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The Nourish Balance Thrive podcast is a new show about integrating the latest in modern scientific testing with age-old natural health solutions for weight loss, fatigue, depression, digestive problems and hormone imbalances. Ketogenic junk food is coming, and it threatens to send the second low-carbohydrate revolution to the same place the first one ended up.
Jeremy Hendon is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, digital nomad, friend, mentor and co-author of The Essential Keto Cookbook.
The system is in crisis in part because of the sheer volume of evidence being generated, much of which is unreproducible or misappropriated by vested interests.
Are used as supporting evidence but frequently what happens outside of the body or in another animal has little or nothing to do with what happens in humans in a real-life setting. Handing out a grant to the young and inexperienced is a risky thing to do, and so inevitably the money follows experience.
Tommy talks about the limitations of the evidence-based system, but his intention is not to throw science under the bus.
Since recording this interview, we have adopted the Agile Scrum sprint system of health coaching.
Allopathic medicine is often accused of being bought, but what makes alternative any different?
Do you know of someone who had a serious adverse event as the result of taking a nutritional supplement free of contaminants? Discover how to implement simple lifestyle changes and personalize your supplementation to achieve your unique solution for optimal health. Tommy Wood and I are constantly exploring supplements that boost testosterone, it’s one of our most frequently asked questions.
Kirk Parsley, a former Navy SEAL himself, tells the story of one officer that increased his free testosterone by 500% simply by getting off the sleep drugs like Ambien and getting proper sleep. And this is true for physical exercise, physical muscle memory like riding a bicycle or doing jiu-jitsu or boxing, playing the piano, whatever that requires some sort of physical movement to be memorized and to become sort of automated.
That would be a terrible shame because high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein diets have so much to offer for weight loss, metabolic syndrome, athletic and cognitive performance, possibly even cancer. I wrote the foreword to the book, and the day before Jeremy and I recorded this interview, my wife Julia made two of the recipes. The emergency procedure that followed undoubtedly saved my life and from that point forward I had no time to listen to people complaining about the limitations of the nationalised health care that exists in the UK.
I am aware that the evidence-based system has a lot to offer, but I don’t feel I can use it effectively without the assistance of someone like Dr. Building a meta-analysis atop of this shoddy foundation does little to clarify the situation.
But imagine if your entire life’s work was based on ideas that were later shown to be wrong. Dan Kalish describes himself as not being evidence-driven but he still gets fantastic results. For the performance and longevity orientated, the cost per year thereafter is about $5,000. Mario happens to be a naturopathic doctor and the director of research and development at Thorne, the Rolls Royce of supplement companies. We'll talk to world-class athletes, wellness experts, doctors and leading minds in nutrition and health, to keep you up to speed.

