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The world's scariest rabbit looks more like a weapon out of medieval Europe than a small woodland mammal.
According to Gunnar Boettcher, the YouTube user who uploaded the video of the world's scariest rabbit, the cottontail probably has a skin disease called Shope papilloma virus, which causes the growth of large, cone-shaped tumors on the rabbit's head and face that look like horns or antlers. Boettcher doesn't specify where the video of the world's scariest rabbit was filmed, but his Facebook page says he lives in Mankato, Minn., a small city about 80 miles southwest of Minneapolis. Shope papilloma virus could explain how the myth of the jackalope came about in North American folklore.
Scientists Demonstrate Three-Way Quantum Communication: What's Faster Than The Speed Of Light? Summer is nearing closer, and as the weather continues to warm up, the layers start to come off.
Natural make-up is actually a beautiful and simple face look that will leave your skin looking healthy and glowing.

These tips are useful for everyone to follow whether you are barely starting your make up journey or looking to try something new.
Your Beauty Marks was launched with the goal of providing our readers with everyday beauty tips.
Is this the mythical jackalope, or just a poor regular rabbit who suffers from a debilitating and unsightly condition? The rabbit has horns made of keratin -- the same material our nails are composed of -- growing all over its face and head.
The virus is similar in sequence to HPV, or human papillomavirus, which is transmitted sexually and causes genital warts and cervical cancer in women. The name "jackalope" is a compound of the world's "jackrabbit" and "antalope" (an antiquated spelling of "antelope"), and is a jackrabbit with antelope horns or deer antlers and sometimes the tail of a pheasant. We went from prepping our faces to help our skin look healthy to achieving your natural look.

Make sure that you are washing your face and using make up remover every night to remove heavy make-up.  After, you have cleaned your face completely make sure you moisturize it.
You can check by dabbing a couple of spots on your cheeks and angling your face a few different ways to see if it matches. Remember always choose foundation that matches your skin and concealer that matches your foundation. People often think that opting for a more au natural look means being bare faced and not covered up, but we are here to show you that is most certainly NOT the case. Make sure you apply foundation under your chin if not it there will be a line where your foundation ends.  Use a concealer to hide dark or red spots.

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