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Face Shaping RollerI remembered I used to have chubby face, and on camera I will look bloated. After tonight's headline on the newspaper I know everyone wanted to know about the real story.
2.Then load up your brush with the bronzer, swirl the brush on the back of your hand to take away the intensity. 3.Now start at the middle of the top of your hairline and make an E, tracing along the perimeter of your temple. 4.Suck in your cheeks to see exactly where your cheekbones are then continue the letter E by sweeping the brush from your temple to just underneath the cheekbone.
5.Finish your E by going back along the underside of your cheekbone to the ear then down to your jawline. 7.Make your nose look thinner by using a small eyeshadow brush to softly line both sides of the nose. 9.Draw a C by starting at the middle of your forehead just above your brow and outline the eye all the way to your temple then down under your eye just above your cheekbone. 11.Now take your blush brush and go over your E’s and C’s and blend it in using swirling motions. 12.Finish it all by taking the angled contour brush and going over the E with the bronzing powder and the C with the highlighting powder.
Maybe you have a naturally round face or maybe you’ve harbouring a few extra pounds onto your cheeks.
The ombre trend has been quite popular for the last couple of years, so why not give it a dry?
Keeping your hair higher at the crown of your head will give the illusion of a longer, slimmer face. Stylists all over the world agree that darker hair is always more slimming, and it makes sense right?
You’ll want to follow the diagrams, applying the highlighter and contouring where shown. You can follow ANY one of these diagrams above – they all work amazingly, so play around and see what suits you best! Stay away from short, straight bangs and go for side-swept ones as they will create a natural frame around the face. A cat eye will help elongate the lash line and eye shape in and outward and upward direction.
How to create a cat eye: highlight your eyes with a dark colored eye pencil, smudge it slightly around the lash line, and apply a light layer of eyeshadow. To really elongate your face, use the blush sandwich trick by swiping three different blush colors onto your cheeks.
Nothing is impossible nowadays in the makeup world – here’s a trick to achieve a slimmer face more naturally! Coachella was this weekend and while these looks aren't groundbreaking, they sure are inspiring. It's time to celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth with these 13 eco-friendly makeup brands.
We all know that if you have a chubby face people mentally weigh you in their mind as being heavier and it would make you look fattier and older too than you really are and when we start losing weight, it take some time to start losing form the face, whereas normally people think that the only real way to lose weight in your face is by losing weight in general , but there are few tricks which can make you lose weight from face, not only  it will give you a illusion of slimmer person, but it will make your look younger and fresher too, A heavy looking face, however, is not always the result of excess fat, it could be water retention, and there are lots of ways to make your face look slimmer and I bet you will love the look you will get once you reduce weight form your face.
Reduce Your Alcohol Intake:- Well this is the strongest trick to get slimmer face, you just need to reduce your alcohol intake very much and it will give you millions of benefits, alcohol is one of the biggest culprits, which will make your face red and puffy and will make you look fat and old too, it make your body and your skin dehydrate, which in turn leads to water retention and it also contains a lot of useless calories too and if you want to look fat overall or just on your face, you have to stop alcohol right now.