We'll talk to world-class athletes, wellness experts, doctors and leading minds in nutrition and health, to keep you up to speed. The rest is relatively straightforward, and that’s what Kirk and I cover in this podcast interview.
Hormone replacement is usually not an option because almost everything you can think of is on the WADA banned substance list. As a scientist that does peer review for a living, Tommy’s goal is to leave science in better shape than he found it. I’m still very keen to know what you think about the idea, so please complete the one question (three clicks total) survey I mention in the show. Jonny Bowden Is Redefining What Healthy Fats Are In Smart Fat The LLVLC Show (Episode 1097): Dr.
Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a world-class athlete, join Chris Kelly and the NBT team as they interview guests about how you can improve health and performance in all areas of life.
Thorne employ a team of medical and naturopathic doctor scientists that spend their time studying the scientific literature on the lookout for evidence supporting the decision to manufacturer a specific supplement. Killing off overgrowths of opportunistic pathogens and parasites with herbs like oregano and noni got me most of the way there, now I stay symptom-free by regularly supplementing with methyl-folate.
Well perhaps, but neither herbs or HRT have the power of adequate sleep, and so that’s where we always start.
You can’t supplement your way out of a bad diet or lifestyle, and so the supplement is but one tool in the extensive chest of a good functional medicine practitioner.
The raw materials used to make a supplement originate from trusted sources, but Thorne validate the content of all their supplements no less than three times during the manufacturing process. But does that mean those of us who for whatever reason choose to consume a more ketogenic level of carbohydrates are putting ourselves at risk for getting kidney stones?
There are other factors that can also influence the tendency towards stone formation, such as vitamin D status, urinary magnesium excretion, hydration status (very important), dietary potassium content, etc.All in all, low-carb likely increases likelihood of stone formation in those susceptible to the effect. However, there are a number of strategies to consider to mitigate the risk, such as vigorous hydration, balancing protein intake with generous green vegetable intake, magnesium and potassium supplementation, vit B6 supplementation. William Yancy, MD, researcher at Duke University and Veterans Administration Medical CenterThere is only one article with empirical evidence on this and it only looked at precursors to stone formation. Atkins for 30 yearsOver the years working with Bob Atkins we saw people with kidney stones.
I don’t believe that doing low carb itself causes stones although obesity and metabolic syndrome can be contributing factors.
Interesting to note that in the last 30 years the incidence of stone formation is increasing as is obesity and metabolic syndrome. In patients with a history of stones we supplemented with magnesium as many of us are too low in magnesium and this can contribute to stone formation.One of the most important factors in preventing stone re-occurrence is adequate hydration. This is especially important in the early stages of carb restriction when there can be a strong diuretic effect. Stephen Phinney, PhD, noted low-carb researcher and co-author of The New Atkins For A New YouI need to point out that the cause of kidney stones is about where astronomy was before Johannes Kepler, but because kidney stones hurt like hell and people experiencing that much pain really, really want something (or someone) to blame. I’ve also added some fruit back into my diet (berries only because of their low sugar and high fiber content). In terms of diet, I’ve about doubled my veggie intake, removed for now all processed meat and reduced slightly my other meat intake (to make room on the plate for veggies).

Barb in TennesseeJimmy, the year I had a kidney stone that required lithotrypsy, I was consuming 2 liters of Pepsi (not diet) each day. I also take extra vitamin D and Magnesium, which helps keep the calcium where it’s needed. My urologist told me that we can get calcium oxalate from the foods we eat like spinach, black tea, etc.
I think that if we take our correct vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water, kidneys stones should not be a worry on low-carb. I believe the kidney stone was tied to some new cheap coffee I had drunk for a couple weeks. It turns out that irrational fears of past, relatively safe pesticides has forced food processors to develop cyromazine, a new pesticide.
It stands to reason low carbers would eat more air-exposure veggies.Does a high carb diet protect people from exposure to cyromazine and melamine? If so, would the ill effects of a high carb diet outweigh the ill effects of melamine poisoning? So tying any ill health issue to low carb diets, shouldn’t ill health first be considered as a cause, not an effect.
The solids for kidney stones are crystalized on kidney surfaces, presumably in the tubules.
So, between high-carbers and low-carbers, we’re looking for the people who form kidney stone solids, not necessarily for the people who are passing kidney stones. Even when I ate the standard American diet and drank more diet coke than should be safe for human consumption, I never had any problems. I would say in a typical day that I consume a couple or three cans of diet coke (I’ve cut back a lot let me tell you), a couple of homemade Italian-style cappuccinos, and then probably a liter or maybe more of kool-aid.
To achieve this,I drink plenty of water, take calcium oxalate with magnesium oxalate and have to stay on a strict low oxalate diet. I’ve come to a new understanding that leaky gut, which I definitely have, may be the primary cause of my stones. For several months I’ve been eating Paleo, low oxalate and sort of GAPS to heal my gut. I am expecting to be able to eat more oxalate rich foods at some point, but my little tests have shown that I’m not there yet.
But, when I started Paleo and dramatically increased my protein, I saw no ill effects regarding stones.
I was eating a LOT of fat — at least a half cup of raw cream daily, and 3-5 Tbsp coconut oil.
I was really afraid to keep adding back anything with carbs, so I kind of stagnated around 30-35g carbs per day, 60-75% of calories from fat.
I should have steadily added back carbohydrate-rich plant foods like beans and whole grains in the timeline he recommended, at the very least, or cheated more often.

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