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January 9, 2013 By Carolyn 94 Comments You don’t need miss out on panini on your low carb diet. I was out of unflavored and only had vanilla whey protein (Optimum Nutrition “Vanilla Ice Cream”) on hand when I made this once and it was fine!
I think it would be fine on the counter for a few days, but if more than that, definitely refrigerate. When I received my email subscription for this post I thought it sounded delicious but admittedly my curiosity was about the bread! As per usual, even though I have no issue with carbs (other than how it transforms to sugar and sticks to my butt), I’m craving this panini. Yes, but I would put at least one extra egg white, possibly two, to get the right moisture content and rising. Download The 27 Most Popular, Healthy, And Easy To Make Recipes That You And Your Family Will Love. Out of the blue, since the one and only kids yoga class she’s taken was over 6 months ago.

Free CookbookDownload The 27 Most Popular, Healthy, And Easy To Make Recipes That You And Your Family Will Love.
All recipes, text and photographs on this site are the original creations and property of Diana Keuilian. This low carb bread recipe from Spark People makes a great sandwich for breakfast or lunch. Use whole wheat flour and oats to help up the fiber content and reduce the carb impact of this recipe.
The whole loaf only contains about 20 grams of carbs, so when you slice it, divide the total carbs by the number of slices. Using a spatula, transfer to a small pyrex bowl (mine measures 2 inches on the bottom and 4 inches at the top).
Unadulterated lemon flavor, nutritious poppy seeds and buttery almond flour create a pure and honest treat. It's time to cut out processed foods and to return to a diet filled with wholesome ingredients.

Make healthier food choices in your own life and together we will transform our toxic food environment and create a healthier future for generations to come. If you made a recipe from this blog and would like to share it, post a direct link to the recipe.
Add herbs or spices to vary the flavor - caraway seeds give the illusion of a rye type bread. My husband would enjoy this but we’re watching his cholesterol and he limits his eggs. But if you’re trying to control your carbs, or need to avoid gluten, this microwave bread adds a nice variety to breakfast and lunch. Make sure it appears set, otherwise microwave 30 more seconds (but 90 seconds should be enough, and overcooking can dry it up).

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