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How yoga can lead to five more ways to look and feel younger, no matter your actual age…. Consumers of all ages are striving to lead healthier lives, and many are doing so by making healthier food choices. To better understand how younger respondents view the importance of dietary considerations, we asked six Millennials from different parts of the globe to explain how their eating habits differ from those of their parents. Sugar—Sweets and refined carbs raise glucose levels, which increases advanced glycation end products, which in turn interferes with the repair of collagen and elastin, a protein that allows skin to retain its shape.

Saturated Fat—Not all saturated fatty acids are created equal (see coconut oil), but experts say that eating a lot of saturated fat coming from marbled meats and full-fat dairy products can induce skin-aging inflammation. Alcohol—With the exception of resveratrol-delivering red wine, alcohol can take a toll on your skin.
More than half of global respondents from every generation say theya€™re willing to pay a premium for foods with health benefits, but younger respondents lead the way, with 81% of Millennial and 78% of Generation Z respondents indicating a financial commitment to purchasing healthier foods. But while certain health attributes like low sodium and low sugar appeal to older consumers, attributes such as organic, gluten free and high protein appeal more to younger respondents.

What you leave off of your plate is sometimes just as important as the food you’re putting on your plate when it comes to nutrients that can affect your complexion.

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