Improve Your Posture:- Another simple way to get slimmer face or body is, improve your posture and your body gesture, you need to see if you keep your poor posture is making your face appear fatter and larger, emphasizing the double chin, you should try some face exercises that improve posture and help you lose thin layers of fat under your skin too, and remember to always hold your head and chin up and keep your shoulders back, especially when you sit at a desk all day long. Stay Hydrated:- Water is great thing to get beautiful  body and skin, it is not only one of the best natural moisturizer, but it keep flushing out all the junk of your body naturally and keep your body well shaped and clean, and when I say clean, it means beautiful  and glowing, you should drink lots of water throughout the day and keep increasing the amount of your water cause it will not only help you get batter skin and shape, it will prevent water retention which is a major cause of bloating and fat looking body and when you start drinking ample amount of water, your body starts to suing the water storage it has when you were not drinking enough water and it thought that there is a water shortage and so, it starts to store it for you, LOL drink lots of water.
When you successfully finished contouring your face, let’s emphasize your cheekbones even more, by adding a hint of light into certain areas of your face.
If you want to make your face look slimmer and less round, a good and flattering haircut can help you with this issue. If you want to make your face look slimmer, use this hair color trick: did you know that dark colors tend to slim down the face, while lighter tones make it appear wider?
Some accessories, such as long earrings and necklaces pointed down in the center,  can help give an illusion of slimmer looking face. Bloated face and eye puffiness can make your face look slightly rounder, therefore, make sure to avoid and prevent those undesirable issues. Your eye makeup can make a difference in the way your facial shape appears: a cat eye, for example, will draw attention to the corners of your eyes, making your face appear more triangular and slimmer. So me, myself I invented this technique called face whacking (Just whack the flesh on your chin lightly with motion upwards) I do this everyday.
Whatever the case, these 10 tips and tricks will ensure that your face is slimmer than it has ever been before! Long, dangly earrings will elongate your face and also draw attention AWAY from the chubby parts. When we’re feeling a little less than hot or are trying to hide a tummy pouch, we wear black. Instead of going really high with your pony, match the ponytail height to the tips of your cheekbones for the best faux face-lift effect. Then, opt for layered locks as they will elongate your face and stay away from a straight cut.
Use a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, a bright cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks, and a bronzer or darker powder underneath the cheekbones. Here at Makeup Tutorials, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most outstanding makeup content on the web – right from the some of the best makeup professionals! Pick up a matte bronzer or other contouring product that is only couple of shades darker than your complexion (you can also use a face powder of darker shade for contouring) and apply it on certain areas of your face. For this purpose we will use a highlighter (if you don’t have one, any light shimmery eyeshadow will do). Well, if you don’t want to radically change your hair color, try making some highlights and lowlights. You can also try wearing a hat with slightly high crown or just put your hair up into sophisticated hairdo with additional volume at the crown – all these tricks will make your face appear slimmer. If you don’t like wearing an eyeliner, smudge dark eyeshadow color into the outer corners of your eyes, thus, achieving similar effect of leaner looking face. To do this, change your brows shape into a more angular one and make them slightly thicker and darker (do it using your brow makeup products), it will draw attention to the upper part of your face, making your face appear slimmer.
The makers recommend you say vowel sounds out loud over and over again, producing regular and methodical exercises that will strength the twelve facial expression muscles in a comprehensive way.Example of how to use the Face Slimmer Exercise MouthpieceFight wrinkles around your eyes and help shape the overall look of your face, whether in front of the mirror, in the bath or at any other convenient time every day.
With the use of foundation, highlighter and bronzer you can look thinner in just minutes without even breaking a sweat.
Find the highest point of your eyebrow and use an eyebrow pencil to heighten it and make it sharper.

We’ll share all the most innovative makeup tutorialsWe want you to be inspired to create awesome and simple day to day looks without thinking about it.
Let me explain: to minimize face roundness you need to contour the hollows of your cheeks, thus, creating shadow which will make your cheekbones stand out.
Highlighter will help add dimension to your face, making it appear slimmer, more fresh and glowing. If you are unsure where the apples of your cheeks are, smile a little and your will see your little apples pop straight away!
To make your face look less round, part your hair on the side, so that a part of your face will be hidden; this hairstyle looks very chic and elegant and, also, helps to slim down your face shape.
Lowlights (or strands of darker tones) should appear in the part closest to your face, while lighter tones or highlights can be made near the crown, thus, giving dimension to your look and making your face appear slimmer. Most of us learn all about the compelling mode you make priceless secrets via your website and even boost contribution from some others about this idea and our favorite princess is becoming educated a whole lot. But whatever you do, stay away from hoop earrings – they’ll actually just make you look rounder! Our experts have taken the time to deliver you the best quality content on the web, so make sure to sign up to our newsletter!
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Apply a highlighter on top of your cheekbones and work it upwards, moving toward the temples.
You can also try making a side swept fringe, it will help frame your face and make it appear thinner; avoid blunt cut bangs by all means, because, usually, this type of haircut has tendency to give an illusion of wider cheeks. All you need is a cream foundation and bronzer, highlighting powder, flat-headed brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush and an angled brush.
Blending is crucial and essential ingredient of successful face contouring; keep blending the product, until you obtain seamless and natural looking shadows, with no harsh lines whatsoever. Swipe some highlighter on the bridge of your nose as well, blending the product extremely well. Cream foundation and bronzer because it stays much longer specially under the heat of the sun and it gives off a smoother look.
It really helps a lot.Face Shaping Mask I just saw this face mask online for face slimming. I guess you have to wear it everyday for may be 20 to 30 min and you will get the desired face shape. I think by wearing this mask I will sweat alot too.Ice CubeThere are more crazy ways of face shaping which i heard from stars. I heard from one Taiwanese host, at times when she have puffy face in the morning, she will put ice cubes on her face.( Which is really crazy). I personally think just do more exercise and face massage then your face will slim down eventually.
Oh Steam bath and sauna helps too and drinking coffee can reduce water retention as well=D!!!

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