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We recommend that before you start any diet supplement or, physical exercise program you first consult with a physician. Accounts of research and claims about the attributes or effects of any product on this web site are for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Good news for anyone who is obese and trying to get healthier: Losing just 5 percent of your body weight can lead to significant improvements in insulin sensitivity, which can reduce the risk of major health issues like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to a study published Monday in the journal Cell Metabolism. This study clarifies conventional wisdom among obesity experts, who have traditionally advised patients to lose 5 to 10 percent of their body weight in order to improve blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. As part of the study, Klein recruited 40 obese men and women for a randomized controlled trial of health outcomes at weight losses of 5, 10 and 15 percent.
That five percent weight loss also significantly lessened the concentrations of levels of glucose, insulin and triglycerides in their blood, a decrease that's linked to a lower risk of cardiometabolic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The subjects randomized to weight loss were studied three weeks after achieving eatch level of weight loss -- five, 10 and 15 percent -- and the more weight they lost, they more these health markers continued to improve. If you're obese and your doctor has advised you to lose a little bit of weight to improve your insulin sensitivity or lower your blood pressure, even a little bit of weight loss can make a measurable impact on your health.
But as anyone who has ever tried to lose weight can attest, there is a big difference between 5 percent and 10 percent. He randomly assigned half of participants to weight loss and the others to weight maintenance, and found that people who lost five percent of their weight had a loss of about eight percent in body fat mass, a seven percent decrease in intra-abdominal fat volume, and a 40 percent decrease in liver fat, which can contribute to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. But there’s no question that a loss of just five percent resulted in significant improvements in health, said Klein. Previous, smaller studies had indicated that a five percent weight loss wouldn’t influence certain health markers, he explained, but his study results show that even a moderate amount of weight loss can have metabolic benefits.

Klein's hope is that this message becomes self-reinforcing, encouraging unhealthy obese people to maintain their weight loss and perhaps even keep going.
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Janet Tomiyama, a researcher at University of California, Los Angeles, points out that despite long-standing, well-researched associations between obesity and chronic disease on a population level, a person's weight actually isn’t a very reliable predictor of heart health or diabetes risk.

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