive to weight loss as Nika walks you through this profound 16-minute guided meditation audio designed to change your thought patterns for permanent weight loss. This step-by-step video teaches you an easy exercise sequence that some say is yoga’s most effective tool for weight loss. This daily dietary habit is extremely simple, unbelievably effective, and widely known–yet 9 in 10 of us continue to neglect it.
Published by Inspired Labs, Level 28, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, 59200 KL, Malaysia.
In order to lose weight, you need to burn calories, and like anything physical, doing yoga can help you achieve that goal, but it depends on what style of yoga you do. While this style of yoga involves practicing in a super-hot room so you sweat your butt off, sweating alone isn't what results in dropping pounds.
Although yoga is an awesome total body workout, weight loss might happen more gradually than you want. When you bring your attention inward, you may notice a shift in your perspective about how you treat your body and what you put into it as fuel. My first yoga was Iyengar and I did it almost exclusively during my 40s (also had a kid at 40) and I was in the best shape ever. Yoga practice can sculpt your muscles and give you a nicer shape, can even help you lose weight! We'll be moving soon and I'm wondering if doing it at home with a book or DVD will be as good, since I probably won't have access to too many classes where I'm headed. I've been doing lyengar yoga for over a year now and when I first started I doubt I'd be able to do that properly. An alternative weight loss method that eliminates the pain, frustration and temporary results of dieting, and instead gives you profound and lasting change in an enjoyable and natural way.
I can’t wait to show you what yoga can do for YOUR body, so feel free to browse through my site, and remember to sign up for the FREE Slim Yogi Starter Kit! They think it’s an extreme religious practice that requires you to give up your modern lifestyle, give up the food you love and dedicate your life to a set of mystical rituals.
Millions of people across the world use it for a variety of purposes, such as stress-relief, healing, mental and spiritual clarity, and of course weight loss. How is it possible that an unassuming set of low-impact stretches, techniques and exercises can be one of the most effective and permanent weight loss methods in the world?
You know what you’re supposed to do to take care of your body, but you often allow your cravings and impulses to get the best of you. The connection begins on the yoga mat when you are trained to be aware of your breathing and of every part of your body.
Today I do Yoga, I go to the gym regularly, I eat healthy food and never overeat and the results are amazing – 1,5 years of the Yoga practice helped me to lose 40kg and build a healthy habits for a lifetime.

Your various responsibilities pull you in a hundred different directions, and you often feel stressed, frustrated and helpless. The flow of her classes has everything in it you need to relax, breathe properly, stretch and burn some calories.
And it doesn’t matter how fit, experienced or old you are, because The Slim Yogi Starter Kit is designed for maximum ease of use and accessibility.
Sign up below, follow the simple instructions, and prepare to start your journey towards a slimmer, healthier and sexier you with yoga. Do it for just 15 minutes a day and you’ll notice fat melting away as your body detoxifies and your muscles tone. This video reveals an ancient breathing technique used for centuries for stress relief, heightened self-awareness, and as a powerful supplementary weight loss tool. Please check with your doctor or qualified healthcare professional before beginning this or any weight loss or exercise program. You want to choose vigorous vinyasa, power, or ashtanga classes rather than slower-paced styles such as Kripalu or Iyengar. You'll experience water weight loss, but as soon as you rehydrate with a few gulps from your water bottle, you'll "gain" it right back. In order to lose weight faster, I recommend supplementing your exercise routine with heart-pumping cardio sessions such as running, cycling, or hitting cardio classes at your gym. Doing yoga regularly can inspire you to take care of yourself as you become more aware of your physical and mental states. Not only do you sweat out all the toxins, tone up and get rid of cellulite, bikram is also designed to increase your metabolism so you after doing it regularly you can safely skip a month without the pounds coming back.
Kathleen Melanson from the University of Rhode Island found that a group of women instructed to eat a plate of pasta slowly ended up consuming 67 less calories as compared to when they wolfed down the exact same meal quicky. You often attempt to relieve your stress with unhealthy habits like binge eating or skipping sleep, which end up doing you more harm than good. It includes a PDF manual with high-res photos to help you master each part of the sequence. If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, you may unsubscribe at any time using the link provided in our emails.
These classes move quickly so they really get your heart pumping — you can burn over 400 calories per 90-minute class!
It is work, and it also slows down your mind, teaches you to focus on small adjustments that will keep the pose in line, and in so doing you learn to control mind chatter! Fighting the battle of the bulge is no walk in the park, and it’s a problem that haunts many of us throughout our lives.
A normal person doing this 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner would save themselves 201 calories a day, or 1,407 calories a week–which is enough to lose 17 – 22 pounds in a year!
These styles also incorporate poses that strengthen your muscles, and more muscle mass helps keeps your metabolism fired up. I think any form of yoga offers a mind-body connection that makes your body healthier and you happier.

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