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One of the encouraging factors to adopting this diet is that heavy food such as steaks and burgers, bacon, and so on, are allowed. Lack of energy – Lethargy: due to low carb intake which causes fatigue and possibly dizziness and insomnia. Bad digestion: due to low fiber and fruit intake which might cause constipation and dehydration.
Weight gain: once dieters go back to eating carbs, they regain all the lost weight or maybe even more.
A study by Stanford University has found that compared to other diets, the Atkins diet was a winner. Additionally, it was found that women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, have hyperinsulimia or high levels of insulin. Finally, those suffering from hypertension can benefit greatly from the Atkins diet since it helps in lowering the blood pressure and losing weight (which is highly correlated with high blood pressure). Whether you are looking for an amateur chef for an informal gathering at your place, an apprentice chef to prepare your meals for the week, or a professional chef for a special occasion, ChefXchange connects Personal Chefs to Foodies looking for an exclusive culinary experience, in the city of their choice, at any price point, and in the comfort of their homes or desired venues. Scientific research (and my own experience as a nutritionist) have proven time and time again that although some diets may lead to weight-loss in the short term, this is almost invariably re-gained in the long term, when people revert to their previous eating habits. Having said that, there are some different principles from the various diets out there that can be useful – but also definitely many that are not! A vegan diet involves eating absolutely no animal derived products at all, so meat, dairy, eggs, fish, all animal-derived products such as gelatine and even honey are off the menu. Based on the ‘hunter-gatherer’ diet that our Stone Aged ancestors would have probably eaten, 2 million years ago, the Paleo diet involves avoiding all grains, beans, potatoes, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Reducing sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods is good advice, but can be done without the rest!
This diet was in fashion several years ago, but I have included it because it has some solid science behind it and some great principles to incorporate into a healthy diet. High GI carbs, like sugar, white bread or cornflakes, are digested rapidly, causing an immediate and sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Although GI only applies to carbohydrates, the diet also advocates healthy protein and fat sources, both of which slow down carbohydrate digestion, reducing the overall GI of a meal. The idea of only dieting on some days is appealing, as knowing you can indulge in your ‘favourites’ tomorrow, makes the deprivation seem more bearable. Calorie restriction has actually been around for decades, with animal studies showing that it does help animals live longer and be healthier. Low-carbohydrate diets became popular about ten years ago, with the second release of the Atkins Diet book, the most well known low carb diet (the first time, it was not as popular). These diets involve drastically cutting down carbohydrate foods like bread, rice, oats, pasta, starchy vegetables and grains, and even limiting fruits, which are carbohydrates.

Clean eating involves eating unprocessed foods in their most natural and unadulterated state or as close to that as possible. The diet is based around plenty of fruit and veg, wholegrains, pulses, nuts, seeds and healthy fats like olive oil and avocadoes. BEAUTY & GO UNIVERSEWe are full of enthusiasm about our new blog, a place we have created to share tips, news and everything related to the Beauty & Go universe with you, such as information and articles about nutrition, beauty and lifestyle. Everywhere you go, health specialists are trying to sell you a new diet, swearing by its benefits and how it could change your life! Another advantage in adopting the Atkins diet is the restriction of refined carbohydrates, i.e. This robs people from necessary fibers that help digestion and antioxidants that lower the possibility of cancer and cardiovascular illness. Good blood pressure, better cholesterol and major weight loss made it the champion in results. For those who are healthy but are considering to adopt the diet should consider introducing the dietary changes gradually for better long-term results. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but a long-term, balanced diet and lifestyle really is the only way to stay slim and healthy. The problem with this is that it causes a lot of confusion – often to the point that people are so confused they give up all together.
GI stands for glycaemic index, which is a system for measuring the speed at which the body breaks down carbohydrate foods into glucose (sugar), the body’s source of energy.
Low GI carbs on the other hand, such as oats or rye bread, take longer to digest and therefore release their sugar slowly and gradually into the bloodstream, giving longer-lasting, sustained energy and balanced blood sugar levels.
For humans though, the evidence is limited – some small studies have found improved ‘markers of aging’, such as insulin levels and body temperature, but in terms of increasing life expectancy, we simply don’t know yet, because they have not followed people for long enough to find out!
Many variations of low carb diets have arisen since and a ‘fear or carbs’ and the belief that “carbs make you fat” are now pretty widespread.
This causes the body to go into a metabolic state called ‘ketosis’, which is when the body switches from burning glucose as it’s main energy source to fragments of fats called ketones.  It is a normal bodily process, however it is usually only used as a ‘back-up plan’, to help the body survive during emergencies, when no food is available.
The idea is that the same foods will also be higher in nutrients, as well as being seasonal and better for the environment. Organic, free-range eggs, dairy, wild fish and grass-fed meats are included in small amounts by some people.
Among our biggest challenges is help you kick-start and stick to healthier habits, so that you can achieve a natural state of physical and mental wellbeing. For years, we have been trying to figure out what are the best practices and the best diet to adopt for a healthy and balanced body. However, food high in protein are most likely also high in fat which increases the level of bad cholesterol.

What is important to understand is that messages from the diet industry are separate from (and very often conflicting with) the advice from health professionals, who are giving impartial and science-based advice.
Veganism is not just about diet, it is typically an entire lifestyle and set of values about avoiding cruelty and harm to animals and protecting the planet. The theory is that this is how we are genetically programmed to eat, as our genes have not evolved as quickly as farming and food production methods over the last few centuries.
Foods are ranked from 1-100, glucose has the maximum score of 100 and all other carbohydrates are measured against this.
When blood sugar levels are balanced our mood, appetite and energy levels are more consistent. This results in rapid weight loss, which is one reason these diets have been popular, especially amongst celebrities. Clean eating is less of a diet and more of a long-term approach or philosophy towards food, encompassing being mindful of what you put in your body and also considering the origins of your food. Processed foods, ‘white foods’ (white bread, flour, rice etc.), refined sugar, trans fats, food additives and artificial sweeteners are all avoided.
If you are looking for an “in” diet to embrace, such as the Atkins diet, then you came to the right place. Let’s take a look into one of the trendiest food diets! It also calls for limiting snacks and alcohol, which are sources of empty calories and carbs which result in weight gain. Proponents claim that our inability to metabolise ‘new foods’ is the reason for modern-day health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The highs and lows of blood sugar produced by eating high-GI carbohydrates lead to sugar cravings, irregular appetite and fluctuations in mood and energy levels. Proponents of fasting regimes claim other health benefits including making us live longer and reducing various disease risks. Some people take it to the next level and avoid dairy, gluten, caffeine and even animal products completely, but this is not compulsory – it’s up to you how far you want to take it.
He stumbles upon one in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) and decided to create a new one based on it. The diet’s program is divided into 4 phases coupled with vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as exercising. Besides, they are suitable for celiacs, diabetics and pregnant or lactating women and don’t have artificial colours or preservatives… so they are perfect to include in any healthy diet! According to Atkins, the major culprit in weight gain is refined carbs, particularly sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and flour.

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