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Reduced Fat RecipesIf you are looking to lower your fat intake try our selection of low fat recipes. Recipe NewsletterSubscribe to our free email newsletter to get our daily recipe picks, cooking tips, and more! Benji, a six-year-old ginger moggy, had piled on the pounds after getting used to a high-fat diet. Then the family's pet rabbit, Chester, starting jumping on the poor cat, and Benji couldn't get away from him.

She added that some people don't think overweight pets are a problem, but it should be taken seriously as being obese affects animals in the same way as it affects humans. There are all sorts of foods you can eat that are healthy or healthier versions of some of those fatty favorites. You can search the title, ingredients, or entire recipe by selecting the appropriate option.
Hint: When using reduced fat ingredients check the product label to make sure they aren't just loaded up with carbs as instead.

Packaged foods contain lots of sodium and fat.low-fat vegetable frittataA healthy frittata! It's made with a combination of whole eggs plus additional egg whites[ get the recipe ]dinnersCut the fat with these tasty but healthy main course dinner recipes.[ get the recipes ]dessertsWant a sweet treat without the guilt?

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