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I made a double recipe in a HUGE pot because I wanted to freeze it in portions and heat up for lunch later. I love cooking this recipe when I have guests and even for bigger parties because I can have my low carb dinner and the guests can add nachos to the soup or have a piece of bread with it.
After the soup has simmered for an hour, add the chicken and let is simmer for 15 more minutes, then add the cream cheese. You’re not silly 1 stock cube is like a tiny (inch) square of condensed flavour and comes in a different variety of flavour. If you want to come visit Iceland I recommend Yes Travel Iceland - Self-Drive, Tailor-made and Day Tours!

I decided I needed a little color and spice to brighten my days and what’s better for that than a delicious low carb mexican soup! You might want to hold back on some of the spices and add the rest towards the end of cooking the soup in case it’s too spicy for your taste.
I sometimes have them laying around when I’m in the mood for cream cheese stuffed jalapeno wrapped in bacon. I made it yesterday and cooked it even longer (because I forgot to cook the chicken separately). I think I have enough soup to last me a while but I?ll try it in the next batch Thanks for the idea.

The rest of my family eats carbs and I can usually make a low carb version of our regular menu for me. Some popular brands of cubes are Knorr and Oxo, you can google pictures so you know what you’re looking for, they might be near the spice rack or soup packets at the store.

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