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You could use chopped capers and dill leaves in the yoghurt dressing instead of sweet chilli sauce and coriander. Chickpea popularly known as Kabuli Chana is plain in taste but produce wonder if cooked with certain regular spices.
Not something you think would be possible in a low fat recipe, yet, as rich as this tastes, its actually a healthy way to make chicken!  Pair up boneless chicken breasts, non-fat greek yogurt, Parmesan cheese and a few other ingredients, and you have a tasty and simple dinner. I liked so much that 2 friends of mine already made and loved as well after I suggested them to try!

A perfect day for me is enjoying my family, getting to the gym, and whipping up a new healthy recipe. I've got a collection of over 300 healthy recipes, and other tidbits like fitness and health tips.
My recipes have been featured on websites such as Huffington Post, Savvy Mom, Shape and Skinny Scoop.
You have created “A Small Cook” that is now reading and anxious to try many of your recipes!

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