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I was going to wait until after the holiday to give you my Day 10 Low Carb Challenge Food Diary, but my plans got shifted around (just a bit) and I found myself with some time to sit down and write to you. This time of year can be hard, and as an emotional eater I am really proud of myself for powering through the end of the year (and the holidays) on a health kick! I was given some cookies, it being a holiday week, but I’m going to take those to my son. Thank you Karen I ended up having one off-plan meal as well, the day after Christmas, and it really derailed my year-end weight loss goals. Low Carb Bread You’ll LOVE!Low carb breads & bagels with quality ingredients, GMO FREE, Delicious taste & texture - and they even have Gluten Free bread available!
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Last night I decided to have dinner at O’Charley’s Restaurant because I was seriously craving red meat and green vegetables! Anyway, the fact that I do not enjoy cooking is one of the reasons I love to eat out so much.

This is the side of grilled asparagus I added on (one of my favorite low carb vegetables), which was delicious!! The meal was amazing, and of course way more than I could eat in one sitting – but I knew that when I ordered it.
That was a nice treat instead of all the beautiful pie photos in that little dessert card on the table. I’ve been making my coffee at home with coconut oil and salted butter instead – which has a nice rich taste!
Includes 80+ bonus books right inside.Then just write out the recipes you love in a Blank Book Billionaire blank recipe book.
In addition to a great (thick, juicy!) Ribeye, they have amazing Prime Rib – and the Cedar Planked Salmon is always a winner too! You can find some great options by searchingMy Recipe Journalright here in Amazon.Low Carb Diet Cookbook Box SetReceive a massive price break when you buy all 5 of these delicious low carb cookbooks together plus receive an additional bonus 50 recipes.
I know I am going about it all wrong right now because it’s like a free fall into a pile of eat every and anything in sight right now.
Eggs, heavy cream, a block of cheese, pecan halves, cottage cheese, unsweetened cocoa, natural peanut butter – that’s food!
I stopped while I was out earlier to get my son lunch from Arby’s, and grabbed two Regular Roast Beef sandwiches (they were 2 for $5 today).

5 Slow Cooker RecipesYou can enjoy over 185 low carb diet recipes so you never get bored again.Are you struggling to stick with your low carb diet? Do you feel lost when trying to plan your diet?Low Carb Recipes That Kill BoredomMost diets fail because you try to eat the same thing day in and day out.
I know you have goals of weight loss or just being healthy and I want you to achieve them.The way to do it is to have a lot of variety in your diet.
These recipes will protect you from going back to your unhealthy ways.Benefits Of A Low Carb LifestyleMaybe you are new to a low carb lifestyle and just starting to explore this type of diet.
If you have tried all the other diets before and failed, it is time to try a low carb diet.
Take the time to plan these recipes into your weekly meals to help guarantee your success.There is no need to continue struggling with weight loss or living a healthy life.

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