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Rather than buying a ready made, full of preservatives and sugar off the shelf barbeque sauce, try this easy home made version. Unlike some BBQ sauces, this one takes very little time, very little mess and shock horror, is a low fat recipe. July 18, 2015 21 Comments Juicy, smoked baby back ribs smothered in Peach BBQ Sauce is perfect for a barbecue. While we were walking up the street, she tells me that it feels so weird to feel a bra around her.
Whenever we have these ribs, I can read about this little memory and enjoy a little chuckle. If you want to be sure to see Food Done Light’s next recipe, Peach Cobbler with Blueberry Biscuits, subscribe by email below.
Oh my goodness, this post is making me think of my 6 year old girl growing up–it happens SO fast!! My daughter went through a phase when she did not want to get messy, but she grew out of it. My daughter is going into 3rd grade too, and we also had a similar bra experience together!

Saute the onions and pepper in the garlic and cayenne powder until the onions start to brown (about 3 minutes). I poured this over skinless chicken legs, peppers and baby tomatoes and cooked for 45 minutes, to create the most perfect barbeque chicken ever! In all, this one takes less than an hour cooking and preparation time, but the smells from the oven are spectacular. Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Peach BBQ Sauce are so good, you will want them time and time again, too. I adapted it to ingredients I had, although making sure it remained syn free (and freaking delicious) but here is the original recipe in case you think mine isn’t good enough.
I served this with homemade Slimming World sweet potato fries and homemade 2 syns coleslaw. Compared to my BBQ ribs recipe, this one is about 100% quicker and easier, yet still manages to taste great. A little note about baby back ribs, it is worth trying different brands to find the ones that taste the best.
This is the easiest, simplest BBQ recipe I know, and I tend to use it when I forgot what I was supposed to be cooking.

I use to buy them at my local grocery store; then I discovered the ones at a big box store tasted more like pork.
The other day she excitedly came downstairs and told me her new blue tank top has a bra in it. We recently bought a smoker and I just smoked ribs for the first time and you’re right they are the best! I feel like so many kids are afraid of ribs because of how messy they are {my toddler} so that is nice that she digs right in!!
When we had the ones from the big box store again, we realized the ones from Sprouts are so much better. I cannot even begin to imagine what the actual day will be like when she really needs a bra.

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