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PESHAWAR - KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has put his weight behind provincial Finance Minister Muzaffar Said after he was accused by the Bank of Khyber of using its funds and resources for political objectives and gatherings, and pressuring bank’s management for illegal recruitments. Earlier on Saturday, the Bank of Khyber (BoK) formally issued a charge-sheet against the provincial minister, alleging that he has been involved in elevation of officers to senior positions due to affiliation with a certain political party. The bank in a quarter-page advertisement, appearing on the front pages of most of the newspapers, also accused Muzaffar Said of making interference in the affairs of the board of directors (BoDs) of the BoK.
Terming the allegations baseless, JI KP Ameer Mushtaq Ahmad Khan said that it was a conspiracy to stop introduction of Islamic banking system in the BoK for which they would go to any length.
Apart from the finance minister, his private secretary Mr Khalil-ur-Rehman directly interferes in the bank affairs by pressuring the management with illegal recruitments through backdoors, postings and transfers, the advertisement added.
Continuing the volley of allegations, the ad further revealed that it is a pity that the finance minister, who had remained in office for the last one and a half-year, neither has understanding of how a financial institution functions nor he knows much about the corporate governance structure of a bank.It said that corporate bank rules require banks to be governed by a board of directors (BoDs). The recent activities of the KP finance minister to malign the bank are due to his resentment over the management’s refusal to induct his political nominees in the bank in violation of the merit and procedure as well as opening of branches, it maintained. It said that the finance minister had made certain false allegations against the BoK to malign and pressurise the management. Taking cognizing of this malignment, the board has authorised the management to take all necessary actions against employees and political figures.
The bank clarified that alleged privatisation of the BoK is not under consideration, adding that this issue pertains solely to the working of the bank and there is no involvement and interest of the PTI government, the chief minister, the chief secretary, or any of the PTI ministers, it made it clear.
The allegations that the bank management has recently hired 450 employees is factually incorrect, it said, adding that BoDs approved 180 vacancies against which 133 employees were hired in 2015 by strictly following the hiring parameters, while of the total 233, only three have been hired so far in 2016.
About the Voluntarily Separation Scheme (VSS), it said that it is a voluntary scheme which allows employees to voluntarily opt to retire from service in a dignified manner. Eligibility for availing VSS scheme is 50 years of age above with minimum 5 years of continued services. Adviser to PM Ameer Muqam demanded Chief Minister Pervez Khattak to resign along with his cabinet after appearing of the BoK advertisement of corruption by the provincial finance minister.
Khattak was reported as saying that the BoK advertisement was not only condemnable but also an immoral and illegal act. The chief minister expressed satisfaction that under the leadership of Muzaffar Said, finance department was progressing towards the rights of the province, effectiveness of institutes and achievement of targets. Muzaffar Said is from Jammat-e-Islami which is in coalition with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in KP. Muzaffar also remained a nazim of (Islami Jamiat Tulba) IJT, a student organisation of the JI. A recent video released online has caused debate over the age-old question of whether vigilante violence still counts as justice. In the footage, two men are shown to be viciously beating a cleaning lady at a bus stop in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Comments online vary from those who believe that violence is not the way to solve problems to those commending the bystanders for forcing justice into the attackersa€™ faces repeatedly. A man in Yichang, Hubei Province, was photoed on the street attempting to sell a fleece flower root that he pulled from the ground. Unfortunately for him, passersby were more interested in snapping pictures of the lady-in-the-nude root than actually buying. The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province was Chinaa€™s first national forest park and is a part of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area. At 430 meters long and 6 meters wide, this man-made construct will have glass panels on the bottom to ensure visitors are able to take in the whole view of the canyon. The partnership (which also involves companies OlaC and Grab, Indian and Southeast Asian markets respectively) is to allow customers to use their existing apps in participating countries without the need to re-register.
Certainly a useful tool for those making the trip to the Middle Kingdom who are worried about public transport. A fairly normal occurrence in the life of a minor, but this particular case happened to catch the attention of the public due to the reaction of the father.

