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Diet, massages, gym, yoga, aerobics, supplements, hyped weight loss shortcuts – I have done it all ! Kanan lost 30 kgs weight in her late 40’s and that too without any professional help. Rahul works in a semiconductor company as a senior engineer and has always been super passionate about health and fitness. Anamika { Hi, If there is lot of weight to lose then weight loss is pretty fast otherwise its little slow. Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc.

In this struggle to become fit, I have spent lesser money on some helpful measures and wasted a lot, on useless marketing gimmicks. Indian Weight Loss Blog is the space to share genuine ways to lose weight(fat) and be as healthy as possible. She shared her weight loss story on IWB as a guest author and there has been no turning back since then.
I gained 15kg in my pregnancy and almost went into depression thinking how I am going to lose so much of weight. She is very passionate about health and wellness. She was called a skeleton way back in school but she managed to gain 17 kgs during her graduation.

This dream makes her share her real life experiences during her weight loss journey on IWB. I am yet to reach my ideal weight but I got rid of PCOS without any treatment  by following the right diet.

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