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Let's face it, there is no quick fix, easy answer, magic pill, short cut, cleanse, juice diet, low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, no carb, high protein, Hollywood magic that will get you in shape and keep you in shape.
Initial body composition and follow-up to determine your current body mass, lean mass and body fat; your caloric needs to reach your goal, and of course,  at the end, how much you have transformed!
Geregistreerd 5 februari 2010 Locatie #Candy paradisze Berichten 8.269 dat dare shredded food. Geregistreerd 5 februari 2010 Locatie #Candy paradisze Berichten 8.269 gister dus high carb gehad, heb effe wat verandert aan me high carb day. Geregistreerd 5 februari 2010 Locatie #Candy paradisze Berichten 8.269 2e dag low carb, mijn maag knort om eten, hahaha.

Geregistreerd 13 maart 2012 Locatie Venray Berichten 6.497 Wat is er mis met pindakaas en brood? 22:04 Prijsvergelijker Kleding & accessoires Afvallen Sportvoeding Voedingssupplementen Fitnessapparatuur Halters Vechtsportartikelen Elektronica Advertentie Populair multivitaminen? Sorry to burst your bubble but if you want to look good 365 days a year, you need and must have dedication, commitment, stable nutrition, appropriate exercise and lifestyle changes!
At least not until you create new habits, both exercise habist and nutrition habits, that will not only GET you into shape but KEEP you in shape year round.
If you are looking to get into shape for an event, a wedding for example, yes, this program will work for you.

But I GUARANTEE that once you achieve your goal, and go back to the habits you have been living with up and until this point you will be right back where you are today and perhaps even a little heavier, a little more out of shape.
So why not use that event, whatever it may be, to be the stage that sets up your life for the greatest version of you?

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