Thankfully, the fire department was called and arrived in time to join in on the fun (had by the father).
Claims: Police also found forged inspection stamps and equipment to inject water into the meat Close to 40 per cent of Chinese think food safety is a 'very big problem,' the Pew Research Centre said in a 2013 report.
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A privately-built illegal temple-like structure is seen on the top of a 20-story residential block in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, August 22, 2013. An elaborate temple-like structure perched on an apartment block in southeastern China is an illegal hazard that should be torn down, residents say. The temple in Shenzhen is believed to have been on the roof for about seven years but the complaints have hit the spotlight only after a doctor in Beijing was given 15 days to demolish his 800-square-meter (8,600-square-foot) house and garden built illegally atop a 26-story apartment block.
Although the roof of the building in Shenzhen is supposed to be a public space, a fingerprint-activated lock stops others from accessing it, according to media reports. A garden is seen next to the privately-built illegal temple-like structure seen on the top of a 20-story residential block in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, August 22, 2013.xA garden is seen next to the privately-built illegal temple-like structure seen on the top of a 20-story residential block in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, August 22, 2013.
A disregard for laws and regulations by the rich and well-connected is a source of discontent among many Chinese. Apartments in the building sell for around 30,000 yuan ($4,900) per square meter and the rooftop itself is worth more than 15 million yuan ($2.45 million), according to the South China Morning Post. Two hours upstate from the bright lights of Broadway and the bankers of Wall Street is another New York entirely — one with green pastures, open skies, and no shortage of livestock.
South Sudan is holding a “wrestling for peace” tournament, bringing together athletes from around the country. Many of the New Yorkers heading to the polls for next Tuesday's Democratic and Republican presidential primaries will be voting for the first time.
Rival campaigns officially kicked off this week in Britain ahead of a referendum scheduled for June 23 on whether the country should stay in the European Union. Newspapers occasionally write about the plight of children living in the streets, but a group of homeless kids in India's capital New Delhi is putting together their own monthly publication with stories about their struggles and their concerns. In an unusual development, people from war-torn Yemen are fleeing to a region where citizens have been scattered the world over by decades of conflict. San Francisco has been hit with soaring housing prices, the result of a booming economy and a growing high-tech industry.
For nearly four-and-a-half years, Ukrainian basketball player Alex Len has been building his career in the United States. Beirut’s Armenian district of Bourj Hammoud has long been recognized as a center of high-quality jewelry.
Also, he hired people through backdoors in connivance with his favourites in the bank, it further alleged.
By using his position as private secretary to the finance minister, he has been profiting from inductions in Class IV appointments, it added. The government having majority of shares (70 percent of the total) has a right to appoint the board chairman, the managing director, and three nominee directors.
The BoK investigated the matter in-depth and it was found that the minister in convince with certain elements within the bank initiated a smear campaign against the bank.The advertisement further disclosed that in the past the BoK had been used as midwife for political hiring and other benefits.
The PTI government ushered in change, appointed a permanent MD, and fully empowered the BoDs.
He said the president, vice president, general secretary and two other officials of the association have been removed from their posts with the approval of the BoDs. Majority of these appointments are at entry level and the hiring was made mostly for expansion of braches.
In all grades only 132 employees are eligible for VSS and total financial impact if all employees opt for the scheme would be Rs476 million not Rs2 billion, it is materially incorrect and false.

He said that the resources of the bank are being used for character assassination of the finance minister.
Elected as MPA from PK-94 (Lower Dir-I), he was given the charge of finance ministry after JI’s central Ameer Sirajul Haq became senator in October 2014. Think of this as a nicotine patch to help ease yourself into the working week after suckling on the smokey teat of the weekend. Coming up today, we bring you a root that can turn on any man, a transparent bridge over a canyon, a new competitor in the intense taxi wars, and a kida€™s head. After a few seconds, a few men in the crowd (because there always is one) take action, first by separating the attackers from the lady and then violently dishing out some vigilante retribution. Many believe that the alternativea€”where people just stand around watching the violence unfolda€”is worse than what actually occurred. Used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure male erectile dysfunction, infertility, baldness, and *insert relevant problem here*, the man had priced his root at 1,200 RMB, mainly due to its suggestive shape.
A few years ago, farmers dug up one that closely resembled a certain yellow-skinned cultural icon. Traveling from one side to the other was just a pipe dream in the past, but now construction on a bridge will soon be complete. Almost one hundred safety tests have been done to ensure that it will be able take the weight of 800 people, and it is expected to be open for trials in May. Therea€™s been wars between companies, disputes between drivers and passengers, as well as cases of potentially illegal operations. A rival to Uber, they have now teamed up with Didi Kuaidi to help each other tackle their respective markets.
For residents on higher floors, the roof would be the main escape route in case of fire, while the added weight from the illegal structure could threaten the building's stability, media reports say.
VOA's Tina Trinh hit the New York City streets to get a snapshot of this slice of the electorate. The polls are largely seen as a ploy by President Bashar al-Assad to legitimize his hold on power. However, with growing international competition and instability domestically, these craftsmen have been suffering.
The additional chief secretary is the chairman and secretary finance is one of the directors. The data revealed that previous governments used the bank for political gains by employing people and extending loans to the dear ones as well as financing their political activities through the bank. Moreover, the provincial government has formally initiated an inquiry against its staff regarding leakage of confidential information. Assad insisted on holding the election in the war-torn country, citing the constitution, despite the fact that many Syrians were not able to vote. No one could have predicted then that Ukraine would be torn apart by the annexation of Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine. John Owens speaks to those who hope that reintroducing Armenian traditions and bringing cutting edge techniques into the sector will not just help save a community, but a help preserve an Armenian identity threatened by long-term displacement.
The employees, who are not delivering or inducted on political references are now at risk of dismissal, it informed.
If not stopped, the fungus — which kills bats by the millions — will cause an ecological disaster. Erika Celeste reports from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, on the Organization for Bat Conservation's efforts to save the flying mammals.

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