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8, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- People take the sense of touch for granted -- until it isn't there, says Igor Spetic, who lost that ability four years ago.For months after an accident at work cost him his right hand from the wrist down, the Madison, Ohio, resident was plagued by phantom pain. The other patient, Keith Vonderhuevel, 47, of Sidney, Ohio -- who had a below-elbow amputation -- had two placed in his upper arm. At the same time, electrodes inside the artificial limb were stitched into the patient's existing nerve and muscle tissue.The result appears to be a stable, reliable and long-lasting melding of man and mechanics, investigators say.
The patient can move his artificial arm by means of brain-driven sensory feedback, enabled by the implanted electrode wiring.He can even tie his children's skates and unpack eggs, everyday activities that were impossible before the implant, according to the study.

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