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From breakfast to dessert, these recipes show 'tasty and filling' doesn't have to mean fattening.
The Ultimate Paleo Diet Cookbook: 101+ Delicious Paleo Recipes for Every Occasion: Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Live Healthy! EXCEPTIONALLY LOW CARB KETOGENIC DIET RECIPES - VOL 2: The World's Most Famous and Amazingly Low Carb Ketogenic Diet Recipes For a Handsome You! LOW CARB: Low Carb Recipes: Simple and effective low carb weight loss recipes for healthy living!!

Also, make sure you understand the ground rules to lose weight, so that you don't undo any of your good work.
Since you're getting an entire dinner meal out of this recipe (as opposed to just the main course or just a side), this is a completely reasonable amount of fat for dinner. Brown your butter in a large pot or pan by simmering it over medium heat until it turns brown in color and has a deliciously nutty smell, about 5 minutes.4. Whisk your flour into your brown butter and heat until thickened to make a roux (delicious base for sauces and gravies made from butter and flour).6.

Add the smashed garlic, shredded carrots and kosher salt to your roux and cook for 2 minutes.7. Serve your low fat vegetarian pasta topped with a few toasted sliced almonds and 1 T Parmigiano Reggiano per serving.

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